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  1. I was going to purchase VIP membership through Paypal, because I got a message like this: "You have reached a limit on your ability to send money. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit." But I've already linked and confirmed the credit card, so I shouldn't have any limit to send money. (i just joined Paypal last week, and it is the first time to use Paypal) Do you know how to solve this problem? I wish I can use another way to purchase VIP, but I don't know how to.. please help me!
  2. Clla

    No social life = IB diploma?

    i guess IB students in the first year of IB have a enough social life, while doing all their work. I think it's because we've already learned some stuff in IGCSE and now review it again. But then it is also true that CAS activities take much time and limits our life too (maybe it can be opposite too.) Actually, i still do what I want even though I have something to study for IB, so I don't know if I could have a social life if I study all the parts I am required to study..
  3. Clla

    Peking University

    I know it is much easier for foreign students to get in to Peking university than for local Chinese people. so it'll be pretty easy to get into the university if you are well prepared. And I bet you're pretty fluent in Chinese since i have learnt it from 9, but it'll be still hard to understand lectures and study in Chinese since Chinese characters are so complicated. (but I think I heard there are seperate programs only for foreign students. )
  4. Clla

    Business or history?

    if you want to study medicine, i think either subject is okay.. and I think history is a harder subject than business. since if you haven't really learnt anything in history, just go change. Teachers for IB are very important, and if they are not good, it is more likely that you get a bad grade.. oh but i think you should ask your friends if business teacher is okay too. Anyway, i'm studying business, and i think that it's kinda boring, but it's also interesting at the same time.. i learnt business before, so it's relatively easier than other subjects.. if you've learnt business, it'll be easy to catch up with all the work, but if you haven't, you'll need to get much help from your teacher and friends..
  5. Clla

    Sl vs HL world Lit

    i don't know it would help, but i heard the difference in difficulty between SL and HL for world is much smaller that that for sciences. i am not sure if it is true, but it is certain that if you take HL biology you need to take more time for practical work and studying HL stuff which is much harder than SL stuff.. For world lit, you need to read more books and write more and longer essays.. i guess.. but i think it is the best to choose a subject you feel more comfortable.. if you're not a great science person, maybe it is better to go for HL world lit and try harder to get a better grade =]
  6. thank you all for helping me! i've decided to write my essay on physics.. and yes i'll try to come up with a topic which needs a full analysis.. i hope this'll go well...
  7. of course! the MUN chair leads a whole debate.. i think it is a typical way of showing leadership. But doesn't an MUN chair always change?
  8. Clla

    Word Count

    yeah i agree.. i don't know about minimum but it's the best to have around 3000 to 3500 words.. according to my EE teacher. so try to write at least 3000 words.. i don't think 2000 words are enough to at least satisfy the IB graders.
  9. i've always thought that i want to do my extended essay on sciences like physics or chemistry. But then everyone who was thinking about writing the essay on sciences is chaning their topic to other subjects like languages or humanities. I know that if i choose sciences, i have to do many practical work and stay at school for a long time. And I looked at some sample science essays and they looked really complicated. I don't even think that our school has enough equipments to support my practical. I haven't decided my topic yet, but i know that i really wanna do sciences. (but then i don't really know what to write about either since i haven't learnt about sciences yet.. it's my first year of IB) Is writing an extended essay on science subjects really hard? if so, which subject, chemistry or physics is less hard? Or, is writing an essay on math rather easier than science subjects?
  10. Clla

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    i am also going through the first half of IB first year, and all i have learnt in ToK classes is how people have different perceptions and perspectives.. yes,, we're still talking about the very first chapter.. i don't know if we'll be able to finish the entire book in two years.. this's so sad..
  11. Clla

    ToK teachers

    mine is a history teacher but he doesn't teach IB history... so it's kinda weird... but I heard that many ToK teachers are history teachers, so i was surprised to see you guys have many different kinds of teachers teaching different subjects other than history.. I think english HL teachers might teach ToK well since we have to think deeply while analysing literature.. well, anyway, back to my ToK teacher, he's a good person, but he hasn't teached anything yet.. part of it is that students don't really participate in class, but i think it's also his ability to get students into discussion. i kinda feel that we're learning only obvious ones in classes. i hope it'll get better.
  12. Clla

    How many CAS hours are you doing per week?

    about 6~7 hours.. if i have to do more, i'll be really busy and have no time to study.. (well, i don't even study now.) but I feel like i have to more of CAS.
  13. once a week for physics once every two weeks for chemistry. i don't know why I go to the lab for physics so often even though I haven't decided to take it as a higher level..!!!
  14. i am surprised to see that service got the least votes.. well, I still chose action too, since i am terrible at sports! this CAS thing really makes people well-rounded... but, i gives too much stress too! especially for those who don't have any creativity or action.. but, i guess it is good for us.. so i'll try to enjoy them!
  15. Clla

    TOEFL/IELTS tests

    yes i agree with all of you guys.. it really depends on universities. Even if you get good scores on EA1, some universities still require TOEFL or IELTS if you are a foreign students. I guess american universities are requiring them more than UK universities. But actually TOEFL is much easier than SAT or IB, so if you get a score on IB, it'll be fine. So, it is always better to have a score on it, even though most universities might not need it. hmm.. yeah... do more research on your desired universities!

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