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  1. ZMir

    IB teachers

    Deedoz, you have a lot of same teachers!! Its much better if you learn from different backgrounds and different learning styles! expecially since you are a science person and the teachers that teach you like math chem and bio dont seem to be teaching you! get some help from the principal because those are some hardcore subjects! if the whole class feels like you, then seriously talk! and im not just saying this. my older brother graduated and his teachers were exsctly how you have described yours! his exam score werent all that good, and he regretted not telling on his teachers! how are the other students attitudes towards these teachers? My teachers are extremly experienced. like we have basically covered all that we need to and only have a few chapters left in English, Math, Econ, Chem, and Biology. My TOK teacher is the bomb! she realli makes you think and question like everything! all in all im quite satisfied with my IB teachers!
  2. We went to Darfur in ourn Spring Break! it was amaaazzing, but we had protection from the UN, so it was fine. we built a Church in a neighbourhood. That was also a great experience. You dont have to travel, you could do it anywhere in the country you live in!
  3. ZMir

    Pre Ib!?

    Oh ok thanks. I was just reading around and i saw people talking about Pre -IB classes, and i got worried cuz i never took them!
  4. ZMir

    Pre Ib!?

    Heey people around the world! I was just wondering are taking Pre IB classes a must for IB? this is my last year however i realized how difficult IB can get.. so i just wanted to know if you all took Pre IB classes and if they helped?
  5. hello can somebody help me out here?? in my biology HL class im not understanding the krebs cycle i dont understand how the plant obtains energy like does it only get energy from the sun or are there other factors that contribute to the growth of the plant?? Help me!! Peace and IB
  6. IN my school they let us do many different things. they let us go wacky with the CAS activities. for example over the summer we went to help put in a shelter for refugees in Darfur. its a hell of an experience. Also the school should provide you with many different opportunities to do suff in and out of school. like for example right at this very minute i'm planning a fundraiser for building a Church.. u sound muslim syrianstar so why dont you build a mosque? hope i helped out!
  7. ZMir

    Changes to the SL test

    wait what do you mean extended response and short answer...??
  8. ZMir

    English Oral Presentation Grades

    the IOC, does it have to be a certain length? like i mean if we go under or over the limit will they deduct points?
  9. Whats the differnce between Deflation and disinflation? the teachers been trying to teach me but idont get it, thanks for trying to help out
  10. ZMir

    Support Diabetes!

    I am extremlly touched! you are doing a wonderful job! i myself am diabetic and understand the needs of a diabetic. i can assure you we appretiate your concern! GO TYROOOO!

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