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  1. Chesire_Cat

    Chemistry for Psychology?

    I am currently taking HL Chemistry, and it's a good thing to take if you're applying to the UK, because sometimes they ask for lower predicted grades if you have a science at HL (and I mean like 2 or 3 points lower). I think you should definitely pick that. Plus, if you're taking two sciences, you can always choose to switch to psychiatry, which is more medical
  2. Chesire_Cat


    I have a tutor for math and I find it helps a lot. I also think that having a tutor for subjects such as Chemistry or Physics could also improve results. It's just easier to be able to concentrate when it's a one on one session, and it's good to have someone who can tell you what your mistakes are and how to solve things. It's also good for a language, because it's easier to learn it by speaking to someone than by doing excercises.
  3. Italian: dai (sounds like "die")= come on I try not to use it anymore, because when it slips I get funny stares
  4. Chesire_Cat

    Summer - What should I do?

    You should do something that you like, and that you will want to continue doing. Universities love people who are passionate about something, so I'd pick one and stick with it (maybe even after the summer is over).
  5. Chesire_Cat

    Does the IB promote terrorism?

    This guy is completely crazy. We discussed the whole "Terrorist or Freedom fighters?" issue when we talked about language and how it's used to manipulate people's minds. I really don't see how talking about the different points of view of people is promoting terrorism... I am just glad that, thanks to IB, we will never end up like this guy.
  6. Chesire_Cat

    Bilingualism is it good? Or is it bad?

    Well, I am fully italian, but I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I find that it is an advantage sometimes, but I hate translating from one language to the other because I feel like I have 3 separate dictionaries in my head ( I don't know if it's just me). I think it's great to be multi lingual, because of the work opportunities, but sometimes it can be frustrating to feel like you're slowly forgetting a language, and I happen to make up words a lot when I am speaking english, which is never good during an IOP...
  7. Chesire_Cat

    Exciting Spanish Idioms!

    Dormir como un tronco: sleep a lot Pasar la noche en vela: not sleep Dormir toda la noche de un tirón: Sleep without waking up Acostarse con las gallinas: acostarse muy temprano. I'll add more as I find more...
  8. Chesire_Cat

    SAT 1 which book should I use?

    I also used Princeton's review, and I found it useful. However, I don't really think that the books can really help that much, or make a huge difference on the scores. I find that people who went to SAT camps and bought 4 books did worse than I did, and I prepared 2 days before the SATs...
  9. Chesire_Cat

    World Lit essays

    We're still deciding, however, we wrote a "fake" World Lit paper and mine was "Setting as a mean of confinment in "A Doll's House" and "Lord of the Flies".
  10. Chesire_Cat

    IB Girls and Guys

    It's all part of life and how humans are, in my opinion. I haven't done anything, because I just don't believe that drinking and smoking will make me cooler, but I know a lot of people who do. However, I think that the IB people in my school party less than the others, but it's mostly due to the lack of time...
  11. Chesire_Cat

    IB, an alternative?

    I'd say you'd be a good candidate for IB. You need quite a bit of background if you want to go into Languages B (Not AB Initio), and you're supposed to speak the language you'll choose for A1 fluently. Other than that, you're good to go, in my opinion. Good luck!
  12. Chesire_Cat

    Assesment of cas

    CAS diary? Do you mean the essay we have to write at the end of IB year 2?
  13. Chesire_Cat

    Late nights or Early Mornings :)

    I do late nights, mostly. The reason for it is that in the morning, I wake up, think "Do I really need to do this/ study this? Is this really relevant to my future?" and, of course, I go back to sleep without having done anything. But if I do it at night, I'm motivated to finish it quickly so that I can sleep.
  14. Chesire_Cat

    Can we write the TOK essay at home?

    In our school, a ToK teacher makes the kids write the "practice" essays in class, so that they get used to thinking quickly. But they get to do their final essay at home, otherwise I'm pretty sure they'd complain.
  15. Chesire_Cat

    What is a knowledge issue?

    Our teacher said that a knowledge issue is an open ended question which has more than one side to it (What is truth?, Are humans good or bad?) And you can argue anything, because there isn't a set answer to the question, which is what makes it a "knowledge issue". We can't KNOW the answer, and we should argue multiple sides in the essay.

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