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  1. How should i make my presentation to sound more interesting? if it was about human cloaning or.. toxic ingredients that are in snacks.. what should i talk about? how should i present this presentation?
  2. This is really difficult subject for me.. I've never got grade 4 in this subject... i always... always got 3. please tell me how i should approach this subject. what should i learn? should i buy questionbank and memorize questions? how should i understand this subject? please answer me..
  3. A doll's house Metamorphosis written by franz kafka pride and prejudice wuthering heights ? which will relate each other ? i have to write essay.. and dont have any idea...
  4. I heard that IB final grade is useless. The IB predicted grade is more essential. Is it right that IB predicted grade is based on term 2,4, 6 of the IB years??? ONLY TERM 2,4 AND 6? If i got great grade in term 3 , but it would not be sent to university? (its so unfair..)
  5. How do you study for Environmental studies?
  6. nakoalla


    I am having my second itgs test.. i almost failed the last one and i studied for it. i donot know what to study! i am having tests on online databases, health, ai/robots, networks/wireless. he said there will be 3 exam type for 2periods. What should i read and What should i study? i really do have no idea! can you give me suggestions???
  7. nakoalla

    What's your theme?

    Oh! that's really good theme! but would it look ridiculous when male student choose "love"theme? ... I am still choosing my theme for second book.
  8. Hello there. I am going to take Toefl in order to go to american university. I was just wondering if there is Toefl maths test? If not then does university look at my maths grade? If they see that my subject choice is maths studies then do they look down on me? Please help thanks! AH ! and If there is no such thing as Toefl maths test, then how would they test me ? (SAT have English, Maths tests . How about Toefl?)
  9. What do you think friar lawrence wrote to romeo in Act4(the last part of the story) ? any ideas??
  10. (my questions got deleted just because i wrote in cap lock.. i have waited 24 hours to get a reply. i think i could fail so please help..) What is good theme for photography? i could not come up with any ideas. do you have any good suggestions? Ah! AND can you give me theme that does not need people. (cuz my friends do not like photographs being taken..) TT;;

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