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  1. Notes on Section 1 - Introduction to Economics
  2. Juyken

    Physics Question Bank

    Our teachers give us passpapers to practice. (not that anyone looks at them ) I'm too lazy to upload all of them here, but you can find the same ones at this website, It's not just physics, you can find passpapers of a lot of subjects there too. Enjoy!
  3. You have to submit the articles that you've used as part of your IA, (and highlight the important points in the article) They don't have time to search up everyone's articles! Any number of diagrams is fine, as long as they are all relevant and helps to prove your point. and I believe words in the diagrams count as part of the word limit (correct me if I'm wrong )
  4. Juyken

    What song are you listening to?

    A Cruel Angel's Thesis 残酷な天使のテーゼ From Neon Genesis Evangelion I didn't like the anime, but for some reason, i liked this song aww.. i totally agree Edit : i agree with the sweet part , not the "kinda gay part",
  5. Juyken

    Where do you live?

    Born in mainland China, Went to Tokyo (didn't stay very long), we have close friends there Now in Canada. (7 years now) O.o you can take mandarin, lucky I took English and French >_<
  6. Juyken

    Very odd exam question

    it should be e) None of the above. This is because if Jane married her gardener, Bob, she would no longer have to pay for his services as they are married. Even if she does pay, this would only be a transfer of money which in turn, is not counted in GDP. So this would decrease the overall GDP.
  7. start by defining 1 main terms that you will be using, use this to lead into other terms and definitions after that, explain a main theory that is used in the article. give an real life example that not from your article example. (all this should be around 200 words) then, start a new paragraph and lead into the article, (don't mention the article in order to prevent summarizing) use your theory to explain why this is happening. (100-200 words) then, identify possible ways to solve this problem and the pros and cons of each method (200 words) finally, conclude by stating your own opinion (50-100 words) oh and in between them, insert diagrams wherever u feel necessary and explain the diagrams (around 50 words) p.s. that's how i did mine, ask me if you don't get what i wrote anyways, i need to go finish mine ^^
  8. Juyken

    How did you find out about IBSurvival?

    i found this site on wikibooks ^^ http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/IB#IB_Subjects_on_Wikibooks
  9. Juyken

    Chem HL or Biology HL

    All that, But it also depends on the teacher teaching the subject. A good teacher can make a bad subject seem fun, The chem teacher at my school is good compared to the bio teacher i didn't take bio, but the people who did are saying that their teacher can't teach, and most of the class is failing
  10. I'd rather care about kids, ^^ it's just because some patients are reeeeally grumpy.
  11. Juyken

    Math HL

    um.. i have a question, hopefully, someone would have an answer ^^ anyways, my math teacher told me that the same student would receive a higher mark in SL math instead of HL math i was wondering if this was true. because HL math have 1 extra topic but a whole extra semester (for us). while SL math is rushed. thanks
  12. Juyken

    IB teachers

    soooo true horse races, ^^ does he give perfects when he win and fail everyone when he loses?
  13. Juyken

    Share your priceless IB quotes!

    Chem teacher: Teacher "a catalyst is something that speeds up a chemical reaction, but it's not involved in the reaction itself" Student "um.. can you give us a real life example?" Teacher "sure, i tell my daughter to clean up her room, she says no, i ask her nicely, she still says no, so then, i take out my belt and and ask her again, she run up to clean it." Student "O.o" Teacher "see the belt it not never touched her, but it speeds up the reaction."
  14. horse back riding?? O.o anyways, hospital's patient care is good for me ^^
  15. Juyken

    IB teachers

    hahahaha, that's funny my chem teacher comes 15 min late everyday and my physic's teacher leaves class for no reason every 10 min "so force is mass times acceleration, that's why ... *leaves class*" 10 minutes later "um.. where was i?" *repeat*

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