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  1. Cubz

    Musical Investigation

    You don't have to do instruments from the same group, but generally I found you have more to talk about if you do. You can look at the differences in construction leading to different styles etc. Look for similarities definitely, but also differences. FInd a big common element, and then talk about maybe how they use that element differently, it shows greater depth of analysis. ANd then if you need more words then branch out and look at their uses of ALL the elements of music. I did mine as a lecture, ie just basically wrote an essay and gave in a powerpoint, i never had to present it. They really don't care about your creativity in presentation, and I found the lecture the easiest. Good Luck, I hope you do really well.
  2. Cubz

    Any regrets about doing the IB?

    There is nothing actually wrong with the IB, like i guess i learnt a few things. But I definitely regret burning out right before the exams. You know that period before september where everything's due, I put in such a massive effort to get that done on top of all this other outside stuff that by the time I get to Nov (now) I couldn't be screwed to put any effort in, I was just totally exhausted. So tip 1: PACE YOURSELF Also try not to do it in a school that requires you pass the local system as well! It sucks and you don't end up very prepared for things, ie we only got one go at the maths portfolio when other schools do at least 2 of each type and choose the best on to send off. I should be getting a better mark on IB than on the normal system, but I still dunno if it was worth it. I met heaps of nice people, united in our hatred of the way our school does the IB, and im hoping to study in the UK next year which makes the whole thing worth it Try it out, its no harder than anything else if you're doing it by itself.
  3. Cubz

    Extended Essay

    "Evaluate the significance of the oppression of the Hungarian minority in Transylvania on the 1989 Romanian Revolution" It was actually amazing to do, such a bizarre and out there topic that i knew nothing about so I learnt loads. My teacher reckons the problem most people have with a History EE is not having enough analysis, and most just kind of rattle off facts. I made sure I had a whole chapter devoted to straight analysis so I did good (so the teacher says).
  4. This is quite interesting actually because my school will not let you take a language at HL (even B) unless you are semi-fluent. The only kids taking French B HL are either like me having done a 9 month exchange in the country or have gone to the French-Australian school down the road and were preparing to take the the French Baccalaureate. Besides the fact that they don't offer it at A2, nobody else is allowed to even consider doing HL French. I know my french, and French B HL is relatively easy but come on i can barely do english at A1, A2 and B are really testing very different things, one is your knowledge of the language and the other is testing your ability to analyse literature. To be honest, I don't see a problem with it,people will do what they do because it works out best for them and a 7 in French B HL is most definitely better than a 5 or lower in French A2.
  5. Cubz

    Extended Essay in Music?

    I imagine that an EE could essentially be an MI quite easily. One of the main problems I had with my MI was that I had too many words! 4,000 would definitely allow you the depth that really is necessary, and would look quite impressive to a potential university. In terms of the teacher, my teacher did absolutely nothing and I did all the work, if you are confident in you music analysis skills, and you have music teachers that can offer some help you'll be fine. The main problem is picking a topic and theres a forum here about that, or im sure the syllabus would have something in it. I would have done my EE in music if I could have actually thought of a second investigation topic! Took me months to get even one.
  6. Cubz

    Musical Investigation

    Musical Investigation is quite easy once you get a topic, but as the other girl in my class discovered if you have a crap teacher you're relying on luck to actually discover a topoic she will approve!!!!!!! Anyway we were told to first look at the elements of music and find a compositional technique that is evident in two types of cultures. Polyrhythms is a good idea, different forms also works well (I did Theme and Variations in Mozart PIano vs cyclical mbira (african thumb piano) music which happens to loosely follow theme and variations), I would suggest going for something simple, something that really makes up the foundations of music and then it'll be easy to apply it to a hundred genres! Possibly the use of counterpoint, or monody, or the use of dynamics and expression to create climaxes. The investigation is easier if you can find actual sheet music for both pieces, if not you'll have to transcribe it by ear which is a bitch if you're dealing with an instrument that is not tuned in any relation to western tones at all!!!! Tip 2: Do not procrastinate, i did mine in a couple of days and it ended up being very rushed, if you need to transcribe and do things by ear do it all, get it all written down and then do the writing as that is the easiest. Good Luck! Oh and its not so much about what pieces you pick or even the genres, its the picking of the link and then the analysis of that link. So Bollywood would be fine, but it all comes down to how and what you compare it with.
  7. Cubz

    History IA: Question Phrasing

    As long as your question allows for sufficient analysis then it should be fine. You have to make sure that in answering your question you're not just spouting off other peoples writing. If you find yourself doing this, then you need to change your question to "evaluate the significance of X in the signing of the treaties" or "To what extent was X responsible for the signing of the treaties" From what I have heard these sorts of questions seem to be better received in general.
  8. Cubz

