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  1. mecamylamine

    Best, worst, funniest pick up lines/ actions.

    My friend told me this "baby, I want to treat you like my homework, slam you on my table and do you all night long"
  2. mecamylamine

    Improving analysis in P3 essays

    Our teacher always tells us to include historians in there, and yea challenge the question whenever possible. It should be like general argument, then historians that support it and why, then historians that are against it and why then your own view...for each point. Good luck!
  3. mecamylamine

    Worst Fear in an Exam

    Calculator running out of battery and reading the question wrong! My worst nightmare is doing an essay question like for English or History then halfway through I realize I read the question wrong and with only 30 minutes left it's impossible to rewrite the essay :'(
  4. mecamylamine

    Which is harder? Phy HL or Chem HL?

    looking at the grades between the two subjects in my school...and the global grade boundary (I heard once 49% was a 7 for Physics HL) I would say Physics is much harder. Ok maybe not much, but definitely harder. But again, if you're good at Physics do it. It's different for most people.
  5. mecamylamine

    World Lit. help needed.

    Hello! I remember from writing my World Lits, you have to find something that both Authors do the same (so they both use food) and you have to find something that is different (their authorial purpose), or you could say that they use different techniques to show the same authorial purpose (but the first idea fits better for your two texts). Also, do you think it would be possible for you to write a whole essay on just macaroons in A Doll's House? I'm not aware of your other text, but if there is symbolism in it, maybe focus on symbolism as it is much more general and gives you lots of things to write about I hope I've helped Thank you! It is helpful, I wrote it, and it's pretty much like you said but...mine's almost like two different essays Like in the first half I talk about the Doll's house, how the food is blah blah blah. Then the second half I wrote in the other story it also represents problems BUT through other ways..... I plan on...like talk about how Nora lies to Helmer about the Macaroons, and she also lies to him about bigger things. Helmer treats Nora like a child, and throughout the book blah blah blah I'll give examples. And at the end they have that argument and Nora says osmething like "you never take me seriously" or something like that. It's actually a lot to talk about haha. Again, thank youu
  6. mecamylamine

    Group 4 help!

    Measuring the viscosity of chocolate when melted?
  7. mecamylamine

    World Lit. help needed.

    Hey my world lit topic is "How authors use food to present the problems amongst characters in A Doll's House and Happy Birthday in Family Ties." I'm having difficulties in comparing the two texts... like I want to say the use of food on both texts brings to the attention of the reader the problems amongst the characters. and for that i can say blah blah blah. and then I go into detail and say in A Doll's House, the story about the macaroons shows all the problems in the characters' relationship on a small scale, whereas in Happy Birthday, how characters make and eat the food represents how they treat their family members. Does that make sense? And do you have any suggestions? Thank you
  8. mecamylamine

    Spanish Civil War IA

    Um well I haven't read the book...But I have studied it...First I think you should decide if you want to look at the causes, the war itself, or the effects. You could compare the weapons the Nationalists had with the ones the Republic had? Or...how the Soviets helped the Republic? I'm just giving a few ideas here..The spanish civil war is hard because..well it's better to choose a more obscure topic..so maybe my ideas aren't so good... sorry this isn't very helpful:S
  9. mecamylamine

    Math SL IA - shady areas

    Does anybody know what program to use for this? Our teacher said we could use excel..but I have no idea how to do all this on excel...So..any other programs? .. Or if anybody can teach me how to do it on excel?
  10. mecamylamine

    URGENT! need help on finding books for IA

    I'm doing my IA on political prisoners...And I need to find a book that's written by a political prisoner..or a book that contains something written by a political prisoner..because I already have a book, "the man who stayed behind", and I want to compare the experiences of political prisonerr....I just need something to compare it with, "The man who stayed behind" is written by a political prisoner in China..
  11. mecamylamine

    Geography EE help

    I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to write in the introduction...Aims and the hypothesis? How long should it be? Thank you..
  12. mecamylamine

    History IA

    [quote name='flsweetheart422' post='37400' date='Feb 20 2009, 05:36 AM']Well, in all honesty, you will probably have a fair bit so say in your evaluation of sources. I know there have been some documentaries about it. I'm sure you'd be able to find some books. My recommendation: Look for some. If you find a bunch of biased sources that say different things, [b]evaluate [/b]them. IB loves that kind of stuff. Its great and it really shows critical thinking and gives you a great opportunity for some high quality analysis. Sources really aren't that hard to find, you just need to make sure you acknowledge their limitations. If you like the idea, take a quick look at the following sources. Note: I spent less than 10 minutes searching to find these *Mussolini: A Biography by Jasper Ridley ISBN: 9780815410812 *Separatism, the Allies and the Mafia: The Struggle for Sicilian Independence, 1943-1948 By Monte S. Finkelstein ISBN 0934223513 *The Honoured Society: The Sicilian Mafia Observed by Norman Lewis ISBN: 0907871488 * Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia by John ****ie ISBN: 0340824352[/quote] thanks
  13. mecamylamine

    History IA

    [quote name='flsweetheart422' post='37317' date='Feb 19 2009, 06:58 AM']You could always investigate the Lucky Luciano's role in World War II. From what I can gather, Mussolini was not a friend of the Sicilian or Italian mafia. He had made it his goal to clean up the city. Rumor has it, the mobsters if you will, assisted the Americans in their invasion of Sicily. Its pretty cool. I highly recommend you look into it.... Good luck finding reliable sources though. EDIT: I retract my statement about the reliable sources. This myth has more or less been used to glorify the Mafia's image since Mussolini's fall. I'm sure you'd be able to find something.[/quote] That's one of the problems my teacher said, he said most of it is myth so it's hard to find reliable sources
  14. mecamylamine

    History IA

    Hey i want to do my IA on..well something to do with the mafia, my teacher suggested something about Al Capone smuggling alcoholo during prohibition...But any other suggestions? thanks.
  15. Our emotions control us: Sometimes we can't help feeling the way we feel. The classic example would be someone loving someone they're not supposed to love. No matter how hard they try to control their emotions, they can't. In a lot of cases we can't tell ourselves what emotions to feel, especially strong emotions. When we're feeling depressed, we can't cheer up just by ourselves to. We control our emotions: We're taught how to feel about certain things. When we've done something wrong, we're told to feel remorseful, therefore we do(I don't know if I'm making much sense here....) When emotions are not very strong, we can change them easily. If we're upset about failing a Math test, sometimes it's really easy to tell ourselves to be happy, and that the next test will be better. This is controlling our emotions, but if emotions are too strong, such as after a close relative passes away, it's our emotions that control us. tell me if what I'm saying doesn't make sense haha. And it'd be nice to hear your opinions too, I just thought that this was an interesting question.

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