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  1. salsadip01


    does anyone know how to use their Graphic Display Calculator to find the mean in a grouped frequency table? i can do it without it.. but i also need to know how to use the GDC.. i've got the TI-84 Plus texas instrument.. (like in the attachment)
  2. salsadip01

    TOK conference Istanbul

    yeah! she's my friend! we're in the same school, so a whole new group of us is going to be coming again! hope we have as much (if not more ) fun than last year!!
  3. salsadip01

    Extended Essay

    i chose to do my in english because i absolutely love english, and i'm also really good at it, as well as i want to do something like journalism or writing. as for the topic, i first wanted to do poetry of south african apartheid, and i did find some amazing poems, and one of them was a poet, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers. and i read up a bit on her story which i found fascinating! she was in an orphanage as a baby, and as the babies arrive there they are sent to different orphanages based on their race. (she's coloured) but they didn't realize that, so there was an argument, one woman thought she was white and another said she was black.. the woman who thought she was white, was so sure she was right.. she adopted her herself!! and then she had to grow up.. getting darker, living in the white side of town with people constantly asking her race! she's a brilliant poet, and it so happened that i was reading one of them to my friend in my art lesson, and my art teacher was overhearing all this and then she realized who the poet was! apparently she's really close friends with her and she had her poetry book and i'll get to interview her as well! so that worked out rather well. i couldn't be happier!!
  4. salsadip01

    Best class moments

    watching the music teacher chase two little crying kids around the school
  5. salsadip01

    Does it get any easier in university after doing IB?

    ok after reading all these, i'm a bit confused, because i asked people who graduated from my schools IB who are in uni now how it is, and they say it's tough but manageable... i would think you're better prepared for uni after doing IB, instead of A-Levels or something.. im wondering myself how i'm going to last another year!
  6. salsadip01

    English Oral Presentation Grades

    if you're talking about your IOP, it doesn't have to be that bad. i've been told that the IOC is more important to impress examiners. so if you do well, they usually bring your IOP mark up! good luck
  7. ok, this is a sort of spoiler! so BIG warning! at the end of the book, in the epilogue you learn it's actually Alba who was narrating, with obvious sections of Esteban Trueba... the reason Allende puts them both is because in Estebans character you don't always know if he's telling the truth, for example, he claims he knows Clara has forgiven him, does she really? we can't actually know. it also makes sure there isn't a fully biased opinion, by seeing more than one characters point of view. hope i helped i did my IOP on House of Spirits, lol
  8. salsadip01

    Do you need a theme?

    i have a friend in my art class who's pretty random, and she can't pick a theme. she's been doing very very random pieces, but they're still brilliant in that unique way. my art teacher was concerned with her lack of a theme, and so they found a technical word (can't remember it now.. will post it later if you want). she basically made it sound like she was exploring the sub-conscious mind of dreams... i think you could get away with anything for that good luck!
  9. salsadip01

    What's your theme?

    wow! i'm also doing a similar theme, although mines more technology vs nature.. i like the contrasting issues, but i'm also looking into how to make effective art so that people become more globally aware of how serious our situation is!
  10. salsadip01

    I need advice, please! Visual Arts

    You don't have to worry at all! my cousin is doing Art HL and he doesn't have the most amazing technical skills, yet he's doing good! as long as you do effective research on other artists in your book, keep evolving idea's and especially trying different mediums to work with, you shouldn't have a problem. they definitely appreciate the effort!
  11. salsadip01

    TOK conference Istanbul

    I just wanted to see randomly (without giving personal details.. since i think that's against the rules..) how many people on here will be going to the TOK conference in Istanbul, Turkey, this year October around the 16th? (not sure about the exact dates) My friend went last year and she told me it was amazing, I'm pretty excited, but i have no idea what to expect! anyone else gone or know anything of it?

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