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  1. IB Prodigy

    IB Slogans

    One that I recently came up with was "IB, therefore I... BS" I felt it applied rather well to those forms that have to be filled out about how the world benefitted from my participation in a given CAS activity...
  2. IB Prodigy

    Group work - yay or nay?

    I love group work when we get to choose our own groups... that way, I can work with people who I know will pull their own weight in the group AND who are my friends. It's more of a toss up when the teacher chooses groups... I've had teachers group the brighter students together, which works fine even if the people I'm working with aren't particularly close friends of mine. But I've also had teachers who match brighter students up with students who are... shall we say, "not quite as bright"... which is always horrible since I end up doing most of the work.
  3. IB Prodigy

    Interview the person below you

    I don't, actually... Facebook, Myspace, both, or neither... and why?
  4. IB Prodigy

    Public or Private

    Yeah, the average private university is probably better than the average public one. But there are some really good public schools too (at least, there are some around where I live in the midwest).
  5. IB Prodigy

    How much time do you spend on your computer

    I spend a ton of time on my computer... usually, I have a homework assignment up on microsoft word, and an internet explorer window open with a tab for facebook, wikipedia, and google. I don't really keep track of how long I'm on the computer, but perhaps I should start watching that more carefully!
  6. IB Prodigy

    College Choices: Prestige vs. Price

    That's a good point. As IB students, we'll probably all get some pretty nice merit-based scholarships to help offset the price.
  7. IB Prodigy

    Do you like CAS?

    I've always found the paperwork to be more exciting than the activities themselves
  8. IB Prodigy

    How many hours do you sleep?

    I generally get about 6 hours of sleep... I wake up at 5:30, and get to bed at 11:30 or shortly thereafter.
  9. IB Prodigy

    Public or Private

    Well, I'm in the US, so we have some of each... is that not the case in other countries?
  10. IB Prodigy

    Do you like CAS?

    Hmmm... I suppose some of the CAS activities could indirectly involve some of the character-building-type-stuff that CAS was supposed to be about. For example, playing on a sports team can help build teamwork... but at the same time, so could working as part of a lab group in a biology or chemistry class! And hats off to you for getting so many hours done... I'd probably go insane if I tried to do that...
  11. IB Prodigy

    Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs

    The name's Biden. Joe Biden. But now I'm thinking I should start calling him Bisquick, just because that was such a humorous comment!
  12. IB Prodigy

    Theory of Knowledge: The Verdict

    Though it should be noted that my school's TOK teacher tries to force Axelute and I and the rest of the full-IB students to take the class seriously. But when we complain a bit about it, the teacher doesn't try to enforce that... or of course, the teacher CAN'T enforce that during the times that Axelute schedules an appointment for the TOK class period to discuss college applications with a counselor!
  13. IB Prodigy

    Do you like CAS?

    Personally, I despise CAS . First and foremost, it's insane to require 150 (or, I've heard, even more than that for some schools!) hours of CAS activities on top of all the more serious/important aspects of IB, such as the extended essay, exams, or internal assessments. Also, I oppose CAS to some extent on a matter of principle... I got involved in IB because I wanted a good academic challenge, and these CAS activities have nothing to do with that. The one and only kind thing I have to say about CAS is the fact that it provided some good material to write college application essays.
  14. IB Prodigy

    Interview the person below you

    Definately the coffee... those energy drinks scare me! Plus, I'm pretty hyper for most of the day after three cups of coffee... ten would be more than enough for me! Question: What part of IB (EE, exams, internal assessments, CAS, etc) is the most stressful for you?
  15. IB Prodigy

    Name Your IB School

    I go to the same school as Axelute... WEHS Lumberjacks ftw!

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