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  1. I attached the picture of the problem to this thread. I feel like I did something wrong.
  2. Design 5 Data Collection And Processing 6 Conclusion and Evaluation 5
  3. Good questions. But first ill tell you that if you are a dedicated student who gets A's and B's. you do you HW, CW and listen in class, you WILL receive the same grades in IB classes. I have seen no change in my report card grades and this is my second year in IB. I still get A's and B's. In class teachers will mark most things as normal teachers would. However, sometimes you may get a "Mock Test" which is to see how you would do if you were to take the IB test that day. Idk if you know or not but the IB scale on each one of your tests range from 1-7 (Like how AP ranges from 1-5). Now in SL classes a 3 (4 for HL) on a IB test is considered 'Passing' that test. And the surprising thing is, that on most tests if you get 50% you will fall in the '3' score range. Regarding the SL/HL Question: For the IB program, you need to have taken ATLEAST 3 HL's and i believe no more than 4HL's. Now, some schools will pick 2 of those HLs for you. For example, my school says that we must take English and History as HL. Therefore now i only have 1 HL choice left. I could choose from Spanish, Bio, or Information Technology In A Global Society (ITGS). I chose ITGS and Bio. Now, even though your school may have Biology SL does NOT neccesarily mean they teach BIO HL. For example, My school only offers Chemistry in SL. So therefore that HL's that you said were picked for you was probably because it was required. Then you may have 1 0r 2 you can choose from to be Sl/Hl. In the long run, I KNOW that I have definitely benefited from IB. In english you need to make sure you read the books you are assigned to read. They tie in heavily to the Internal Assessments (IA's) that you have to do for english. In my Junior IB year i did my IOP (Individual Oral Presentation). You read books in first semester and then get to choose a topic/question to talk about for 10-13 mins. Now while that may sound like a long time, it really isnt. Some of that time includes people asking you questions about your presentation. The IOP can be presented in many ways, it can get very creative. You can act out your IOP, or just plainly present it with a Powerpoint. In my senior year I will now begin prepping for the IOC (Individual Oral Commentary). I cant give you much info as i havent done it yet. Sorry :/ Finally, I still get plenty of sleep and hang out with my friends all weekend and still do well in IB. It is possible, and not that hard. Also, when you get to picking your Extended Essay make sure you pick something that is interesting to you. Believe me it makes it a piece of cake to write. I just submitted my EE Rough Draft the other day. I would suggest researching what exactly the EE is and what it all means/include. I only say this because I believe it will give you longer time to think of something interesting and also get your question down. If you do this early, try to find an adviser (a teacher) who you believe will be able to help with your topic because once the EE is officially assigned Advisers are only allowed to advise around 3 students (atleast in my school). So you may want to claim one early. Dont procrastinate the EE. I did and i finished on time, but believe me it is a lot less stressful the earlier you start. I hope you do well and good luck! That was a long answer. If i forgot something or you have anymore questions, feel free to ask
  4. James Byrne

    H.I Help

    Im changing my HI topic at last minute..Would one of the followong be a good topic to investigate? To what extent did WWI Cause the Great Depression in the United States To what extent as the Great Depression caused by the dust bowl? What effect did WWII have on the U.S Economy? Was the U.S Recovery after the great depression due more to the New Deal Policies or WWII? Thanks
  5. Im doing my IOP on Love In The Time Of Cholera.....I will be talking about how when water is in the setting, many changes occur. For example the flood on the day that Dr. Urbino dies. This brings about 2 changes, the reappearance of Florentino in Fermina's life, and obviously Urbino's death. Both very big/significant changes in the plot of the book...Does this sound like a good idea. Also, what are some tips you guys could give me?
  6. Okay, so I have been teaching myself a language that I do not know/learn in school...can I count this as CAS? Also, I;m not a very good artist or painter, so i bought a paint by number where you paint a certain color inside the lines...I still thought it was hard and challenging and it took me somewhere around 16-20 collective hours to complete..does this count also? Thanks(:
  7. Okay so im in 11th grade and my IB English teacher just told us about this essay that has to be 1,500 words on one of the books we've read so far (Love In The Time Of Cholera, Madame Bovary, 100 Love Sonnets, and A Dolls House). She said that this year the IB syllabus or something has changed for IB and that this isnt the same thing as the old World Lit novel essay and it has to relate to our supervised writing prompt...but she didnt really explain what to do. Does anyone else know? My topic was going to be on 100 love sonnets
  8. IA Criterion and explanations for ITGS
  9. Helps with answering portfolios and paper 2's
  10. I just picked my Extended Essay topic and ive partial formed my question: "To what extent did the Aztec Gods affect the social and daily lives of the Aztec people?"....I know that I need to be more specific and i am going to probably pick 2-3 aztecs gods to discuss about and then what exact "social" things they influence. I seem to have a little trouble finding information however. Any opinions on if i have a good topic or not???
  11. These are good tips and I wish I wouldve seen them earlier in the year. I sort of blew off Madame Bovary and didnt read it completely, so now I'm going to have to go back a re-read it. Also, annotations of important quotes and plot elements really help with the test.

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