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  1. indeed, this is so encouraging for me to keep on going! especially when I know that every IB fellows on Earth is working hard like me. we are readying for our final battle… it won't be easy but let's be brave and I know we all can do it…!! thank you for your words I'm gonna share this link to my friends, it's touching
  2. True… they are included as part of the word count when you highlight the text… have to delete them before finding the real, actual word count… This happened in my world literature essay...
  3. Oh thanks a lot! Just need that for my lab report… However, I wonder if the difference between my calculated value the literature one is too big…what should I do? I always find the literature values in Google or Wikipedia…don't really know if they are reliable...
  4. For all those doubting that there is knowledge that is independent of language (words/symbols): Knowledge is today considered to be of different types: explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, where explicit knowledge can be formulated in words and tacit knowledge cannot, it is more closely related to e.g. the body memorizing the way it moves in dance or in sports, things that cannot be explained fully in words. I'm not personally doing this title, but if I were I'd definitely try to look up tacit knowledge a bit more. Thanks for your suggestions! Let me find some more about these two kinds of knowledge and complete the second draft… By the way, the reason I chose this topic is that I think my CAS experience are some really useful personal examples for me to talk about (TOK essays need PERSONAL examples…) That's how I think! And actually topic 7 is somehow similar with this topic as well! It talks quite a lot about languages…and you're right…vocabs do shape how we think in some ways...
  5. Hey, hi everyone. I am currently doing my TOK essay on this topic as well well the following link is pretty useful for stimulating ideas http://findhorn.blogspot.com/2010/10/responses-002-2011-2012.htmlhttp://findhorn.blogspot.com/2010/10/responses-002-2011-2012.html
  6. haha that's cool! It's definitely a useful tool when you are suffering from calculating those confusing uncertainties at midnight…

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