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  1. Bee =3

    MYP and IB

    urgh. If there's anything I regret, it's doing the MYP. I did it along with my IGCSEs, which are more exam-based... MYP could be a preparation step for IB, but I reckon IB is just IB.
  2. Bee =3

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hi! After the interview, I was told that I would be contacted by Xmas of whether I was accepted or not, etc etc by the uni (Oxford).. Christmas has come and gone, and no news whatsoever! A friend who took the interview a week later (she was applying to another course, another school) wasn't told of the xmas deadline, but she got an emial with a pdf letter of rejection.. My question is.. what could have happened with my letter?? Should I send an email asking? or should I just wait?? I'm getting quite nervous here, checking my email every few minutes, as soon as I wake up etc.. thanks! x Bee
  3. Bee =3

    SAT Chemistry Subject Test?

    depends on the timing and stuff, but generally, would recommend you take them some time into the chem IB, cause then it means you'd only need to practice some SAT type questions and revise the few bits and pieces that are not on the IB syllabus.. ^^
  4. Bee =3

    The Oxbridge Guide

    did my interview - apparently was going to be told whether I got in or not by xmas.. no news yet.. considering the fact that my friend got a rejection letter, i'm considering no news to be good news.. let's hope. what course are you going to read?
  5. Bee =3


    It's a ... meeting? I don't know how to call it.. but it happens every two years and different schools from different countries around Latinamerica send delegates (generally up to 3 per school) and it's basically a major CAS event. You have hours for service, where you help kids at a poor school, you plant trees for low income families.. then you have 'action' based games that build up teamwork.. national presentations with folkloric dances, etc.. it's really cool cause you make amazing friends.. and it plays a major role in motivating CAS ..
  6. Bee =3

    common application

    yeah.. are you trying for the trustee scholarship? i've procrastinated too much after the IBs and now I'm screwed with all the essays!
  7. Bee =3


    Or does anybody know if they have InterCAS in other places too?
  8. Bee =3

    common application

    Hi, I have to complete the common application for BU in order to apply for a scholarship by next week. Do you know whether if I submit the common application now for BU, I'll be sending it to all my other unis? or will I be able to change my essays, etc before I submit the common application for the rest of the unis? thanks!
  9. Bee =3

    The Oxbridge Guide

    that's a relief haha so no news is not necessarily bad news... *sigh of relief*
  10. Bee =3

    Lack of Courses?

    you're right there.. I mean, I was doing Chem HL and then decided to switch to SL and the workload dropped by A LOT. there are some subjects in whcih doing HL actually helps to you thoroughly understand SL and sit for SL well ( I'm guessing Maths is an example) but then again, maybe maths isn't such a good example because the difference in workload is kinda great.. in languages the difference isn't too much.. as for the subjects at our school: Group 1: ENglish A1/A2/B HL/SL Group 2: Spanish A1 HL/SL (and I think one person is doing French Ab Initio) Group 3: History, Economics, Business, Geography, ITGS (HL/SL) Group 4: Chemistry, Physics, Biology (HL/SL) Group 5: Maths HL/SL Maths Studies, Computer Science (or was this group 3? HL/SL) Group 6: All group 3 and group 4 + theatre, visual arts, music HL/SL
  11. Bee =3

    Lack of Courses?

    you're not supposed to. Hence, even if the courses are in HL, you should still be sitting for SL. A guy at my school did 5 HLs because he didn't know the max was 4 (the IB coordinator didn't do much either) and they didn't want to give him the diploma..
  12. Bee =3

    The Oxbridge Guide

    So, this is the week in which we're supposed to be told whether we've been shortlisted or not. Has anyone had any lovecalls yet? If you don't get shortlisted, do they actually tell you?
  13. Bee =3

    What was everyone doing before IB?

    Argentine national program (which basically consisted of random subjects in addition to the ones we already did, such as argentine geography, argentine history) MYP (the one thing i regret about highschool) IGCSE (in my case, Maths, Eng, Lit, Spanish, History, Physics, Chem, Bio, Eco, Geo) - in our case, at the end of year 9, they separated a group of 10 students from the top maths set (which wasn't much considering we'd had the same USELESS teacher the previous 3 years of highschool) and we were supposed to do an intensive course in order to sit for Maths Extended in May and the additional maths? (or maybe it was further maths from MYP, don't remember) in november, with all the other IGCSEs. In the end, sitting for Maths alone in May proved to be great because we dedicated almost a month to only that subject, but we never got round to doing the further maths subject in the end. Nevertheless, it gave us a headstart for IB Maths, because many of the topics coincided ^^
  14. Bee =3

    SAT II subject tests and IB

    I couldn't be bothered to read all the posts, so much of what I say may have already been said BUT here goes: For anyone who is relatively okay in maths, I would definitely recommend Maths Level 2. It may not be easier than Level 1 (though the difference is minor), you can get an 800 despite getting a few wrong answers, which is not the case of Maths Level 1. In other words, the grade boundaries are much more flexible. One thing I've come to notice about SATs, the harder they are, the more lenient they are with scores. Literature SUCKS. Especially if you're used to IB Literature, multiple choice style questions asking you about what the character is feeling? Wow. I have never hated an exam writer more in my life. The answers are based hugely on assumptions and deductions. I guess it reflected on my scores because that was my lowest scores, yet, funnily enough, the exam with the highest percentile? If you reckon percentiles matter, take a shot. On another note, most Ivy Leagues (and many other universities) require 2 SAT Subject tests, which you really need to do. Don't consider the possibility of replacing them with IBs unless they explicitly say so (as in the case of NYU Abu Dhabi). The only university I've seen so far that asks for 3 subject tests is Harvard so in that case you're going to have to sit for 3. From what I've gathered, for most US universities, IB is useful to show that you have had a 'challenging' courseload, i.e. it's good for the holistic admission process, the scores and specifics don't actually matter much at that stage. IB becomes useful though, once you're IN the university as they count for credits, allowing you to skip several classes.. ^^ Hope it helps!
  15. Bee =3

    What is the best time to take your SATs?

    if you're in the southern hemisphere (like me) best time to sit for SATs is January/March ^^ in Canada though.. mmh . end of IB1? retake or SAT II at the beginning of IB2? or actually, better get them done as soon as possible.. more time to focus on IBs

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