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  1. Joey

    McGill or U of T?

    What I prefer is not only about Program but a series of factor. Remember I'm an international student from Brazil and sports as well as my social life is as important as the program. Anyone has any other input? I got to decide by Sunday.
  2. Joey

    McGill or U of T?

    Well, I was accepted at these two schools and I must decide between one. Basically, McGill seems to have a better name internationally, seems to be better structured and organized, but U of T has a nicer city, program is more practical (which appeals to me) and seems to offer a better electrical engineering course in general. So what now? I have also pasted a copy of the letter I've sent to my school describing my experience when visitng the schools.
  3. Joey

    Chemistry notes

    [url="http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5251"]http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5251[/url] Notes
  4. Joey

    Revision Events

    Point taken. Will do so. Thanks for listening though. The act of bouncing off ideas is great practice for all!
  5. Joey

    Revision Events

    If people were to psot a question everytime they had one, the forums would be polluted. An additional idea would be to invite college students or even teachers if possible to come in and answer the questions. =) MSN Video Conference lessons could also work, though that's a bit of an extreme, with careful planning everything is possible. For example, I have a white board in my room. Regards
  6. Joey

    Revision Events

    This is a somewhat cool idea. Make a chat section in the forum where students can ask questions to each other and answer each other's doubts. Get multiple rooms for different subjects. Many online rooms for cooperative revision. I think it's an owning idea. Comments?
  7. Joey

    [Physics] problem with controlled variables

    The acceleration on the ball is constant. Mass of the ball and shape of the ball is constant, as well as material Force you're throwing it to the ground (I'm assuming you're jsut letting go meaning it = 0) Thats it I think.
  8. Joey

    Chemistry IB Help

    Oh Woot! After hours of editing, typing, summarizing, explaing and exampling the hard work is over! I’m glad to announce a huge update to this blog. Update: - Added New Acids and Bases Titration equation and worked sample to acids and bases higher level notes - Added Markscheme definition of Mr and Hybradization - New Redox HL and SL Notes written and uploaded - Added Classical past paper Bonding question to bonding notes - Fixed Acids and Bases I Formatting error - Added notes on indicators - General Notes cleanup and spelling mistakes fix - Added New SAT Courses Powerpoints (see new category in menu) - Updated Syllabus in Resources Section - Created a download section Out of these updates I’d like to expand on a few: The Redox notes are prime and a true masterpiece. I’m sure you’ll find them easy to follow and beautiful with all the diagrams and equations! It took me a long time to make but I think it was worse it. I’ve swapped the 2003 syllabus to a 2009 syllabus I found lying around on the net. This makes it more useful to those of you who are studying and need to follow the content using the syllabus. Finally, the powerpoints were finally uploaded to scribd and embeddded to the blog. Nevertheless, it’s a real shame that animations are not imported and there are a few formatting loss. This might make the powerpoint less useful, ugly and hard to follow; but I guess it’s better than nothing! I’d like to point out that a few notes and powerpoints have formatting problems when they are uploaded. Notice in the Acids and Bases notes and the Redox one how there are some symbols that are unreadable (such as the name Bronsted-Lowry). In order to oslve this, I’ve created a download section where I’ll be uploading my notes and powerpoints in the near future. I’m just working on a way so that people can’t edit them and change them and take credit for it. More on that later… Finally, there are a lot of things to do still: - Finish off the notes on “Energetics” (I’m still looking for the best way to explain Hess’s Law and some other stuff) - Write up Organic Chemistry Notes - Add notes on reaction mechanisms - Go over more mark schemes for definitions - Upload material to the download section Hope you guys have a good I’m off to bed after hours of work!
  9. Joey

    Chemistry IB Help

    Well, I've recently created a blog to aid IB (and SAT II) Chemistry takers from all over the world. In the blog you'll find: Resources A periodic table Informational Videos IB Resources Chemistry Syllabus Chemistry Data Booklet Chemistry IB Notes These are notes I've been making as I go through the different topics on the syllabus at school. The notes: Have been made by a combination of information from different textbooks, teacher's notes and mark scheme answers All Topic covered are covered in the most thorough way possible Notes are made in a way an idiot could understand them. The information is very digestible and easy to understand. Contain step-by-step worked examples (no more skipping steps! no more confusion! We don't expect you to be a wiz in math!) Notes are uploaded to scribd and can be viewed on the blog. No Download Needed! Definitions from mark schemes! Get full marks always! NOTE: There are a few spelling mistakes because I wrote the notes and they haven't been revised Coming Soon 101 Powerpoints (also for SAT II) www.imt-web.net/chemistryhelp Enjoy!
  10. Joey

    Does God exist?

    Firstly I must state that that is a terribly ugly looking introduction to a debate. Not only are you being biased but your argument is ****. What good does it do to start a debate by completely destroying an ideology you don't believe in? Furthermore, with logically broken arguments? Anyway this is what I believe: 1) There is no absolute truth; therefore god must and must not exist and that is subjective to each and everyone. 2) Everyone's belief is to be respected; no exception 3) For me; God exists. Here is a bit of logic that maybe theorizes (notice how I don't say prove) it: Furthermore I would like to point out that if g´d didn't exist, the way our world works would not make sense. It's a hard concept to grasp but if you do reflect upon it, you might get it. Finally, I'd like to use Mathematics as an example (seeing that I take HL Math, seems quite convenient). A Theorem, is a law that seems to describe the way something works, and is seen valid to all until proved false or untrue. For example, Pythagoras Theorem doesn't prove the relationship between the angles, but we have adopted the law of Pythagoras since it seems to justify logically a geometrical relationship and since it has not proved to be false yet, we assume it's true and correct. Therefore I can conclude, Believing in god is a theorem (a.ka. faith), and until proved otherwise, god exists. DISCLAIMERS: THIS POST REFLECTS THE THOUGHT OF ONE PERSON ONLY. MY THOUGHT. I URGE PEOPLE TO RESPECT MY VIEWS AS I RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE'S VIEWS AND IN NO WAYS AM I TRYING TO PROVE SOMETHING HERE. I AM SIMPLY PASSING ON MY BELIEFS AND SUBJECTIVE PERSPECTIVE ON A ISSUE.

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