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  1. Sherry

    Are there aliens out there?

    The notion of the Universe is to big to comprehend maybe if i was an astronaut or astronomer or something i would be able to decide whether there was aliens. Scientifically (from what i know) i really don't think that aliens exist but there is always that small possibility that should not be ruled out
  2. Sherry

    Current World Issues

    I'm in speech and debate so i have to learn alot about world events and sometimes when we are in class especially in philosphy and we talk about world issues, it surprises me how much self absorbed most americans are. Me included because although i learn alot about the world, if feel like i could be doing more stuff to ease the pain and suffering of many starving children but when i think about joining a group or something of that sort and i think about how much time that is going to take, i tend to do something less demanding. That is the problem with society if the leaders of the world is not willing to learn more about the world that they are living in, then how does the future look...it sure does not look very good
  3. I feel like boarding school is very detrimental to a child... i have 3 siblings that went into boarding schools and sure it taught them alot of things and at the end they became very disciplined, but interaction with the outside world was limited. It was school every single day and even though they did not go to school on weekends, they were still in the school and they saw the same people and were basically isolated from the world
  4. Sherry

    Compulsory voting or not

    I think that people tend to vote based on image... if they see someone cool voting or something, they go up there and vote also ... Peer pressure is also a huge factor in this and u can tell that many campaign ads are directed towards using this sort of method to attract voters
  5. Sherry

    Philosophy IA

    I think u need ur name, ur IB number and school but i'm not sure... for the other post u should think about which area of philosophy u want to study... if u want to do egoism, u will find that alot of songs especially rap songs have something that deals with both psychological egoism and ethical egoism... u can also do the core theme this year of what is a human being and that is actually really easy, u can use i-robot for that and also u can use I-robot for Utilitarianism, it all depends on which part of philosophical concepts u want to use
  6. Sherry

    English A1 - Hamlet

    I myself think that the extract where Claudauis tries to feel sorry for Ophelia and actually finds the irony of the situation of which LAertis is going to try to kill him because people have being telling Laertis that the King killed Polonuis to be a really good extract
  7. Sure our motives might be far less nobler then that but what u need to understand that we have helped stabilized Iraq, we might have went in with an ulterior motive but we still ended up doing some good
  8. Sherry

    Single gender classes

    I have never had a single gender class and i don't think it has affected the way i work. The competition between guys and girls seems to be healthy especially when you head into the real world, women are going to have to learn how to be better then the guys and it starts from the early stage of beating them in most subjects at school
  9. Sherry

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    That is a bit harsh isn't it. You are stereotyping all Americans to be ignorant which is not necessarly true because guess what 18 of the 25 noble peace price winners were from America. Just because you met some ignorant Americans does not mean that everyone is stupid and self observed. Also with the issue in Iraq. you think it is okay for the super power of the world to allow mass killings of a an ethnic group. We had a moral obligation to fix the situation in Iraq and as you can see we have as they held their first free election in 2005, the sectariam violence has dropped significantly and we are helping them to build infrastructures so that they would not have to be very dependant on their oil. If you consider that wrong then your definintion of right and wrong is different from popular views
  10. Sherry

    What does the World think about Australia?

    I think that many people used to think that the only people living in Australia were descendents of felons who did not want to get hung and opted to go to Australia or New Zealand but now it is a country where whenever some one envisions Australia they think of Tazmanian devils, kangaroos and Crocadile Dundee
  11. Sherry

    Survey - Grades and Motivation

    Grades are important period. If you want to go to a good uni and get a good job, those grades are going to get you there. I stress about my grades because i know my goals and my dreams and i can not allow for one b to ruin my life. In my school, there is a small I.B population and sorry to say the population is not very diverse, i feel like i have to work extra hard to get to where i want to go. In I.B we joke about our grades and stuff. The regular kids that are not in I.B are only worried about passing the class so if they were to get all c's and 1 d they would be very happy but for the kids in I.B, a B is very bad and it forces us to do more studying and work harder to get a better grade. because we are in I.B we know the consequances of not getting good grades. It is not the idea of being grounded or any severe punishment handed down by the parents, it is your not being accepted into the college you want to go to. Just the taught of that causes many people in IB to sit up and work hard
  12. I want to be a cardiologist but lately have being leaning towards political science or international relations. I know that when i go to college i want to major in premed, biochemistry and international relations but no school in America that has an International relations program worth its salt allows you to cross major which makes me said. But I'm still looking
  13. Sherry

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    Well seeing as Israel is our only ally in the middle east, i don't think that we have much of a choice. I mean sometimes America's foriegn policy is over the top but it is kind of hard to give support to other countries that hate our guts I find that interesting because many Americans believe that many citizens in the middle ease want freedom and democracy. But I understand that the way America is handling things in not necessarly the right way, as i said before, i hate our foreign policy but i guess it comes down to the age old rule, one rules with their self interest in mind
  14. Gay marriage is such a detriment to our society. i mean even the economical disaster that might result from allowing gay marriage is completly fallible. Many of our trading partners around the world are religiuos to an extent some might see the passing of gay marriage as some thing detrimental and stop trading with us. Some people might laugh at this but need i remind you all the conflict that has revolved around religion, if someone or even a country feels like another country is commiting a crime against something they believe in, this could lead to many disasters world wide. Now i personally have nothing against someone who is gay, i think that it is their choice of lifestyle but allowing them to marry and adopt children seems a bit to far for me.
  15. Well under your first example, Saddem Hussien was basically killing millions of people. It seems that whenever a country is in a dictatorship, millions of people end up dying through their government. Saddem Hussien being ousted from power is good thing not bad. But I do believe that our form of democracy might not fit into many other countries form of democracy and trying to fit it into their country would be like trying to stuff a square peg in a hole for a circle peg. It is not going to work. But as the United States is the super power of the world, it is our moral obligation to stabilize countries while at the same time stop the violation of human rights and a form of democratic ideals might be able to do that

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