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  1. myreeka

    Chem SL Test

    And Paper 3?
  2. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    So how about if I manage to change my subject to English? How would I go about doing it, besides likening the characters' traits to a psychological disorder?
  3. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    Actually it was due two weeks ago. Hee.
  4. If someone with a photographic memory looks at one section of a page from a book and then looks away and tries to remember the page, will they be able to see the part of the page they didn't look at?
  5. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    So is there any rule against changing your subject so late? Is it still possible, or are there repercussions?
  6. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    My main question is, would it be appropriate? Basically, if I do do this topic, will my paper be read and given an actual score, or will it be dismissed as irrelevant and given a zero?
  7. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    Isn't one of the IBO criteria for an extended essay the expression of creativity?
  8. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    For example, could my research question be "To what extent to the characters of the Harry Potter series display evidence of psychological disorders?" Well, that sounds lame even to me. But I really like Harry Potter! And I've already locked in my subject of Psychology, and can't think of anything else.
  9. myreeka

    Harry Potter EE in Psychology topic help?

    I understand that it is a fictional work, but the characters within it are intended to be completely human. I've looked up Harry Potter extended essays and found most of them to be either comparing the series to another, such as Lord of the Rings, or analyzing the use of mythology in the books. And in terms of collecting data, would the symptoms exhibited by a character be data to support a theory that the character has a disorder?
  10. Heyo. My subject for the extended essay is psychology, and I really want to do something about Harry Potter. I was thinking about writing about psychological disorders exhibited by the characters of the series. Would this be an appropriate topic? I've read in some places that you actually have to be proving something within the body of the extended essay. Is this true, and if it is, would I still be able to do an essay on this topic? Thanks for all your help!
  11. myreeka

    Body Piercings

    I only have regular ear piercings, but I want cartilage, bellybutton, and maybe nose, and industrial. Most likely will be getting the nose sometime soon, as I am Indian. I'm definitely getting the cartilage as well, as again, I am Indian. Not to say all Indians get these, but my family does. In India, it is not only low or working class people that get these; almost everyone does. However, if I got a bellybutton piercing, my family would probably flip. It's a cultural thing, the rejection, and I'm sure it gives off a bad image.
  12. myreeka

    I.M, good or bad?

    Personally, I think it's terrible, but can be useful if, again, managed wisely. If you let it take over everything else you're doing or should do, then obviously it can't be a good thing. My entire last year was tainted by the plague of the IM, and I'm not planning to let that happen to me again. I've decided to only go on when I absolutely need something.
  13. myreeka

    Swine flu

    Honestly, I don't think it's that much more of a big deal than any other flu. No matter what kind of flu you get, it's something that's not good. I know people who have had swine flu, and they're fine now. The media put up this big hype around it, and now people on the streets everywhere are walking around paranoid that they're going to drop dead any second. The only reason swine flu has been made such a big deal out of is because humans aren't as immune to it as they are to normal flu viruses. I found on a website that "the cases outside Mexico have been no more serious than your average flu bug." It is dangerous, I know...but it's not a basilisk. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself into getting swine flu )
  14. I don't think there can be many bad things about being multi-lingual, as it definitely helps a person feel like they're not just one more person in the crowd, they have something that separates them from everyone else there. And, every once in a while, when you happen to find someone else who speaks your language, there's that wonderful sense of belonging. I am Indian, and I speak English, Telugu, understand some Hindi and Tamil, and am learning French. I want to learn many more languages, as it really is a rewarding feeling when you hear someone saying something, and you understand them. You feel the need to go up and join the conversation, and many a time you'll find you can. It really is quite irritating when sometimes, as a proud bilingual, you get an English phrase in your head before your own native language. I know when it happens to me, I feel like I'm betraying myself and my native land. You may think you're a plain boring old Swede where you are, but I know many many people (including myself) who would be impressed at your speaking abilities (sadly, there's not much cultural diversity where I live). I think being bi- or multilingual increases a person's eloquence in every language s/he speaks. I know the feeling well of wanting to express yourself in a language the person you're speaking with doesn't understand, and it drives me insane. Just today, I was trying to think of a synonym for the word "change", but my ability to come up with something usable was blocked by the fact that I could think of a perfect word, but there was a problem. The word was not in English, but my own native language. Had I put it down, I probably would have ended up with this from my teacher: =\ My love for my language goes far enough to make me extremely sad that there is no one around who speaks my language. It makes me want to move back to India, where I can speak in any language I wish.
  15. myreeka

    Animals vs humans

    No, I am not a Christian. I do not believe that Adam was the first human being created, but if he and Eve really existed, then I've got a heck of a lot of things to say to Eve. And even if humans were not evolved from apes, there's still not a lot of reason to believe that we are better than animals. We have no idea of the ways in which animals live their lives; it's like judging a book by its cover. You shouldn't do it. It's not like just by observing an animal night and day you know what their lives are like. I don't agree that if humans did evolve from apes, then there's no difference whatsoever between animals and humans. There is a world of difference. Actually, there's a species of difference. Every species adapts to different environments, they all evolved differently, that's what makes them different species. But, every species has something another species doesn't, so they can never really be compared to say one species is better than another.

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