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  1. Hi Rachel, You should find an example text type so you can integrate the techniques used specifically for that text type in your own work. In other words: your example text type doesn't have to be about the subject you will be writing about. In your rationale you should set out what you have studied in the example text and how you have used that to your benefit; always include examples. Hope this helps.
  2. I have recently handed in my critical response and I was wondering whether I could publish it digitally - on my website for instance. Or should I wait until I get the results back first? Thanks ~m
  3. Hey I have begun reading 'the music of chance' by Paul Auster in class. And now we need to do (plan first) a written task. Any good, original, mindblowing ideas on how to go about this task ? Please let me know. Thank you all ~m
  4. English A2 will suit you better.
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    Breathtaking - you know why!
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