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  1. biochem

    Valid IA Lab Idea for HL Bio?

    Simplicity is the key trust me when I say this. I had a lot of problems trying to do complex things like: Observed Enthalpy change in the germination of an avocado seed over a 24 hour period (not practical even because of enzymatic processes but just saying. Off the wall). That is a rather simple lab on its own, however the explanation should be sophisticated. Talking about hydrogen bonding, intermolecular forces (as well as Intramolecular cause of hydrogen bonds), surface tension, adhesion, cohesion and concepts of pressure and perhaps temperature under the ideal settings (the last 2 are minor contributions). So as you can see, a simple task has turned a bit complicated. You will find throughout your experimental projects, simple projects with a great deal of detail treatment will earn you a very high score. Your teacher is essentially also grading these. so try to get a perspective of what she would like on there. Email her really good details. I know several stoichiometric things I would include, but its up to you to figure it out as well. best of luck. your teacher is absolutely correct. Simple and easy, done elegantly
  2. There is little that they can tell you that you cant improve on your own. I actually didnt follow the guidelines of my adviser, and yes that caused some problems, but in the end you wouldnt believe they misunderstood my organization of the lab and didnt know what I was talking about despite several attempts to explain it to them. I wrote the EE. and then went back and revised it. The best kind of revision I would say is to print out your Essay, and go through it yourself with a pen. Attack it fresh and read paragraph by paragraph, looking for ways to mend things. always keep a green mind about reading it though, asking yourself if someone else would understand that. It is also very hard to score E, especially by the looks of it from your current comments. You are well on your way to a good grade! and of course, never fail to believe that your work is good enough. it is true, you probably have very little to play with cause your first writing was meaningful. best of luck !
  3. biochem


    Haven't tried it.. yet. Plan on it. In the near future. To see if it will be worth taking for the IB exams I dont really consider it cheating or bad. Someone brought this point up as well, and then someone used a similar example. Some kids I know have taken cocaine to feel calm about long projects they have delayed, and stayed up for about 2 days working on them. Friend did that for his EE Took him 2 days to study it up, gather resources and write the paper and he is predicted an A. The biggest joke that week was that he got commended for exceptional historical analysis, and we all knew why. Sooo... the point is that to those kids it wasnt cheating or unfair to take cocaine, but when someone did similar with Ritalin just for pure concentration on a chemistry lab write up, everyone thought it was unfair. I dunno. In college no one cares what you do, as long as you have it done. I have been told from dear friends that in a IVY League school (wont put names because its omnipresent throughout), weed is a common traffic for concentration purposes. The point is: As long as you finish the term report no one should care. On the other hand, some pre-meds at local college ruin Physics labs for other people to get a bump ahead. That is cheating, Ritalin is not
  4. final year. 80ish. lost 40
  5. biochem

    Chemistry HL- How to do well?

    Okay. chemistry is a difficult subject because you have to what I would call, break through into the paradigm of things. For someone who has taken the class, or broken through the obvious and simplistic barrier of Stochiometry, this information will appear obvious. But to a new comer its not. It is getting the central idea of it all. Once you dive into Organic chemistry, you learn quickly that all they are trying to do is find a simple way or naming things and to differentiate compounds. Once you get that, you will get as good as some of my classmates that visualize the molecule upon reading the name (in correct geometric planes also ). You must do all and every practice problem. So get a support book. I have several. One that is super super cheap and so useful would be one of those "3,000 solved problems in chemistry". Then you just search by topic you are studying and find problems. This is especially useful in situations where your teacher wants you to "apply" knowledge and gives you problems you have never seen before that would be covered in the study guide. It is very true. You should explore past exams and papers as early as possible. Some of the things I was doing in the classroom as far as Thermodynamics would earn me very few marks on the exam. But learning what it is they want, like writing equation here or using that kind of way of solving the problem, maximizes your marks. You should always read the chapter before the work has started. Then dive into problems. I once did problems for 12 hours for thermodynamics because it was the hardest test I took in my life. My teacher specialized in chemical engineering, and heavily attacked the topic to the point where she was drawing upon materials from her college notes (same thing happened with Organic Chemistry). I am actually grateful she murdered us. I fully understand every problem I am faced with, and hence, SAT II Chemistry was nothing short of a perfect score (well actually was short . 780) But keep working on it and use my advice to your advantage. I am not naturally smart, just a really hard worker. So you should be fine if you take the great advice written on this forum.
  6. biochem

    Is IB chemistry for me?

