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  1. Agree, the Kirk covers all the topics concisely, and I use it to revise; but Tsokos has more detailed information.
  2. atsuhi

    CAS in university applications

    At my school, we were told that the asessment had changed, and that the 150 hours weren't as important as fulfilling the 8 objectives. Also, that it would depend on our CAS Diaries, and how well were they written, that they would assess us, and judge whether we has achieved or not those objectives. A friend of mine (who is also taking IB with me) told me that CAS activities wouldn't count as extra-curricular at universities, because there are school activies (Festivals, sports competitions) which count as CAS activities. I wasn't very convinced, though, because activities such as school newspaper or forums organized by other schools, are done with permission and during class hours outside.

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