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  1. Pwhdavey

    Universities accept diploma failers?

    =/ I ended up asking the University of Adelaide (the one I want to go to), I just want to know NOW. I haven't heard back yet. Today's exam did not go well. Only slightly better than yesterday by a few marks. So yeah, it's an Australian university.
  2. I had a friend tell my worrying self that if I apply to a university and I am not awarded a diploma due to getting a 1 in maths (but get 5 certificates for the others exceeding 24 points) then they shouldn't worry too much and let me in. This would be great because I'm having my exams at the moment and I look set to get a 1 in maths because of bad internal marks and general incompetence with maths. The university I am looking at, for IB requirements it states 24 points. I don't want to contact them now and ask about letting someone in who failed the diploma just in case I get a negative answer in the middle of my exams, so I want to ask here first for people's experiences/knowledge. So for example I get 27 points all up exluding maths, not awarded a diploma, and neither of my other subjects got less than a 4...any ideas?
  3. Pwhdavey

    How do I do this? Math SL

    I have never understood Maths SL over the two years and my exams are next week. My internals turned out bad (8/40). My practise externals were bad. So giving that I got 8/40 for the internals, which I think comprise 25% of the final grade, how can I estimate the percentage of marks in Paer 1 and Paper 2 I need to get respectively in order to get a 2 overall in Maths SL? Thanks a lot
  4. Pwhdavey

    Spanish ab initio oral

    By the way, =) I will just report back here that my teacher gave me a 27/30 = 7
  5. Pwhdavey

    World Literature malpractise

    Thank you =) I will ask them the next chance I get. I have been too scared to all this time. I've been in denial, I just didn't want to hear that I'd fail IB before I'd sat my exams. It's better just getting a letter in the post that I passed my exams but my diploma was failed due to malpractise. Even though that would be so bad it's better than realising you're going to fail IB and you are doing the exams for nothing. So I've been afraid to ask them just in case I hear the 'truth'. They probably won't guarantee safety if I ask them and say there is absolutely no chance I will fail on this. But it should put me at ease anyway. By the way my A1 is a HL subject so I can't get 2 or 3. I got 6 in the IOP and 5 in the IOC, and my predicted grades for Paper 1 and 2 are 5 each. Thank you so much...I feel more up to study now, less pessimism. Of course I still feel giddy and fearful. Honestly, if I get a letter in January or however you see your marks, to see 'Diploma awarded' I feel that I will faint that's how tense I am at the moment.
  6. Pwhdavey

    World Literature malpractise

    Well sure I put quotation marks around the text from the play but I didn't have any footnotes. Basically it just goes like this: Bla bla bla (a description of a setting). 'Why are you asking me this, Character 2?', Character 1 requested. Character 2 sighed and motioned towards the table behind Character 1. Character 1 looked. It was a diamond-studded ring. Anything in 'quotation marks' comes straight from the page of the play. No footnotes. =/
  7. Pwhdavey

    World Literature malpractise

    Sweetynsimple, thank you for your answer. It has somewhat relieved me but I better check the official documents myself. Why am I asking? Because ever since the day after I turned in my assigments I've worried that I would fail IB, and my parents money would be wasted, and I would lose my chances of going to university imemdiately next year. You know how IB is with malpractise etc; 1 bad swipe and you're out. My WL assignment was a creative piece. I turned a scene of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard into creative writing. I had fun doing it but I left it late and it wasn't very good. So I wrote it as if it was a novel, using the dialogue from the play but the rest was descriptions of settings, actions etc. I stated this in my abstract but I forgot a bibliography to state that I had used the play. So basically, 50-60% of my assignment is direct from the book. Okay, now please put me out of my misery and tell me if that is horrendously bad and they are gonna fail me in that assignment>A1>IB Diploma, or if I'm fine.
  8. What are the failing requirements for World Literature? If it fails, does that mean your A1 fails and hence your diploma as well? What are the IB like with malpractise in WL stuff? Do they scan the works for plagiarism etc? My exams are in November and my procrastination of study comes from the realisation that I accidentally submitted one of the WL assignments without a bibliography, and I've been to scared to ask my teacher about it because I just don't want to hear that I'll get failed over it and then fail IB, and one of the reasons I have been so crap with study is because I keep fearing that I've already failed IB due to the WL. This particular WL assignment stated the use of the work I forgot to add a bibliography about in its abstract but I doubt its enough. Please give me information on the above questions.
  9. Pwhdavey

    Spanish ab initio oral

    Well, I got a 6 or 7. It went perfectly until I realised I'd made a trip-up on words. Everything else was great, including the conversation, and it was very flowing, but I stupidly said '...comida mejico..no, la comida de mejicano'. It was a toungue tied moment, I was just trying to say comida mejicana. So I'm not sure, it may have put me down to 6.
  10. Pwhdavey