    Those choices will have you working, sometimes several deadlines might be in the works and due on the same day, but overall the choices you have made will critically aid in your path to med school. So I say do it. chemistry will be lots of work, and what others dont understand is, that it will take a lot of problem solving. Thats the only way you can do it and be successful. Practicing your problem sets. so do it if you are serious about the career choice and want to work (which you should if you are pre-med interested)
  7. biochem

    Universities accept diploma failers?

    In the US, there are policies set in place so that upon failing IB you simply are held to a higher standard for retaining your credits. That is, you are accepted to an university under the assumption you will pass your exams, but should you fail, certain standards will keep you from gaining a full advantage of an IB Diploma. For example, the state and private universities in Florida (and other states I have looked into), say that without a Diploma only scores of a 5 and above on your HL classes will count towards freshmen credits. Look even further, and a competitive career will have a counselor that will advice you to retake your IB classes even if you score a 7 in them. This is true for my pre-med track, and my predicted scores of 7 on both Bio and Chem. I have already gained admission + full tuition to a state school and when I visited, I was told for the sake of my prereq for medical school to retake the IB classes. Why? Medical school does not accept IB credit and the general prereq. of "1 year of biology" could mean Biology 1 (year) or Biology 2 (year). So will be retaking my classes with or without the diploma. Honestly in the US, unless you find yourself in a situation where a university will draw forth the European + other place standards of admitting you with conditional scores....your IB Diploma in entirety means squat. zero. nada. for most careers (please note I said most. A history major going into grad school would be wise to get ahead and take their credits from AP/IB exams).
  8. biochem

    Early Decision US universities

    For international students I could speak very little of. Yale didnt offer my friend from China an interview, but then again he didnt get accepted so it must have not been a serious candidate for them. He ended up going to Princeton under a math major, despite his voluminous work in the sciences, and never interviewed. Princeton found him good enough on paper but of course not for ED, which they discontinued. Apologies for the mix-up. Yale does not have ED like you stated, I was under the impression they did through friends. and topic of grades being low in senior year for Yale was discussed on other college boards on the internet. Regarding a C in calculus II. I believe the kid went on to get a D, and was not revoked an acceptance. However, in any of these cases, like the many we are pulling out of memories, we don't know the full story behind them. chances are you wont get pulled out of ED if your grades drop on last transcript. One severe is okay, across the board B's from straight A's wont be that bad. Chances in these cases, is you wont be revoked an application.
  9. biochem

    Early Decision US universities

    you dont have to interview for those schools just so you know. I know of many friends who applied for ED for Yale especially, and no interview will be planned. One that will Def get in, who has been carving her life around the school and will 99.95% get in (yes I am sure of it with a near perfect score of 1580 on SAT and ridiculous EC) hasn't been asked for interview. Made it a point ot say this to mention that even strong candidates dont get a call for interview. Though she did interview MIT regular decision. and I know of no reason for ED back out. I am sure college drop out will be one but I guess legit is a good way to put it. Better be good
  10. biochem

