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  1. well, im in egypt so u can do the math... nest person is suffering in physics hl
  2. IA

    look all you have to do is plot the numerator row number by numerator- youll see its quadratic, then you plot the denominator, diagonal value by row number and you should get the denominator from there you should be able to formulate your general statements, and youll be making use of technology i finished mine and its around 14 pages. Other programs are too complicated word and excel work just fine. thx a lot...i think i was just over complicating issues..
  3. IA

    hey, im starting my math IA on this. ive got 2 weeks to finish this but lucky me ive nearly done....i was just wondering, how do i meet the technology criterias, any ideas, i though i might plot my finding into a triangle table of my own making but im not up for using word in doing so as it is silly, are there any programs that i could use like autograph maths or something like that???
  4. nope, but hopefully soon.. next person whould be doing hiw HW righ now
  5. Ive never had this much HW in my life, u can do the math next person is regreting doing IB
  6. german shepards, lovely loyal dogs.. NP listens to lady gaga
  7. dout so... next person's mood is 'no mood'
  8. nope never been there, live in egypt... Next person has never been to malasyia
  9. more because of zidane...shame he retired
  10. yup..been a while since ma last time...getting bored from IB Next person supports real madrid??
  11. 41 downloads

    TOK presentation guide
  12. Im thinking of using this book for my extended essay. i taking it from the tragedy prespective on how tragedy is represented in the book. try this link, go for the analysis
  13. great advice i would add two websites, spark note and shmoop. I myself have this habit now of downloading the e-book in a PDF formate. its reall more organized. i can easily add note and highlight what i want on the PDF...
  14. IOP

    mine was analysing tragedy in tess of the d'urberville
  15. Sounds interisting, i my self would read that. i would advise you to stay away from it though, its a bit hard and isnt easilly linked to a subject, remember ur EE has to be linked to a subject