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  1. harshsharma4u


    Well, you can follow the ITGS portfolio checklist and make sure that you fulfill the requirements.portfolio_checklist.pdf
  2. harshsharma4u

    To those who have read House of the Spirits

    has anyone read The House of the Spirits. I need help writing an essay on this topic: Explain the significance of the supernatural world in the novel. Is it significant to all characters or only to those who can communicate with it?
  3. Can anyone help me with points on the following topic: Explain the significance of the supernatural world in the novel. Is it significant to all characters or only to those who can communicate with it? Please. I need to hand it in asap!!!!
  4. harshsharma4u

    New reference for business studies

    hi avrila: well, i am doing business and management HL and I have registered on your website. I would like to ask you if you paid to create this site and also if you can help me to create a website. So far, i've liked your website but you can add things like revision questions and stuff like that to help students to revise.
  5. harshsharma4u


    [quote name='Aboo' post='35834' date='Feb 7 2009, 01:34 AM']What do you want help with?[/quote] i needed help woth how to write a world lit essay to know the structure or if you can please give me a sample of world lit essay that i can use to write mine.
  6. harshsharma4u


    hi...can anyone help me with my world literature eassay as my topic is "Emma's attitude towards her marriage" on the novel madame bovary. because i have to hand in by tomorrow!!
  7. harshsharma4u


    Well those are types of application softwares. The defintion is: Application software is any tool that functions and is operated by means of a computer, with the purpose of supporting or improving the software user's work. In other words, is the subclass of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly and thoroughly to a task that the user wishes to perform. However, for more information you can view the file attached for definitons. About_Software.pdf
  8. harshsharma4u


    well, one of them is real-time processing and the other one i'm not sure of however if i find it then i'll let you know
  9. harshsharma4u


    well...am not sure about what the questions could be like but some of them could be ; The effects of mobile phones to society Analysis of the use of mobile phones Should moblie phones be used at school? Why or why not? Health problems associated with mobile phones. P2P is all about peer to peer connection and sharing of files. it connects to its network searching for a files just the one u search. then it looks for sources(number of usrs who hav the file and are online) then it begins downloading in bits to speed upthe download. issues related are about piracy of people's copyright files and also this new thing of e-books being the next digital piracy i.e videos, songs, picyures were being downloaded and now peole have also started downloading e-books wich is becoming the next level of piracy. It's like me trying to copy a file off your computer without permission using P2P.
  10. harshsharma4u


    Hey guys!!! If you want help in ITGS please don't hesitate and feel free to ask me. As I will do my best to help you out.
  11. harshsharma4u

    ITGS Article HELP!

    [quote name='kid063' post='29070' date='Nov 27 2008, 01:13 AM']This is for my IB ITGS class article but I really couldn't find any... Can any of you guys help me?? [b]Effects of DTP on the right to publish, for example, freedom of the press, free exchange of ideas[/b][/quote] well..u can say that freedom of the press could result into people's private information to be published. also that publishing without permission could lead to cases in the court and stuff like that.......
  12. Hey guys! Need help! Need help on the topic Perception! What is perception? what knowledge do we aquire from sensory perception?
  13. harshsharma4u

    Help on Madame Bovary

    has anyone done the novel Madame Bovary. i need help to finish writing comments on it!!!!!!!!please help
  14. harshsharma4u

    Hey Nov 2009 and May 2010 students

    hey dude! hi was up. i am also a '10 candidate. i wud like to ask u abt wat the topics that hav released are??. coz i want to start now as the ones in second year find it hard because dey started in their secound year.thanx.
  15. harshsharma4u

    Business and Management HL

    YEAH! its such a great book the Business Studies Third Edition book by Dave Hall Rob Jones and Carlo Raffo. it helps stdents to readand understand well.

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