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  1. Maple

    Good universities for a psychology/philosophy major?

    For Undergrad you should consider these liberal arts colleges: Swarthmore College (really really good philosophy program), Amherst College, Williams College, Reed College and Carleton College. Other good places for philosophy: Columbia University (mentioned above), Princeton, UChicago, Stanford, Berkeley, NYU and University of Toronto.
  2. Maple

    IB diploma in Canada?

    It is definitely worth doing, especially because Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia are extremely IB friendly
  3. Maple

    Should I continue in Math HL

    Wait... UCLA offers credit for HL math, but I am pretty sure they don't require it? Unless it is something special for international students.
  4. Well the most prestigious would probably be something in Law or Investment Banking
  5. Maple

    IB vs SAT performance

    The SAT isn't really designed to see what you learned in school. It is designed to see how well you memorize obscure vocabulary, critically think your way through tricky but easy math problems, practice forgotten and somewhat useless grammar, and bs your way through a 25 minute essay
  6. Maple

    EE topic help?

    If they don`t offer Physics at your school, I definitely do not recommend taking Physics. Physics is one of those subjects (Physics, Psychology & Math) that really require an intimate understanding if you want a shot at achieving a good mark on an Extended Essay. Most people who even take Math or Physics HL struggle to even think of a topic that is a right fit for an Extended Essay. So yea... do history!
  7. Maple

    2014 Forbes Ranking of Top 100 American Colleges

    I am hoping to attend a liberal arts college too! (Thinking of Amherst/Swarthmore or Reed) Maybe I will see you around ^_~
  8. Maple

    IB1 vs IB2

    I think how you cope really depends on the standards of your school. For instance, the average grade at my school is in the 30-35 range, but I know schools who have an average of 40. The difference is kind of how satisfied with the grade you will get, which is commensurate with how stressed you will be when exam time comes around. I know it becomes living hell for American and some Canadian students who haven't finished their SAT standardized testing.
  9. Maple

    French SL help

    Hiya! I just wanted to say thank you for all that you put above! I have actually never heard of quizlet but I just went on it and did you mentioned above and it looks as if it will be really useful! Also, do you think it is a good idea to memorize whole sentences or just vocabulary for this course? Anyhoo, thank you once again for the time you put in to help me! Au revior! I don't think you should be memorizing full sentences as it is really important that you know how to make sentences yourself. I think memorizing just vocabulary will suffice; however, for your interactive orals, memorizing a couple of intro sentences will help calm your nerves and ease into it
  10. Maple

    2014 Forbes Ranking of Top 100 American Colleges

    Nice, good to see liberal arts colleges taking up many top spots. They are very underrated in my opinion, even though they provide the best education for undergraduate students xP
  11. Maple

    English Extended Essay

    Hello, you aren't allowed to do an EE on just a translated piece. You either write the essay on one or more works that are originally written in english or you can write on a translated work and an originally english work in a comparative essay
  12. Maple

    EE English choosing a novel

    I definitely don't think The Secret Garden and John Green's books are overdone, so you probably can do them if you come up with something really amazing. I think people tend to avoid children/young adult novels because the themes and literary structure aren't always sophisticated enough (be careful!) This is basically what I posted like a month ago on another EE post: Are there any types of genres in particular that you enjoy reading? Stick to those genres, because you will need to become very, very familiar with the work(s) on which you choose to write. You should definitely choose novels that aren't overdone. Overdone includes (1984 & other dystopian fiction, Jane Eyre, Jane Austen's Novels). Though the novel you choose should still have some 'literary credibility' - no twilight When I started my EE, I read many books from this list. But I also chose to read some great Canadian Novels such as: Fall on Your Knees, Someone Knows My Name, The English Patient and In the Skin of a Lion. Anyway, you should read quite a few works before you settle on what you want. When you finally read the right book, you will know it
  13. Maple

    What is TOK exactly like?

    In my TOK classes, its like 50% presentations and 50% class discussions. There is rarely any homework for TOK (at my school anyway). Most people do fine in TOK without putting in that much effort (sometimes TOK topics might drive you a little nuts).
  14. Maple

    What kind of bags do you guys use?

    Can you just leave some books at school? Usually that's what we do here, and we just take pictures of the pages we need to review / homework. Also, I once saw a student in his senior year carrying around a little suitcase I know that's extreme, but you got some options I just use a regular backpack
  15. I personally think you should stick with economics because there is a lot less work compared to history it may be a little more relevant for advertising (business?) compared to history econ at sl is painlessI do find history more interesting, however, but they didn't offer it at sl at my school.

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