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  1. Already taken by my group 4 partner.
  2. But that still does not solve the problem as chocolate IS a mixture.
  3. As Chocolate being a mixture of sugar, cocoa butter, and other compounds, will it not make it a not very good topic to be researched? and because of it being a physics topic, extraction cannot be a good idea.
  4. Alright, i have thought and searched alot about physics group 4 project topic for Physics, but couldnt get a single good topic. Anyone got any ideas for a good topic for Chocolate in physics?
  5. Thanks for replies everyone. Now here are my thoughts: I cannot link it to yoga, as meditation and yoga are very different from each other, both in techniques and in the effects on the body & mind. Perhaps, the part when i went to learn the technique at lonely isolated Buddhist mountains (for 10 days away from life), i could include the time period as part of creativity. After learning, came regular practicing in daily life, this is the part where i am unsure about the fact that which area of CAS does it actually belong.
  6. Which area of CAS, does meditation (specifically speaking, Vipassana) fall in? Action - Sitting continuous for hours in the same postition, without any movement of hands or legs. Creativity - Learning new things from experience of Awareness, and slow mental transformation Service - serving the soul and not getting any material return in turn.
  7. Sorry for bringing this Dead topic to life. Here a cool Physics Software that i found to be very useful: Interactive Physics:
  8. Uh, ok. But if you are right than we also need to change 12.3 to 12.30
  9. Tried to read your sentence 5 times, still cannot understand (why does it sound like one of the Da-Vinci codes?). Can you please rephrase it.
  10. I think being organized and doing the work on time, saves yourself from some part of stress.
  11. Its a library. So why do you have to pay for borrowing books from it?
  12. My TOK teacher is very polite. He doesn't even get angry when some students ask stupid questions. No-one can beat him in debating, he always has answer for every question we ask.
  13. I do not think TOK is pointless. It is very useful. Debating is another way for sharing knowledge. It really develops critical thinking on topics and helps in developing questioning attitude for everything we learn in school.
  14. Here are some methods on how to stay awake, i came across: * * * Here is one of the interesting ways: "hold a spoon in your fingertips. you should be holding it in a way that - when you loose consciousness (sleep) you drop it... the Clatter (put a big plate on the floor under your hand) will wake you.... and you get woken JUST as you enter the best "dreamy" bit of your sleep. Alternatively, hold a bunch of keys: same effect."
  15. @fahad: thanks man for the file, it really helps.