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  1. Action! I don't know it may be odd for others, but i find it difficult to complete. Creativity- drama, MUN Service: Community centers, Visiting old age homes, teaching philosophy and physics. Action: Table tennis only...
  2. There is one Biology and one Chemistry, but how could we forget Physics? I am wishing to choose from Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Relativity. It is hard to decide. What options have you chosen or going to choose? and what do you think of them?
  3. Well for me, I sleep only 4 hours a day from the second month of IB1 itself. So much homework and lab reports....
  4. That is why i do not want to make myself more sad by digging in more publicly hidden secrets, but the skeptical mind..
  5. I am thinking to lockdown all the interntet browsers on my computer by blocking them by setting random passwords-for that asking any random person on the street to come and set the pass and go away. No one will know the pass now. lol. So you are only left with the Computer and Microsoft Office. I know it is hard but i am thinking to do that.
  6. Lucky me we, have 1 class per week and that is like 2 hours. And most of the time is consumed for debating. The kids in our school complain about loud shouting noises coming from our class..
  7. Solarstorm

    Purpose of life

    According to you, what is the purpose of your life and what is the purpose of life of an average human being?
  8. What kind of characteristics according to you, a perfect IB teacher should have?
  9. Having taken 3 sciences, i end up writing Lab reports on Computer. So i have to spend most of the time on Computer sadly. I wish i could buy some more time from the Creator of the Universe, which i can utilize on studying.
  10. Having the IB pressure, how many hours do you sleep a day in average?
  11. I think for Physics - one of the good books is Physics for the IB Diploma by Tolkein
  12. We have been learning - what is Justified True Belief and how to differentiate between knowledge and fake facts.
  13. Last year we did not have one fixed teacher for Tok.... Different teachers for different fields of ToK.... But the main ToK teacher was my Physics teacher . This year it is messed up... One teacher...Only class debates and no essay writing.
  14. Solarstorm

    Waste of time?

    I do not think Tok is the waste of time.... It introduces you the whole new dimension of truth..
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