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  1. sraja90

    French B SL

    mostly revisons for the test. We've also been focusing on speaking and writting conversations. Our teacher said they final apsect of this would be to just focus on grammar, but thats later on down the road.
  2. sraja90

    French B Textbooks

    Doed anyone know the author of this big blue verb book with 555 verbs in it?
  3. sraja90

    French SL or HL

    Well, it also depends on how well you think you can do in your other exams. If they can cover you and get you the 28, then take HL, and ofcourse if you want to. But if your worried about the diploma so much, you might want to stick to SL.
  4. sraja90

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    Un bon idee pour etudier le francais est ecouter des chansons des francais.
  5. Well, of those i did my WL one ivan denisovich. I tried not to focus on the story itself because that becomes too generic, but rather right about one or two of the literary devices and how they tie into the overall theme or idea that solzenistyn was trying to achieve. [email protected] gives you options and i believe it includes like analysis of a specific portion of the text as and it also allows you to continue the story on from where it ended(i think).
  6. sraja90

    politics - W.B Yeats

    I believe its a comparison between the turmoil of politics and love. In the 1st line, he seems to lose his train of thought after the comma. Then he continues on to speak of the various forms of politics and this could be where the turmoil comes into play. His love and the jumbled up thoughts are like those of the different political systems from those empires. Furthermore, all three of these nations were mighty empires at some point in time, and this could symbolize the power and magnitude of love that he is incapable of handling. Thats all i can think of so far. Hopr it helps a bit. =]
  7. sraja90

    Name Your IB School

    stefannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its you. Miramar High , Florida
  8. sraja90

    Group work - yay or nay?

    i dont like group work because i really do not want to have to carry the weight of others, especially if they do not want to work. Now if they are good and hard workers and wil put the same effort into the work as me, then i dont mind.
  9. sraja90

    How many hours do you sleep?

    i got to sleep around 1 and get up at 630. so 5 1/2 hours of sleep. =P
  10. sraja90

    History extended essay

    does this sound like a good topic for my extended essay? The history of history of latin americans on south florida politics, economics, and education.
  11. sraja90

    Question about Republicans and Democrats

    At times the democrats are not realistic, but they have good intent. However, i despise the republicans. They cannot help a nation that is full of middle class citizens when they only care about the small % of upperclass citizens. I honestly want to see Obama in office and i want him to prove that the democrats are not just dreaming about change, but that they are going to provide it.
  12. sraja90

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    Indian/Iranian Not anti-us. I dislike bush, but i dont hate my nation. Many of our policies over the las 8 years are ridiculious and i want change. but prior to bush, Clinton was a great president. I cant wait for this election, i can finally vote and have a say in who my president is.
  13. sraja90

    Getting in to Harvard

    i believe alot of these universities are going to the internet to inform applicants. Im applying to some schools who said they only inform via email or through an account you create on their website.
  14. sraja90

    Obama or McCain?

    McCain is for big business, i hate big business, so Obama. I mean did anyone watch the debate? i only saw the highlights since florida is controlled by the FLP energy company and they cut off our power during the debate. Stupid republican supporters.
  15. sraja90

    Public or Private

    personally i feel that many of the private universities are better than public ones, im applying to 6 private and 2 public only because they are local schools and cost me lmost nothing because im covered by scholarships for florida students.

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