    Early Decision US universities

    Early Decision = This is a Binding decision, which cannot be messed with. It is used for serious students who are 100% sure on the university, and this will include being serious about the financial offer. I spoke to Emory about this, a prestigious research university in Georgia, and they specifically instructed my friends to not apply to their ED because this means you are "accepting whatever financial aid you may be offered". Early Action = This is used for students who are serious about the college but are not necessarily willing to accept the financial aid, go there 100% or whatever reason - they are not obligated to go there. They can refuse the offer. *Exception* = Some schools, like MIT I believe, have non-binding early decision. In another words they have, like many others, blurred the definition of what an early decision process is. This is a problem for some places, because they have changed their definition of things. FSU for example (florida state university) has 2 regular deadlines. However, they fill their class from the first batch and refuse to kind of speak of the 1st deadline as early action because from what I have been told, some places have contracts with Early Decision that say you cannot apply anywhere. So on to that topic, some places, will tell you with Early decision you may not apply to more than one place. and Actually Emory spoke of this as well, stating that applying for 2 ED can be very messy because it creates "stress for the student, and ultimately can lead to their acceptance being revoked". Some school will "revoke" your acceptance if you apply to 2 different ED. However, applying to several Early Action is not against the rules (unless stated in contract of the application), but some schools will frown upon it. Students seeking financial aid should not attempt to apply to Early Decision, unless the college has rules set in that would guarantee money. For example, if you are a student of demonstrative needs for Yale or Harvard where your low income translates to a definite and concrete paid tuition and board, then going for these places would not be a problem. The biggest point behind this, especially for international students, is that you have to look at each college and see what their definition of the deadlines is. Otherwise, do not assume that definitions are coherent throughout the states, or you might find yourself in a lot of trouble. Some of the consequences for not attending an accepted Early Decision that is binding has been "blackmailing" you across the board, that is sending your name out in order to notify other colleges (especially those a college would know directly about you applying to) of your rejected obligation. This in some cases has led to several places, withdrawing a student's application. That is, if two colleges find out about two Early Decisions, then both might pull out. Anyways this is so not important as to what could happen... just avoid any of these situations, by looking directly on to a school's website. Hope this helped
  11. biochem

    Failing CAS?

    From what I understand, coming directly from a school and experience i read about i think a year ago, is nothing really. The school extended the deadline for the CAS hours for the kid and he had to finish it during summer. Though I can imagine it can become messy. I am sure CAS is not assessed heavily on school to IB relations. Perhaps an agreement that the school sends to Ib that everything has been done, if that. Its just like checking EE for plagiarism. You are expected to keep up with it. But from what I understand nothing. I think his diploma was physically delayed by the school only, until CAS hours were done. As in, the Diploma was sent to the school or recognition of passing and the school kept it until CAS was done.
  12. biochem

    What is the best time to take your SATs?

    A lot of people wait to learn the material in the classroom (especially if you have further ecology for biology). The material is easy I am telling you. It would be fruitful that you study on your own and complete it all. Please make sure you understand what the test is asking (much like you would for IB). The ecology Bio SAT II test has a component of nutrition (relating to ecological performance and growth), so you must understand it as well. It is very chemically based, and asks for formulas and products (even reactants) of bodily organs and other things. Best of luck on it! Take it for sure in June hopefully you will be out of school some, and able to rest a week like I was able to, before testing in this time period.
  13. biochem

    IB Score Submissions to colleges in the US

    In the US, your scores do not really matter as much as you may think. Simply, you are admitted under the notion that you will at least pass (and some colleges dont care if you do). Most of them have a system to fall back on where, if you dont get your diploma the credits that you will be given are set high. This would be something like UF for example (university of Florida cause its in my state), where IB kids that fail only get credits of 5 or higher on their HL classes. The predicted scores and actual scores are of no importance really. Simply they are your credits that will be considered under acceptance. Same thing with AP scores. US regular students dont get them till way after acceptance (especially with early decision/action deadlines being in November or December), and only later do you get to consider using your credits. It is true that your activities will be weighed heavily - very heavy actually! So make you that is what you focus on. My class never talked about predicted scores. and if you do make sure you can back it up. Please state that your teacher has been tracking your progress for example, instead of just listing grade values. This will give meaning to your predictions. Best of luck
  14. biochem

    Why did you choose the IB programme?

    I actually signed up the last day in my area. My friend told me about it and i ended up taking a whole school day off so i can rush to get an application! looking back on it, it just seems like such an impulsive driven by something beside myself. If there was one moment I felt like something happened like a divine puzzle piece of my life, I would say this would be it! it just happened
  15. biochem

    grade scales

    Orals are just part of your grade. the final grading scale 1-7 is based several components. you take your oral + group oral + Papers 1 and 2 and the total is calculated in order to give you a final grade of a 5 lets say. So you really would want to go ahead and try your best, because since your IB grade depends on several components. Those things which you can directly control, like the orals, should be executed very well to give you the biggest yield possible (especially one indicative of your hard work). best of luck !!

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