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  1. kelsie:)

    November 2010 IB results thread

    Well, our highest score was 43... i got a 28... but honestly...i didnt even study before finals... but i've sat on a 24 all year.. so im quite happy with my 28. but, our school got screwed with TOK and EE predictions.. i was predicted 3 bonus points...with an A in tok and B in EE and i ended up with a C in tok and a B in EE...so i got one... last year 11/22 of the cohort failed.. this year is 3/45 so vast improvement. but so confused about tok...i got 20/20 on my presentation...and was predicted an A on my essay... its EFFED!
  2. kelsie:)

    History HL Paper 3

    I did Question 3 on Garibaldi and Cavour's roles in unification of italy, 9 on alex II and 17 on how did stalin make russia into the industrial power. They were like the three things i studied for, so i got in there and was like WOOOOOO! I think that it was an easy paper, but many of my class mates thought it was the hardest Paper 3 they'd done... so i guess its all about what you studied and whether you got lucky really. I tossed up doing appeasement but i didn't feel i knew enough of the details to do it well.
  3. hey i just wanted to point out something ridiculous within IB. I am coming up to, one week away from my FINAL EXAMS! mega awesome and exciting. However, due to IB clearly lacking a brain... i have 5 exams on my first day, and IB would only reschedule my exam for one of the subjects and not the whole class... leaving me stuck having to sleep over at my co-ordinator's house...so i can't cheat, then still have to complete 3 exams in the morning. So, i just wanted to complain...and figure anyone else can complain here too if you have ridiculous things with IB. My good friend once said nothings ever easy for an IB kid. This is the path ________________....and this is the IB path _----_______---^^^^^^^>>>>><<<<<<____________ . What did we ever do to deserve this!?!
  4. kelsie:)

    Lack of Courses?

    we have such a small range, and most of the subjects i would kill do to we don't have... and we're strongly pushed away from doing self study. Group 1: English A1 - SL/HL Group 2: Japanese and Spanish Ab Initio....we have two students doing spanish B Group 3: History, Business and managment HL/SL and Environmental systems and societs SL only Group 4: Chem, Physics, Biol HL/SL and Environmental S&S, SL only. Group 5: we have all the maths, HL / SL / Studies Group 6: Visual arts, Music and Film what really annoys me is that there is one student doing music...but there is like 7 students wanting to do theatre arts...but they don't offer cause one cohort didn't like it!!! ahh, IB!
  5. kelsie:)

    You know you are in IB when...

    you know your in IB when you spend hours reading about you know your in IB when...
  6. kelsie:)


    yeah, but in australia...to get good accomodation and stuff you have to book a whole year early! hahah hence the thought already
  7. kelsie:)

    Free softwares available for math portfolio

    just as a note...casio calculators come with a cord that connects them to the computer... and a cord for the new calculators fits the older models...so if you have an older one...just ask a friend with a new one for the cord...thats what i did.
  8. kelsie:)


    hey i was just wondering where everyone went or is going to schoolies (after school celebrations) ? cause i'm thinking about Bali, and want to know if anyone else has gone to bali for schoolies.
  9. I've done about 10 years of japanese.. but i only do ab initio cause thats all my school offers... but i guess then, its an easy 7 for me. you pretty much have to be a native speaker to even do Spanish B and they refuse to offer Japanese B. its really annoying though.. so yeah.
  10. kelsie:)


    i have HI and JAP test tomorrow, WL1 and BIO prac due friday. My EE testing was a failure...and i have no time to do anything. FML.
  11. kelsie:)

    IB to ATAR (previously UAI) in Australia

    wow, that sucks.. cause in queensland they recognize the IB... and out score gets converted into a rank... *which makes it harder to get a better rank, cause the stuff we do is harder than QSA* but for HL Maths, Biol and something else...you can actually get 2 units creditted.. so you dont have to do them ever again.. UQ was the first to do this..now i think griffith and few others do now too. but, yeah that really sucks for you guys.
  12. kelsie:)

    Pets! Pets! Pets!

    i have a very gorgeous puppy, she's just turned one.... she's a labradoodle and her name is Pinot Happy Bean... and yes, i know she has a weird name...i blame my mother.
  13. kelsie:)

    Universities accept diploma failers?

    If it helps i know two failers who are in uni now... so you should be pretty sweet.
  14. kelsie:)

    Multiple questions about World Lit

    i need a bit of a hand.. im doing my WL1 on the theme of alienation in the books the outsider (stranger) by camus and metamorphosis by kafka... but im not sure what the authors purpose in alienating the characters is... if someone could help me... even broadly on the theme of alienation! pleasee.
  15. kelsie:)

    Extended Essay

    i neeed help on picking my topic... at the moment i have a specific case study on how commercial developement affects the creek that its built on... but i'm having second thoughts due to the limited secondary data available...and the limited testing i can carry out... i would really like to do my EE in Environmental systems and societies...as thats what i have a supervisor for... can anyone please help with an interesting topic to do with that!?!! i would be forever greatful!

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