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  1. Anonymouser

    Should I stay in IB?

    I'll tell you my story. I used to be crap at handling stress and assignments. I don't think I ever handed in a big assignment on time (not exaggerating). I never studied, I was just blessed with being smart enough to get by. I did IB and if I got the chance to go back in time to when I was entering IB I'd simply slap myself for even thinking about not entering. Entering IB is the best, smartest, wisest, etc. thing I've ever done in my life. I'm in University of Toronto now, the 10th best university in engineering on the world and the 1st in Canada. Everyone around me will be panicking about first year and I'm just enjoying the fact I know 99% of the stuff already and I know how to do the assignments they require. University will be much easier for you if you do IB, take my word on it and if that's not enough, ask any IB-er who went to university and went through first year. (You probably wouldn't find much because a lot of people go in as sophomore for doing IB). If I were in your place, I wouldn't even hesitate and I'd go into IB instantly. (By the way, I never did MYP; I entered from the crappy high school system so you should do even better than me. My predicted was 38/42 before EE and TOK.) Don't make the wrong decision. Good luck and take care, Mohannad Abwah (IB M09)
  2. Anonymouser

    Remarking IB Papers

    That's gay. I was happy they gave us PIN codes and whatnot. I thought those were enough to give us the details and everything. Oh well I'll have to pass by school once more then. You sure I have to get them personally from my IBC? Can't get them online or so? Oh and emjay, your marks can't be brought down if you asked them to be remarked. Read article 19.2 in the following document: (General Regulations) http://www.aisuae.com/ib/information/file61.pdf
  3. Anonymouser

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    yo i copied everything for u on ur HDD 248 GB Wow that's still there o.O My friend gave me his HDD to copy my movies and series and games and songs and etc. for him on his HDD and so I did. That's some big collection, no?
  4. Anonymouser


    BUGATTI VEYRON!!! I'm freaking crazy about that car. I know every single thing about it, and I mean everything! then comes Lambourghini Murcielago.
  5. Anonymouser

    Difficult relativity question

    Think of the question in a relativistic manner: Keep thinking relativity! An electric current flows in a wire (see figure). A proton moving parallel to the wire will experience a magnetic force due to the magnetic field created by the current. From the point of view of an observer travelling along with the proton, the proton is at rest and should experience no force. What do you say? [center][attachment=3065:jonathan.PNG][/center] Asked 2 physics teachers and their answers were physically correct, but I just don't think they're the answer for this question. Some help would be appreciated. PS: This question is from the "Physics for the IB Diploma" book Fifth Edition. (Page 651 #9) And no, the answer isn't at the back of the book =P In case you couldn't see the picture above: [url="http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/2358/jonathan.png"]http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/2358/jonathan.png[/url]
  6. Anonymouser

    Math EE (Kepler's laws)

    Can someone close this topic? I've handed in my EE and it's already been sent. Chose deissi's in the end =P Thanks!
  7. Anonymouser

    MIT Decision

    My goodness MIT are so picky! Long live MIT! =P Not only do they send out their decisions on the 14 of March (which is 3/14 btw, "Pi day" 3.14159265358979....) But they also show them on 1:59 pm EXACTLY! Haha I cracked up when I read that email especially at the "Receiving your decision online is as easy as pi." Anywho... So who's waiting for a decision from them other than I? PS: I'm not expecting to get accepted AT ALL. (99% I'm rejected, to be honest.)
  8. Anonymouser

    Math EE (Kepler's laws)

    Thanks guys, they're good. Only one thing tho... lol. They're not really questions. It'd be better if they could be phrased as questions. Hmm... I'm gunna be finalizing my EE tonight so if I come up with anything I'll help you guys out. Thanks again peeps!
  9. Anonymouser

    Math EE (Kepler's laws)

    This is the first and hopefully the last time I'd need to ask for help. Anywho.. I've done my EE in Math and to be specific, I've proven Kepler's three laws of planetary motion to be correct. Kepler's laws of planetary motion state: “All planets move in elliptical orbits with the Sun at one focus.” “The radius vector drawn from the Sun to a planet sweeps out equal areas in equal time intervals.” ”The square of the orbital period of any planet is proportional to the cube of the semimajor axis of the elliptical orbit.” Basically, I introduce planetary motion and the models presented by the different astronomers, then I introduce Kepler's laws and prove them Mathematically. I've finished my EE and it's ready to submit... but I just can't think of a good research question. What role does mathematics play in planetary motion? What can Mathematics contribute to Kepler's laws? How can planetary motion models be proven correct using just Math? ... Please help me out, I really can't think of one. Thanks in advance folks! PS. The EE is going to be sent to the examiner in around 12 hours or so, so I need help as urgently as possible.
  10. Anonymouser

    portfolio II [model of freight elevator]

    You need to tell us what it is you don't understand, we can't just explain the entire portfolio.
  11. Anonymouser

    Portfolio Type 1 -- Parabola Investigation

    By formal proof. As in do the same thing you're doing but with variables rather than numbers. Take the general form of a quadratic and prove that when you find SL and SR and then find D, you'd get the conjecture you have. And I didn't post the answer this time Aboo! =P
  12. Anonymouser

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    First of all I'd like to say chill, because 1600 and 1800 aren't exactly "bad" scores. Moreover, don't just call those colleges crappy. I've looked into some of them and actually most are ranked in the top 500 and some in the top 200. So don't go calling them "crappy" Mr. Einstein. If you're too smart or too good for those uni's I assume you're smart enough to just put a filter on their emails rather than curse them. No offense Anywho... Regarding your question: Your old scores were probably already shown to universities. So I guess the change you did would only affect your upcoming SAT's, not the previous ones, as those were probably already put up in the pool of scores they've got. However, I'd suggest you email collegeboard and get an absolute answer from them.
  13. Anonymouser

    Portfolio Type 1 -- Parabola Investigation

    Shreeyash, keep in mind proof means proof in variables, not numbers. (same applies for parts 3 and 4) If you were able to prove by variables that it's equal to zero then you should be able to see the correct answer right in front of you. And there's no specific number, all you need is a few examples that support your conjecture.
  14. Anonymouser

    Which subjects are you taking?

    HL: Economics, Mathematics, and Physics SL: English A1, Arabic A2, and Business & Management EE: Mathematics (and I'm pretty much screwed)
  15. Anonymouser

    How tall are you?

    lol SharkSpider. Irony! Shortest post ever but tallest person so far. I'm around 167. That's umm 5'6? Not sure, correct me if I'm mistaken.

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