    Visual Arts passing criteria

    I have really only started making portfolio pieces in the second half of my second year in IB. Big procrastination, regretted taking the subject. Anyway, I have caught up and produced 7 good quality exhibition pieces. I have another 2 pieces from last year of lesser quality. That makes a total of 9, which I believe is 1 more than the minimum requirement for SLA. But my teacher keeps saying to me to aim for 14 exhibition pieces. First he made it seem like 12 was the minimum, and when I get to 9 he tells me to get 14. Well the November exams are soon and I don't want to be doing art after my 2 week holidays starting in a week. Giving that my teacher said I produced an excellent research work book (but I haven't got my internal marks back yet) and I have 9 fine exhibition pieces, will I be able to pass Visual Arts. What is the maximum mark out of 7 I could get (I'm aiming for a 4/5)? Do you advise 12 or 14 exhibition pieces? Thanks.
  11. Pwhdavey

    Need 18 service hours in a week

    Ha, hahahaha! I finished! Its all over! I ended up getting my service hours done from the beach and street cleaning, and teaching English. My supervisor made a concession for that activity I did inside school to be counted to service (since he accepted the proposal), so that brought the hours down a bit. YAY! *shoots CAS in the head a gazillion times*
  12. Pwhdavey

    Need 18 service hours in a week

    ****!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I just got told that 8 other hours of my CAS doesn't count, that means I have 24.5 service hours to do in 5 days!!! Apparrntly it doesnt count coz it was done during school - yet my coordinator accepted it and didn't say that. Stuff him. FML. Honestly, if I finish CAS in 5 days I'm going to pout on my Facebook status for at least a week *shoots CAS in the head a gazillion times* So how the hell do I get 24 hours in 5 days. My coordinator better accept the teaching english bull**** or he'll get a word from my parents.
  13. Pwhdavey

    Need 18 service hours in a week

    Ok so neither of those things mentioned will work, because Sunday isn't a viable day. Beach cleaning: I don't have special picker-upper things, is it orthodox to just walk down a beach carrying a plastic bag and putting rubbish into it with your hands? How can I maximise the time spent at beach cleaning - good excuses to increase my hours? With the beaches here, they aren't short petite little things. So I guess I could take an hour per beach but this ain't much. Street cleaning: as above, but I definitely wouldn't do this during daylight, its too embrassing. I'm going to go out with my dog tonight and pick rubbish from the tracks and gutters for hopefully at least 1.5 hours. And I'm gonna try do it every night from now on. I'm going to walk all over my suburb. I know some good spots like sports grounds that would have litter. If I do an hour a night from today, thats...aw, only 6 hours, then handover time to coordinator. Maybe I'll make it 1.5 or two hours depending on my laziness. If so (sorry for rambling, you don't have to read, I'm just making calculations for myself) that could get 9-12 hours by Friday which is cool. Teaching English online: okay so I don't have my coordinator's phone number (but I'll try find it online) which is a pain because there is not point emailing since they probably won't read it till Monday when I can actually approach directly, and today and tomorrow are better days for me instead of school week, unless I quit study completely until Friday, however, bear in mind I just had my practise exams and my predicted grade was less than passable material. I could spend an hour on it a day or more, getting 6-18 hours if I wanted. Yay...if only it had been approved. All this time rambling and I could have been doing CAS. Anyways, thanks for the responses guys. Honestly last night I was panicking my head off and couldn't get to sleep as I thought it was more and more probable that I wouldn't get enough hours and would fail IB. But these suggestions have made me think differently, like the teaching English bit, as I have experience in this (however if I decided to do it as an activity I know how to make it a 'new' activity for me). And if I really push myself I can get 1-2 hours a night with just walking around my neighbour hood in the evening delittering the streets and parks. Phew. Time to find CAS coordinators phone number, plan my Sunday and walk the streets. Other:
  14. Pwhdavey

    Need 18 service hours in a week

    Its too late to work in a charity shop. Today is already halfway through Saturday when I checked on here. But nevertheless I´m going to ring a store or two (the Salvation Army, and if that fails, then the supermarket I guess...) to see if I can do something for Sunday. Then on Friday its the day to hand in CAS. Question: would teaching English online count as service? I know easily where to find interested partners and help them with written and voice chat.
  15. So I've left CAS to the last minute. The due date for all evalutations and the essay etc is in 8 days. And I have 18 service hours to do. I talked to my coordinator..who didn't suggest anything realistic. I'm going to do some beach cleanups but that'll only get a few hours, won't even get me down to 10 probably. My supervisor for things like this will probably be my dad. Any other ideas? I just want easy things that I can do by myself, like beach cleanups.

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