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  1. whitemermaid

    Art for extended essay?

    I did my extended essay on art and my teachers saw it as original so I think you get points for not doing history or other common ones
  2. whitemermaid

    IB girls/women

    hahahahaha the smartest person in our IB class is asian, well Chinese, and is brilliant however, she is the only asian doing the IB diploma in the senior class...we only have nine
  3. whitemermaid

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    we pretty much do nothing in TOK I thought it would be an interesting class but we sit around and sparingly do anything productive....
  4. whitemermaid

    Parallels and Parallelograms

    ok this project is telling me to list parallelograms made by a transversal by using set notation, can anyone help me out?
  5. whitemermaid

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    I asked my teacher about it and he said that they are limitations to the information that you gain....not quite sure how to figure out limitations to an equation...
  6. whitemermaid

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    can someone tell me what it means by suitable variables and parameters/constraints are?
  7. whitemermaid

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    To find the quadratic function, you can simply type in the values of the fishing rod into a graphing calculator (which I am assuming you have!) into the table and hit the quadratic function button and it will give you the equation! The same goes for the cubic function, you just have to hit the cubic function button!

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