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  1. Spanish B, Mandarin B, French B, and Korean B My school is near Los Angeles, CA =P
  2. [quote name=iBsita ' timestamp='1315267644' post='130387] I am soooo lost right now! Can someone explain Bio IA's? My Bio teacher sucks and simply told us to go home and create a lab! But where do I start?? 0_o Biology IAs are very open-ended in that you can create a lab about practically anything you want. In my Biology SL class, for the first IA my teacher let us design any lab we wanted, the only condition being that it had to do with hermit crabs (random, I know). For the second IA, he required us to incorporate photosynthesis or cellular respiration (or both) into it. The task seems simple, but it is often the more open-ended assignments that are more difficult because you have no idea what you're doing. Good luck! =]
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    Sampling Technique Lab Data
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    English Sole t-Test
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    Dissolved Oxygen in Water Lab Graph
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    BMI vs. Fitness Graph
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    Fluctuations in Deer Populations Numbers
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    Dissolved Oxygen in Water Lab Questions
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    Physiology of the Circulatory System Lab Questions
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    Task - to investigate the effects of a single variable regarding photosynthesis and/or cellular respiration
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    Task - to investigate the effects of a single variable on a hermit crab
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