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  1. Calculus wasn't too hard. It was a matter of practice, for the most part. If I had to pick, parts of probability and series and sequences.
  2. At my school, about ten out of ninety or was it one hundred IB kids did four HL subjects. However, this was SERIOUSLY messed up because my school only allows this if you take the fourth HL subject as an extra subject. This means that the kids who did this did seven IB subjects in total. If they didn't want to, well, they wouldn't be allowed to do four HLs then. So, it was either hypermasochism or minimizing IB torture. As for why they wanted to do it, well, this could be explained by the equation M = m^2 * x. M, motivation for doing it, 0 < M < ∞ (surely no one has negative motivation!); m, masochism; x, I have no idea. Nerd-ism aside, I really don't know. Some of them took the fourth HL because they believed that it would help them get into their university of choice (although honestly, I doubt it would considering the already considerable amount of work it takes to replace one of your SLs with an extra HL, let alone outrightly doing another HL altogether). Hm, I just realized I sound a tad bit condescending in this post towards people who do four HLs. I honesty can't fathom why you would but I have a lot of admiration for you if you do do it. Good luck!
  3. All of you guys are so well-travelled... I haven't been anywhere this summer, darn it.
  4. Hahaha, neat thread. - Go on Youtube. Nothing else needs to be said. - Go outside and stare at the clouds. Damn mesmerizing clouds. I swear, I probably wasted hours staring at them instead of studying when it was perfect spring weather in May. - Window shop on Amazon. So many books with pretty covers that need to be read the day before your Math HL paper one... - BitTorrent movies the night before your English A1 paper. It's okay, it's perfectly reasonable. Watching the film versions instead of memorizing quotes is definitely adequate. Although, honestly, at the end of the day, do not do any of the things I listed above. They are all things that I actually did... and definitely posed great detriment to my final IB marks.
  5. You definitely can, as the posters above me have said. However, do realize that you are short on time on the IB exams. Erasing is a waste of time. I know some IB students are anal retentive about aesthetics and like to have a nice little page of neat square writing, but this really slows you down in an exam situation. Just cross stuff out. You'll save yourself time and sometimes three minutes on a question is indeed the difference between a level 5 and 6. So, please - just cross it out.
  6. I'm surprised some of you guys had such unreliable predictions because mine were pretty accurate. The teachers who predicted precisely what I ultimately got were good teachers. In the subjects where my final mark was either overestimated or underestimated, the predictions were only off by one point. My final total was too only overestimated by one point. I think you should be able to gauge for yourself if your teachers have wrong predictions. If they are adequate in teaching, then I would say that they probably will deviate at most a point from your final mark. In any case, good luck and don't worry about it too much. Just work hard and you'll meet your predictions. I basically lost momentum at the end of IB and studied the day before for Math and Bio, which is why I didn't meet my predictions.
  7. I think you are fine. You might be getting only 28 credits because the McGill system for science credits is rather unorthodox. I believe they generally assign values of four to science credits? In any case, I'm pretty sure you can use your History and English credits because they are at higher level. A general rule of thumb is that as long as you are taking five courses per semester, you should be fine as this is what is considered a "full courseload" at Canadian institutions.
  8. Unless you get into an Ivy, there is no point whatsoever in attending an American university over a Canadian one. In terms of prestige and reputation, UBC, McGill, and UofT will all match up to any American university ranked in the top twenty-five that is not an Ivy. In terms of scholarships, I'd like to note that (even though I did not apply to McGill), most Canadian universities look at your provincial marks as opposed to IB marks if the provincial marks are higher (and they generally are). The university I am going to attend in September has three tiers of scholarships. If they were looking exclusively at my IB marks, I'd only get the bottom tier scholarship of one thousand dollars. However, since they look at whatever is higher, I'm getting two thousand because the Ontario system of conversion of IB marks is rather overinflated. Also, I think you'd benefit from knowing that one of the biggest turnoffs for me when I was considering McGill as a university was the fact that McGill FORCES you to take your IB credits if your IB grades are adequate. For me, who would've applied to the science programme, I would be basically jumping into second-year organic chemistry, thermodynamics, and all these other difficult courses in my first year. You have to realize that regardless of the rigour of IB courses, it is not TOTALLY EQUIVALENT to the first-year university courses. First-year university courses are generally designed for people who have special interest in that particular field, and are hence taught at a depth that is greater than even that of IB higher level courses. You'd be MUCH better off NOT taking your IB credits and redoing the courses in university so that you can get a higher GPA. Remember, in Canada, most undergrad degrees are useless. Grad degrees will get you a job and you need to maximize your GPA in university to get into a decent graduate programme. Don't just go to a university for the sake of bragging rights. Sometimes, you are much better off being the creme de la creme at an inferior instutition as opposed to just mediocre at a "prestigious" one.
  9. Yes, it is very much possible to do this. Keep in mind that you need to do the equivalent of Business 2257 at McGill. You would benefit from looking at this document: http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/hba/downloads/B2257Equiv(Feb910).pdf However, I do not understand why you would want to do this? In Canada, the ranking of a university made by those BS magazines really does not matter. I am attending the University of Western Ontario come September and it is a reputable institution, just as McGill is. Let personal preference dictate your choices when it comes to selecting a university, not the perceived prestige of a university.
  10. 556 for my HLs and 567 for my SLs. Three bonus points. Total = 37. Happiness!
  11. All the works that my school did which are eligible for paper two are poems and I can't find many exemplars for essays on poems. I'm not really baffled with the technique though; a conventional compare and contrast essay style would suffice, yes? However, what I'm worried about is the fact that my teacher wanted us to analyze TWO poems by each of the two required poets for paper two. It's really hard for me to do the poems in great detail if I'm analyzing all four... so I'm wondering if you guys think that it's okay for me to just talk about two poems by two different poets in paper two?
  12. I thought the parentheses were ultimately important in showing that the love between the goldfish, like the "love" between many people, was ultimately doomed for failure because they never really were emotionally involved with each other; the poem focuses on showing the ephemeral nature of infatuation. The female goldfish saw that their attraction was superficial, and understood that there was a world outside of their obsession with each other. Does that make any sense at all? Basically - the parentheses were like the bowl, which was essentially the veil of obsession that clouds people's judgment and "he could not give her a life beyond the bowl" (or whatever that line was).
  13. Hey sweetnsimple, I'm also TZ1. The goldfish poem, right? I thought that was a godsend. I talked about it as an allegory for human romantic love.
  14. I was so glad to read the above posts. People who started studying a week before, I am officially as of now one of you. Thanks for giving me hope. CRAMMERS SHALL PWN.
  15. As the title says. I'm an IB2 student and IB exams are fast approaching, but I'm not motivated at all because here in Canada, universities give out acceptances before final results. I've been accepted to the programmes I want and I don't feel any pressure anymore to really salvage my grades. Am I a lost cause if I cram for IB exams? And if you are also an IB2 like me, when do you plan on starting revision (or rather, when DID you start)?
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