    IB History HL Difficulty

    In terms of the difference between HL and SL, History is probably one of the ones where there is the least difference. As far as I can tell the only difference is Paper 3 (which is long but as far as I can tell not too challenging). So if you do pretty well in exams, and in class essays, then go for HL, especially if it is instead of another subject that you are worried about.
  9. Cubz

    Matrix Binomials

    Haha, I'm freaking out too! But I'm getting the hang of it, luckily, I have a week left to complete the portfolio. Thanks for your help, I understand how to get (A+B)n, and binomial was not a good way to go for me! When they say algebraic method, I think they mean clearly justify the general statement in a different way, because we have already justified it through the testing of different values, but I'm actually working it this at the moment but I'm still unsure on what they specifically expect from us. I think I'm rambling. But I'll just keep working on it, hopefully I'll have a eureka moment sometime soon? Awesome glad you get it. I just clarified it with my teacher. there are several ways to prove M= A+B so just do it two different ways. Ie. you can do it M=A+B and then M^2=A^2 + AB + BA + B^2 you'll notice that AB and BA equals the zero matrix and go from there, establish a pattern and so on. hope that helps. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  10. Cubz

    Matrix Binomials

    Ok so apparently there are a number of different ways to find an expression for (A+B)n, one involves the binomial theorem but i personally do not get this at all. My suggestion is to look at doing it algebraically as i explained above, as it is wayy simpler. If you don't understand how i explained it i can have a go at it again as it did ramble a bit my bad. Anyway you said you have done it all except for that. How did you do the algebraic method. I have spoken to ppl who studied maths at uni and can't seem to get a clear answer on this !!! Freaking out here
  11. Cubz

    IB Music - what is honestly required

    Let me just prepare you guys IB music actually requires a ****load of effort and work, specially for HL. To actually get a good grade you need to know about compositional techniques specific to different eras and specific composers as well as being able to recognise them in pieces. Performance is pretty easy so i guess thats quite good. Musical investigation, depending on the teacher i spose requires reading, but you can bull**** your way. Its just time, and the more musical background and stuff the better. Take a theory class and stuff it'll really help. But im finding it the hardest out of all of mine atm!
  12. Cubz

    Writing A Good IA Introduction

    Best way to do it is to connect the first step to your conclusion at the end so that its clear to the marker that you've made the connection. My teacher said that your IA should read like an essay rather than answering questions, you shouldn't even put the numbers or anything, so it should just flow.
  13. Cubz

    EE History Thesis/Topic

    I dunno whether you're into this but im actually doing mine on ethnic cleansing. Mine is specifically on that of the Hungarians in Transylvania which is really obscure and different but very interesting. Check it out, cos there's lots of different ways of looking at it. If you're not into genocide and stuff this would be the one to go for cos its more centred on policy and stuff. If you want more info just let me know. Spanish Flu epidemic is also fascinating, if you want to freak ppl out, try looking at it from a positive perspective! History is defs the way to go, good luck!
  14. Cubz

    Matrix Binomials

    Ok so im almost finished this one, I had an idea for the (A+B)n which most of you seem to have a lot of trouble with (i did to) You'll notice that matrix (A+B) is the same as matrix M when simplified so that therefore your general statement should be the same as the expression for (A+B)n. You can go about finding the expression by doing different values for n and then expanding the matrix with a and b. You'll find that you come out with 2a^2 + 2b^2 etc. for (A+B)^2 etc. i don't think i can be more explicit than that but hope you get my drift...... This was actually how i showed that M= A+B initially but i just moved it up when i realised you could use it for (A+B)n - TOOK ME WAYYYYYYY TOO LONG lol Anyway i am having real trouble with the algebraic justification at this point, a few people have just algebraically reiterated how M^n = A^n + B^n but i don't think thats it, they do seem to be asking for more. But yeah, seeing as we never covered the formal proof in our class our teacher told us we weren't required to do that, but he wasn't able to be more specific as to what we were supposed to do. We also haven't done induction or anything else even resembling proofs. So am completely stumped. Another question regarding negative indices. People in my class are saying that because Matrix X can't be to a negative indice (as the determinant is undefined) the general statement can be to a negative indice. I don't agree with this as it the negative indices do work for matrix M. Any suggestions?
  15. Cubz

    What does the World think about Australia?

    In response to the whole Canberra thing; yeah ok its boooring as hell but its still my fav place in the world! Yeah ok i live there but still It's soooo green, compared to most other cities i've been to, the bush is just round the corner from my place and you never run out of trees. Thats what I love about Australia there's so much natural beauty everywhere, its so easy to escape the city., Unlike Europe, i spent a year there last year and missed my trees and grass and animals sooooooo much; it was depressing. Im glad people like Australia, even though I love to travel I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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