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  1. Indita


    In my school I have to do 150 hours of CAS. But my CAS coordinator insist us on making sure that we have at least 6 activities to fill in the 150 hours. We can have single activities, as in pure creativity, or action, or service, but we also need to have activities where we mix the three (CAS) together, so we have to have an activity where there is C & S, and C & A, and A & S. Does your school do that too?
  2. Indita

    IA structure

    I am using business and management as my subject for my extended essay, so I know the structure for it. But can I use the same structure for my Business and Management Internal Assessment?
  3. most universities don't require business and economics during high school if u want to take any courses around those two subjects in the university, because basically they're going to repeat the whole thing.. u just need good score in math (minimum math sl) and i think u'll be okay.. if you really like history, i guess you can switch business with that, because you can study economics without having to learn business, but it will be easier for u to take business of you take economics as well.. i take both business and economics hl because i want to take business courses in the university. I also want to stay ahead and hopefully the universities that i'm applying at will give me advance standings for taking the subjects even before entering the universities. However, the universities that i've visited so far did not say that taking both business and economics will give advance standings during the application (the only thing that matters is the math score), so I guess taking history is just fine
  4. Indita

    How many hours do you sleep?

    I always need at least 7 hours of sleep everyday, and I cannot focus during the night, so I spend my study time mostly after school and after dinner. So basically the IB doesn't affect my sleeping time
  5. IAs shouldn't have been that time consuming because we all know that we only started them a month (or less) before the due, so if u started early you would be fine. I think that the hardest parts are the external assessments, because in IAs, you already know what your teachers want, so you can just follow it, but in the externals, you don't know anything about the examiner and their way of marking your works might be completely different from your teachers'.
  6. Indita


    I'm not taking Indonesian ab nitio, but Indonesian A1 SL.. I would suggest looking at Kamus Indonesia (Indonesian Dictionary) or any English-Indonesian dictionaries. Maybe if you post the syllabus I can help u more
  7. Indita

    Help with starting my BnM IA

    u could ask for some examples of business IA form your teacher, or even from the business extended essay. I started mine with acknowledgment, content page, research proposal, executive summary, introduction, and then body. research proposal basically contains the research question, the research background, significance of the problem, time line, and possible difficulties. executive summary should be done after you have finished the assessment, it contains the summary of the whole report. introduction should have the research question, the research background, statement of problem, and significance of problem. body should have data collection and presentation and analysis of data. good luck!
  8. Indita

    B&M HL or Eco HL?

    I take both business and economics HL, and both of them are equally hard, but in a different way. Business has a lot of materials to cover, but the topics are very general (most people should already know the answer), and the maths are very easy. The subject is also very applicable to the real world. Economics does not have as much materials, but you have to be very logical and know a lot about the world economic, cos that would really help a lot (you should read and watch a lot of news). You will mostly deal with graphs and you will have to practice a lot on wring long essays, because, in the test, even the things that are not mentioned in the questions must be included. The subject is very theoretical, so most of the materials are not applicable in the real world. I would say that business is better because its more general and applicable in the real world, but of economics matter more in university applications then u should probably take econ.
  9. I think the best way to learn business (since the materials are a lot!) is to make revisions or summary papers. I usually do this before any term tests or semester tests (because I'm too lazy to do this on regular basis), and they really work! U should ask for the business syllabus paper from your teacher, and make your summaries from that guideline.
  10. Indita

    B&M HL or Eco HL?

    I take both business & management and economics HL, and I think that both are equally hard. Basically if you take economics, you will have to be very logical because you will deal with such things as graphs. You will also have to read and watch a lot of news, because you will understand the subject a lot more. The advantage is that the materials are much less than business. However, you must remember that economics is very theoretical, so the things that are taught are mostly not applicable in the real world. If you take business, the materials will be a lot, but the subject is very easy and general (a lot of people should basically know the things that are discussed in this subject), and the subject is very applicable in the real world. So in conclusion, its all up to you and your way of seeing the two subjects, but personally I think you should take business because its more realistic.
  11. Indita

    Counting drama for action?

    I don't think running here and there can be counted as action, because those are basically like small errands.. if the play consists of dancing, I guess u can count it as action. But if u need more action hours without having to do a lot of exercising (or non at all), you can join an organization or form a group that promotes exercising or healthy lifestyle. So you just make a sports event, or promote exercising, without having to exercise yourself! There are some light exercises that you can join, for example, I joined a horseback riding program for 3 months and got 26 hours of action, a friend of me joined a yoga class and she got 25 hours of action.
  12. service is definitely the hardest to find, cos u have to join in an organization or a project, or basically things like that.. i initially thought action would be the hardest, but it turned out to be the easiest (even though i havent completed it) . My CAS: Creativity - drama class (126 hours) Action - horseback riding (26 hours) Service - contributing at a non-government arts organization (design newsletters, create databases, watch & report on performances etc.) (on going) Creativity, Action & Service - contributing at a non-profit heart organization (promote healthy lifestyle, exercising, create awareness events, etc.) (on going) Creativity & Service - school holiday program (learn on how to recycle plastics and clean up the school) (18 hours)
  13. Indita

    What do you think?

    The research question: "What is the best business to occupy the top floor of The City Tower?" The City Tower is basically a new office building located in the center of the city in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their top floor is unoccupied and the owners are planing to work with a restaurant owner make a restaurant there. There are 2 candidate restaurants, and if there are no agreements met, the owners will make the space as an office are instead. I am basically going to use payback period, SWOT, PEST, the owner's prediction on the outcome, and possibly ARR and NPV of the three options (the 2 candidate restaurants and the office). The best result of the report will be recommended, by me, to be located on the top floor of the office building. The thing is, I'm not sure if the data will be good enough, because the owners have only talked to the restaurant owners lightly, so the information might be superficial. What do u guys think?

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