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  1. Candlegiglia

    English A1 HL paper 1

    umm...I thought 'scratches' just showed her frustration at the way the world was as opposed to the way it ought to be. *shrugs* i dont know. To be honest, I didn't have time to analyse everything!! and i hope that they dont mark me down for that. The prose wasn't confusing as such...i just didn't know what the central themes were? I thought it was loss but i wasn't sure. hehe lol when i read it though, i got the same impression as you!! Either that Mr Marroner had died....or Greta was pregnant with his child? I dont know why i thought of pregnancy but yh...like i said, I wasn't too sure about it. As long as you backed your thesis, I'm sure it would be ok.
  2. Candlegiglia

    English A1 HL paper 1

    really!?!! Oh thank goodness!! that's such a relief!!! I was just reading one of the paper 2 questions on poetry (we're doing drama though)and they refered to the central character as speaker/persona and it made me realise what a stupid mistake I'd made. But I'm so glad that it's ok to do that. I guess I'm just so accustomed to analysing prose instead of poem, I got a bit confused. Poems aren't really my strong points. I was rather surprised when the poem we did (Minority) turned out to be so easy to talk about. Thanks Sweetandsimple786! =)
  3. Candlegiglia

    English A1 HL paper 1

    hmm thats interesting. i didnt look at it that way. I said that what she's trying to say that when you remove all superfial appearances and "simplify" everyone to the "bone" you'll realise that we're all the same. "own" refered to a sense of sister/brotherhood. What sets us apart is merely our outward appereances, on the inside we are all very similar. the the poet was just expressing her wish that people should recognise that and not point fingers at people who only SEEM to be different. lol thats what i thought, anyway. its quite open to interpretation. Someone in my class said that she was talking about 'discrimination' (well she was) and the caste system in India (i dont know how she construed that from the poem?) the poem was quite easy so i expect that the grade boundaries will be quite high?? i made SUCH A stupid mistake though!!! I kept refering the speaker as the 'narrator'. I don't know why. I don't know what came over me. I just hope that they don't penalise too much because of it.
  4. Candlegiglia

    English A1 HL paper 1

    Hi! so how was your Paper 1? I'm in Time zone 2, so we got this prose that i didnt really understand. I liked the Poem much better, 'Minority' by Imtiaz Dharker.
  5. Candlegiglia

    Ecology: Split bars in ecological pyramids

    no its not realy labeled as such it just has the number of organisms at each level...actually the other diagrams are labbeled with one particular type of producer so i guess that means...a split just indicates multiple producers...meh its ok, ill just leave a question like that in the exam if one does come up or write whatever thanks
  6. Candlegiglia

    Ecology: Split bars in ecological pyramids

    well i dont really have an example...in the book it simply had a pyramid of numbers with this crack in the bar for the producers and below it the question "why do you think that the bar is split?" and there wasn't an answer anywhere?? i did think that maybe it was because there are more than one type of producers but then in that case wouldnt you do the same for consumers if there were more than one type of primary consumers?? the entire pyramid should be broken and fragmented then, shouldnt it??
  7. Hiya, ive come across a couple of pyramids of numbers and biomass where the producers' bar is split. Does anyone know why?? thanks for the help!
  8. Candlegiglia

    Bio: Lab: Inhibition effect on Enzymatic Activity

    lol yes i did repeat them, but then i kind of didnt make new solutions i just poured the stuff back into the tubes and poured it back into the cuvettes lol i guess laziness is not the way to go and yes i'm making up the readings, and since all the labs are due in on monday, ill see if the teacher can make do with just a design thanks for your help though
  9. Candlegiglia

