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  1. JoeZell

    Do you think TOK is useful?

    I love it. I think that it's what makes the IB different. It's what pulls the 6 subjects together.
  2. I'd be careful. For A1, the IBO tend to look down on cultural analysis. Also, it's a research piece. How much is there already written on this?
  3. English A1 HL - I do this now. French SL - I studied French for 10 years prior to starting Ab Initio. I wasn't allowed in SL due to the lack of a formal qualification. History HL - School didn't offer it for my year, due to a lack of interest, which is ****e, as I know loads of us ended up in Psych/Geo because they didn't offer it. Chemistry HL - I did this, but because of timetabling, when I started Philosophy, I had to drop it. I'd have dropped HL Biology if i could Maths SL - I got a B at GCSE, but was forced into Studies, which is piss easy. Philosophy HL - I do this now.
  4. JoeZell

    Totally Overwhelmed

    I got this too. The thing I would advise most is that if you're struggling, TALK TO YOUR TEACHERS! It's their job to make sure you're OK, and they have a duty of care. My school bent over backwards to help me with my time management and organisation. I always try to live by this mantra, and hope you will too: The strongest people are those who know when to ask for help.
  5. JoeZell

    Time Management

    What I like to do is order myself gifts online. I have needlework as a CAS activity (Luckily, I also enjoy it), and say I order a cross stitch kit, I won't open it from the post packaging. I'll gift wrap it, and put a tag on it that says "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOUR PHILOSOPHY IA IS IN! XXXXX". It then goes under my model of a dead tree, which I call my soul tree, and it stays there, with the others, taunting me until it's done.
  6. JoeZell

    Books on Tablet

    Philosophy doesn't have a textbook, to my knowledge. If it does, we've never used it. We use Robert Bowie's Ethical Studies, handouts and supplementary books. Maths Studies has a CD in the back. One of the 3 Biology books has a CD in the back. Psychology doesn't. French Ab Initio doesn't. English doesn't.
  7. JoeZell

    IB or A levels?(after psychosis)

    Depends. IB is good for general subjects. A levels are easier though, and you have much more free time. I'd opt for a general A level range if I were you. I'd have gone for Biology or Chemistry, Maths, History or English, and as a fourth one to drop after AS, Psychology, because it can draw on all of those (Biological/Cognitive psychology for your science, statistics for Maths and essay/report writing from the humanity.)
  8. JoeZell

    Time needed to write an EE

    Here are some things I thought about. I'm writing mine on Shakespeare right now. Farce Mistaken Identity Love Hierarchy Gender Dramatic Irony Death Colour Windows Pathetic Fallacy Framing Devices
  9. JoeZell

    Most Boring Subject

    It's very simple. TOK.
  10. JoeZell

    What are your top 5 IB playlist songs?

    Edith Piaf - Je Ne Regrette Rien Lady Gaga - The Queen Beyoncé - Schoolin' Life Katy Perry - The One That Got Away Pink - Who Knew I could go on, but from my Intense Work playlist, that's the 5 top played.
  11. JoeZell

    IB exam you are least looking forward to?

    Psych SL. In a year, we've done cognitive levels of analysis. And also, Philosophy, because Psych and Phil are timetabled for the same time.
  12. I do archery, and yoga. I'm going to get my bike fixed soon though, so I shall cycle and count that.
  13. This is an essay I handed in as an end of topic test in the middle of IB1. I got a level 7 on it, so decided to share it with everyone. I focussed on utilitarianism, and used various examples to demonstrate my points.
  14. JoeZell

    Difference between SL and Ab initio?

    No. Ab Initio people know less French, so it's hard for them. If you wanted a comparison, it would be like you taking a Uni level paper. Free writing is easy, but the comprehension is where many fall. I do Ab Initio, but I've 10 years of French under my belt. Not exactly a beginner.
  15. We started with 12. One left, because she didn't want to face punishment for stealing my phone and running up a £2000 phone bill, and one is dropping to a mix of certificates and A Levels, because she's awful. Seriously, she did a test and one of the questions was "The man crept into the cellar ____________", with the choices A) Loudly, B) Badly, C) Surreptitiously and D) Quietly. The answer is C. But she didn't know what a cellar was.

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