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  1. Hello everyone I just need to know how is the format of my oral should be? I mean what should say in the introduction? and what should come next? My teacher gave me about 6 or 7 ways that are completely different to each other and couldn't figure which one is the most suitable to use. Can anyone please give me the format? like: Introduction : the extract, author, audience for 2-3 min 4-6 min the themes and so on Thanks in advance
  2. This is key point in the Modelling portfolio, Trigonometry, just like I said in the comment before me. You need to do a route which is to scale in a graph paper and then you look at Buddy's (not Bonnie) positions and then you find the angle of it. You can find different angles depending in which you will use SOH CAH TOA < you know these right. After using these for almost the first 5 or 6 positions, you will then notice a pattern there of angles. A decreasing pattern or an increasing patter as I said it depends to the SOH CAH TOA. But what I remember but not sure because Im away from my portfolio that I used the SOH and found a decreasing pattern. Later on you will need to find the formula of the pattern as I said. regarding Buddy going on water. There will be an intersection point in the y-axis and at that point I assumed that he will stop and will change his angle completely toward Angie and then the modelling finish. Then after that you will have to do with different scenarios meaning different values of distance, speed etc... I hope its useful and understandable i am pretty sure no one's gonna respond, but i've been staring at this thread forever and i'm still far from a solution. MR.AHM, after you drew buddy's route, which is the hypotenuse of the little triangles, did you measure the other two sides of the triangle manually? so you only used trig to find the angle, but not the sides, am i right? I know the question is not to me, but what I did is drew it manually to scale on a piece of graph paper and found the angles of Buddy each time he looks up. Then used trig to find the change in the y-axis ( upward) and the change in the x-axis (to the right)
  3. from a point to two neighbouring/adjacent points. you HAVE to answer every single question and in the correct order. the factorising part is necessary. for what? for them to see your capabilites. besides, it can be used to validate your conjecture. everything they told you to do has some use. as the others have also said, you'll get penalised if you skip any bullet point. I spoke to my teacher about this and he said there is no problem with skipping or rearranging the format of the portfolio... Because they are only a guideline to investigate and find patterns in complex numbers....
  4. Do we have to follow the bullet points on the portfolio? Can we mix up to a certain way that is neater to me and it makes more sense? Also for example, in my case I believe that there was no need for factorizing z^n-1=0 for n =3,4,5 Can we skip it if there was no use for it in my portfolio.
  5. Hi there, im currently doing this IA, and need to get it finished asap I came up with a conjecture for finding the length of the distances between 2 adjacent vertices, of an n sided polygon for zn. when plotting the roots zn on an argand diagram in autograph, it looks like a n sided regular polygon, with angles 2 π/n or (360/n) ⁰ between the vectors from the origin to each n vertices. See pic url for the plots. http://imageshack.us...otsofunity.png/ My conjecture, after checking with measurements from autograph, works when tested with more n values. However, i need to prove that for n being a positive integer, that z n gives a regular polygon with n vertices, so angles between are equivalent to 2 π/n or (360/n) ⁰. Yes we can visually see that on the graph, but how do we algebraically prove this? Any help is incredibly appreciated. For anyone out there wanting an answer, Please dont ask me to give you my conjecture, as i spent ages on this IA. Hello, what software did you use to graph this
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