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  1. saori

    New Syllabus

    ok, I am very confused. Is there a new syllabus for psychology? Since when? And what is the difference? And for what examination? I will be writing my exams on may 2010. Do i write it from new or old syllabus. Please help. My teacher hasn't said anything, but well she sometimes is not up to date and i dont trust her completely. Im worried.
  2. saori

    New IB Psychology Textbook

    I am pretty sure it covers new syllabus. It's new book so they wouldn't make it for the old one. So also have noticed that the way in which chapters are organized is a little bit confusing. But I guess it is worth having. Thank you for your help!
  3. saori

    New IB Psychology Textbook

    So..there is a new book for the IB psychology. : http://www.oup.com/oxed/international/ibdiploma/psychology/ So i was wondering, does anybody have it? Is it good? What are your opinions on this book? I really need a book for psychology but I would love tyo have somebodys opinion before I buy it.
  4. saori

    books for children

    I know its a lot. And im surre i will have to narrow the topic down. But i will do it latter since i dont have to state exact topic yet. Thank you all for help!
  5. saori

    books for children

    Thank you for your help. I was basicly thinking about christian symbols in Naria. I wanted to pick few the most immportant ones ans see how they work throug all books.
  6. saori

    books for children

    Well I want to write my EE from english B1 from Chronicles of Narnia. Unfortunately my english teacher is not sure whether Extended essay can be from books for children. I personally dont see why not. Nothing in guide is written about it. So what do you think about it? I don't have exact topic yet, i'm still thinking but i have some ideas.
  7. saori

    Which textbook do you use for Psych?

    I also use "Psychology in Prespective" third edition I must say i really like this one. Its not enought of course. But it is really good book and i find it very useful. I recomend it to everyone. I heard there is a new Psychology book coming out with an IB logo on it. Im not too soure about it. Im going to buy also the Glassman one.
  8. saori

    IB Slogans

    Well because there is a Slogan: Sex drugs and rock'n roll. And my friend replaced drugs with study. Simple like that.
  9. Well i'm from Poland. And i have polish s my A1 language. The thing is that polish is the most difficult sybject in my IB. I was reallu surprised by that. You see....i'm taking all sybjects in english, the idea is to study in different country, but i spend most of my time on Polish. Most of the people in my class were failing polish in the first year. I was just wondering...is it the same with other languages? Is for example English very very hard? How about Spanish as A1?
  10. saori

    IB Slogans

    My Friend came up with this one: IB- SEX, STUDY, ROCK'N ROLL!!!
  11. saori

    How many people in your classes?

    Wow! how come thare are some few of you in your classes. My whole year is 50 people Polish HL-25 English HL 25 Maths SL- hymm 18? Biology SL-15 Psychology-10 German HL-9 I wish we had less people in my english class. It is way too many!!
  12. saori

    IB-first year, lose or gain weight?

    Well i gained a lot. But that simply bacause my mother was so happy that im studing and she would alwatys bring me something to eat while i was doing my homework^^ Now I am back to my regular weight and i dont think IB has influenced that in any way. And i definitely agree with orher people. If IB affects you in an extreme way than something is really wrong!
  13. saori

    Do I need Biology HL?

    Thank you. I really hope it works this way... I couldnt really find any speciofic informations about that.
  14. saori

    Do I need Biology HL?

    My question is simple. Do i need to have Biology on Higher level to study psychology? I just have biology on SL. Im doing good but there is no way i can change it into HL or anything. I m also taking psychology SL( HL is not avaliable in my school). So how does it work? Is it true that i cant study psychology at a university if i didnt take Biology on HL? Does any one know?
  15. I get the point but i wouldnt completely agree. At least in my case. I was really depressed because i was aware of being...well..stupid? And being aware of this made me very sad. But know, since i know everyday mor and more, and im working on that... I feel happier and happier as i know more. To sum up. As long as people are not aware that they are stupid they can be happier than those intelligent one.

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