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  1. Secure Notes Organizer is a pretty good notes organizer. Its not free but comes with a trial
  2. Her parents are going to love her whatever happens. Just because she is going to grow up "cute" doesn't make it any better for the parents. I fully understand that they are doing it, and I don't necessarily disagree with it, it will make THEIR lives alot easier. But they don't say that, they say its going to be easier for their daughter, who either understands what they are doing to her, or else cannot know the difference of how these differences are affecting her. They say it is easier for them to include her in activities, but is she not going to fit into the car anymore because she's a normal size. Dehumanization pertains to them turning her into some kind of perfectly maintainable idea of a child, not taking away her gender. They are turning her into something that no longer caries out the function of a normal human being. Maybe she is never going to be able to be like other people, but they don't need to accentuate the differences any more than is.
  3. I disagree with what they did. Just because she is brain damaged does not give her parents the right to strip her of the right to grow, and develop breasts... Dehumanizing their daughter, and giving her even more reason to be different from the rest of the world will not help her. Maybe they would be an inconvenience to her parents, and maybe her, but thats part of being human. We grow, we menstruate, we go through puberty. Maybe it would be nice to get rid of the whole process, but it is part of growing up despite your mental ability.
  4. I agree, I think there are too many coincidences to believe in no supreme force at work, however I think there is too much suffering for a god. If there was a god why would he let his creations suffer and tear each other apart. Religion is a necessity in keeping order and ethics and if there was no fear of god there world might be in chaos, so in one way I think the belief of god is good enough in itself. Personally I would like to believe, but I don't.
  5. Not only Korea, but many asian countries have high suicide rates. Korean suicide have doubled in the last ten years and is extremely common among both teenagers and senior citizens. The problem is getting worse, but also the government is beginning to take action by doing things like put up barrier to stop people jumping in front of trains. It really is sad, but I don't think its a fad, but more of a realization pf an easy way out.
  6. Understanding concepts and idea is essential in history, not just learning events or whatever. Once you have a good grasp of those the class really isn't so hard.
  7. In our school HL history is considered to be one of the easiest IB courses (bar sl math studies and possibly a few others). Personally I think it is a pretty easy course though as said there is alot of information is a limited amount of time. The result? Stress =s
  8. It's still going to be useful for alot of people in economics who need help in IAs in the future
  9. To stress what everyone else has been saying, I would choose economy. As long as you are willing to put some effort in it is not a hard class, and probably a lot more useful than business would be.
  10. Although it shouldn't be more than 4000 words you shouldn't have it less than 3000, so I'd say anywhere between there is a safe bet.
  11. Rabat American School Its wierd how small the International school community really is. Of all the international schools on here I think I know someone who attends/attended it. Wierdd
  12. I really do agree that alot of the world is beginning to just dislike the United States, saying they dislike Bush etc. without actually knowing alot about it. I've lived in Morocco for three years and I think that the country is pretty split. Half the people I talk to hate hate hate everything American, without alot of reason, but I think more out of resentment for the lifestyle. They also have a very different family system there, and there look at disdain with the prefect all-american family represented (though I often think these are the ones who are jealous of them). However there are also alot of people here who still hold on to the American Dream fantasy, and concequently have an unreal love for it (there are generally poorer people, who have had little contact with Americans, unlike the upperclass ones at our school who think the first thing) Personally I think no country is perfect. The US is like a celebrity, we all have our (sometime similar) flaws, but theirs is in the spotlight all the time due the fact that they are such a superpower.
  13. If you are interested in psychology I would definitely take the course. My school is really pretty small and the only social studies course they offer is HL history so I would love to psychology. From what I have heard it is a really interesting class, and if you are considering doing anything in similar later on life it would definitely be extremely useful. However if you aren't really interested in that kind of stuff or you don't think it will be useful for what you want to study in college you probably shouldn’t do it because you'll find it dull and tedious.
  14. I am in the exact position as you, as I'm not the worlds greatest drawer, but when I asked my teacher she said that although technique is important, you can still do well as long as you have good ideas, and your work shows effort. The class is about expression, ideas and thoughtful work as well as drawing, so don't worry about it. If you make an effort to do your best you'll be fine.

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