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  1. Hi there! Does anyone know the new mark bands for the History IA marked out of 25? Is it 24-25 = 7? Thanks
  2. "Reincarnation of Mongolian kings" - About 2 results Does getting 1 count as the theoretical best possible?
  3. You just need to name a couple, and give reasons why they would work. And no, you can't use logistic, that's for the later bit You can't graph it on Excel sadly... but try GeoGebra, it works great! for the graphs, can i name cubic and quartic, and describe the pros and cons? also, i was planning to do exponential and logistic. if i cant include logistic anymore, should i just stop with exponential and keep that as my main graph? thanks once again Yeah you can name them, and talk about why you think they would model the data well (like how it curves like an S shape, similar to cubics). The thing is... exponential really isn't very good at all. Have you tried graphing exponential and different polynomials? When I did this, cubic and quartic and higher degree polynomials were much better fits for the data, so I wouldn't use exponential as your "main graph". Good luck!
  4. You just need to name a couple, and give reasons why they would work. And no, you can't use logistic, that's for the later bit You can't graph it on Excel sadly... but try GeoGebra, it works great!
  5. It's fine that it plummets down, but is it close to all of the data points before it plummets down? If so, then it's good! But if it plummets before the end of the data points something's wrong... did you change the years to (0, 5, 10...) or did you use (1950, 1955...)?
  6. You don't have to prove that it's an exponential function (actually exponential isn't that good). But if you had your mind set on exponential, the first half of the data points come close to an exponential. I recommend looking at a polynomial... cubic or higher degree! Good luck!
  7. Hey guys, How do you learn/improve on your French vocabulary? I'm in French SL, and I want to widen my vocabulary and understanding of the French language to get a 7 Anyone know of any websites/apps that have really helped you? Thanks!
  8. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be allowed to... how would we do it? PM?
  9. I've used TI-Nspire as well and I agree with Desy about all the benefits of it. However, I would still say the GeoGebra is one of the best tools available, for this portfolio and most Math IA's!
  10. Yeah I think you're right, that seems way too harsh. Maybe if you don't answer the question asked and go on some different question you might get a 0, but there's no way that missing out a part of a question will take your mark to a 0.
  11. Personally, I would say Volumes of Revolution (Chapter 28 if you have the Haese and Harris textbook). But it really builds on the previous two posters' topics, basic calculus and integration. If you understand them, it shouldn't be too hard! Good luck!
  12. 74 downloads

    November 2012 ToK prescribed titles, unsure if they're the same for May 2013.
  13. At the same time for all cities? Just like pick a date and use some internet data? :/ yeah, two cities in my country. one coastal and one inland. i have a record (from internet) of Jan-Dec im planning to do both for highest temp and lowest temp. is that okay? I don't know much about Math studies IA's... but this seems too small of a topic :/ anyone else know more about this?
  14. Yup I do French too! But that's a big advantage to have them to help... There's 3 types of Language B EE's: language (which would be boring for me), culture and society (like an analysis of some cultural phenomenon that affects French) and literature (an analysis of one or more french works). Personally, I'd do a book/movie that you're interested in, or maybe a comparison of two. If type #2 is more interesting, maybe look at something like "Should feminine forms of more job titles be created in French to reflect shifting gender roles? " - www.colonelby.com/French.pdf Good luck! Reply here or PM for any more advice or to talk about it!
  15. Have you read any interesting French books / seen any French movies recently?
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