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  1. samantha245

    English A1 HL

    i am definitely planning on reading all the books next year because i know i will need them for my oral commentary and exam. my only concern was the fact that i didn't read them this year and i guess the only problem i would have next year is that i wouldn't be so good as analyzing, right? but honestly, i could care less about getting a 5 or 7 on the exam or whatever the overachievers go for. i just want the minimal score that will get me the diploma.
  2. samantha245

    English A1 HL

    is part 3 of the syllabus part of junior year or senior year?
  3. samantha245

    English A1 HL

    perfect! cant i just skim the books before the exam and learn a few quotes?
  4. samantha245

    English A1 HL

    so do you think im screwed if ive been reading sparknotes for all my books as opposed to actually reading them?
  5. samantha245

    English A1 HL

    Hi I am currently taking the first year of HL English. We just fnished with IOP's. I know we have World Lit Papers too, but I am confused as to what the exam at the end of the senior year will be composed of. Will we need to define literature terms or will it just be composed of essays (and how many?). Which books will the exam cover? Only books we read senior year or books from both junior AND senior year? Thanks so much! P.S.- this is the first year my school does IB which is why im confused about everything :X
  6. samantha245

    History of the Americas

    This is my first year of HL history of the Americas. So far we have not taken any notes in class and i'm really nervous so I was wondering if there was a website online with notes? I know biology has a website, but how about history?
  7. samantha245

    Biology HL

    As I said in a previous form, I am starting my first year of Biology HL this year, and I was just looking for some notes online. Are the wikibook notes reliable?
  8. samantha245

    Biology HL syllabus?

    I'm starting HL IB Biology this year, and I never got the syllabus? Does anyone have a copy of it? Oh and this is the first year my school does IB, so is there ANY chance of me getting the diploma?

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