    Bio: Lab: Inhibition effect on Enzymatic Activity

    thanks i did that, used this formula to calculate the transmission (or transmittence as its called apparently) But i still have no clue what to make of my readings...i'm getting sort of a...bell shaped graph when i think it should be like small negative exponential ish like curve...i'm thinking of just changing the data slightly?? cos it should the absorption should decrease with higher concentrations of lead acetate (and transmission should increase) right???
  10. heya, i just did a lab on how changes in concentration of inhibitor (lead acetate) affects the activity of catechol oxidase. But i got some strange absorbance readings. The website where i got the idea from said to get the transmission but my teacher said to do absorbance for some reason and i have absolutely no idea what sort of readings i should get, what i got doesnt really match my hypothesis, so i was wondering what sort of colour changes that other ppl got? or if you know a website that sort of tells you what sort a graph you should get?? thanks
  11. Heya, I'm doing English at HL and we just started doing the texts for paper 2 exam. my teacher sort of went over how to look at the questions and stuff and i understood what she told us but i still cant seem to get anything right???! so do any of you current/ex IBers with experience with paper 2 questions know what exactly it is that you're supposed to write!? the structure of the essay, or just general tips would be most welcome!
  12. Hiya, We're doing 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle' by Bertolt Brecht for the exams in May along with Crucible (Arthur Miller) and A Man For All Seasons (Robert Bolt). I'm ok with the other two texts but our teahcer just rushed through the Chalk Circle and now i'm just prepostrously defecit of notes on it and was wondering if any of you kind souls who are doing it/ have done it could lend me some help? I know the story and basically what the play is about the major themes are evokes (nature s nurture, capitalism Vs Communism and stuff) but i'm completely stumped when it comes to the songs?? I don't know what they're for apart from entertainment purposes? Also, ive just tried to Scene 1- The Struggle for the Valley and i'm sort of stuck on the following things: 1) is there a very significant role that 'the expert' plays? i know that he's the neutral party but is there anything else to his character?? 2) Symbol of cheese?? its mouldy milk? can you say that like the cheese the galinsk golchos are now 'rotting' and getting 'mouldy' in the Valley and its high time that they move? which in turn highlights that idea that nothing is forever? and that everything has a time and the Galinsk tribe has run out of their time in the Valley?? Or do you think that i'm reading too much into that?? 3)the importance of the quote "Old Man;...you mean to say it makes no difference what kind of tree stands beside the house where one was bornn?..."??? 4)symbole of the cap (the example thats used to compare land to a cap) 5)importance of the secretive convo between the singer and the expert when he's trying to get the singer to shorten the play??? So any help, notes or tips on how to address the play?? Anything will do. I'm that desperate!! thanks
  13. Hello, I am doing an Environmental Studies and Systems research lab/ assignementon the variations in perspectives regarding global warming in developping and developped nations. Could you please take some time out and give answers to the following questions? (in your responses, please quote the questions) NOTE: as mentioned in the title, the questionnaire is only addressed to females between the ages of 15 and 20 (inclusive). (Note: Global Warming is a phenomenon that is thought to be the cause of increasing global temperatures due to greenhouse gases.) 1) Which of the two parts of the world do you belong to? a) Developed b) Developing/ Underdeveloped 2) Are you familiar with the term ‘Global Warming’? a) Yes b) No 3) On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you know about Global Warming (with 10 with the highest, and 1 the lowest)? 4) Do you think Global Warming exists? a) Yes b) No [The following question are only for those who answered ‘yes’ to the previous question] 5) On a scale of 1 – 10, how serious do you think the problem of Global Warming is? (With 10 being very serious and 1 signifying ‘not serious’) 6) Are you aware of the things being done about Global Warming? a) Yes b) No. 7) If given the opportunity, would you be willing to do something to reduce the effect of Global Warming? Or are you already actively participating for the cause? a) Yes b) No c) Don’t know. 8) Have you ever been given the chance to do something to reduce the effect of Global Warming? a) yes b) No 9) The following factors are known to attribute and agravate Global Waming. Which do you think is the most/least influential? Please, give each a rating of 1- 10, with 1 being ‘not very influential’ and 10 being the ‘most influential’. a) Industrial processes b) Power stations c) Agricultural by-products d) Waste disposal and treatment e) Land use and biomass burning f) Fossil fuel retrieval, processing and distribution g) Residential sources Thank you for doing the questionnaire!
  14. [quote name='ongfufu' post='42353' date='Apr 2 2009, 11:55 PM']Not really useless. What was your question. Maybe it could help someone else. [/quote] lol true um..basically i needed help with my IB maths portfolio and i was trying to understand FLT and modular arithmetic to help me solve it....so yh that was my doubt...???
  15. [quote name='ongfufu' post='42275' date='Apr 2 2009, 02:51 AM']You have to make your question more specific, which part of Little Theorem and Modular Algebra do you not understand. We can't explain everything here.[/quote] oh sorry, its fine though i understand it now..so this thread is sorta useless...lol sorry!

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