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  1. daniel6

    The Physics Society (Hate club)

  2. daniel6

    Role of Germany in WWI

    "Now for the arms race, you could blame Germany by stating..." I don't think you finished your sentence there. Do you mean aims as in Germany's aims in a European war, if one should break out? It states that it pretty much wants to rape France of all it's resources, and kick Russia back to the far east. Should I structure it saying that if a European war broke out, Germany would have so much to gain from it, so they helped "push" it a little?
  3. daniel6

    Name Your IB School

    Port Moody Secondary School Class of '10 known as the retard generation. I'm serious.
  4. daniel6

    Public or Private

    Too bad im in Canada and have like 5% chance of getting into UC's which are the only public unis that i was considering. Definitely private.
  5. daniel6

    What does your weekly timetable look like?

    This semester Block 1- Chemistry 11 IB Block 2- French SL 11 IB Block 3 - Hell on Earth aka Physics 11 IB Block 4 - Free block (aka CAS hours) Block 5 - History 11 IB Next semester Block 1- French 12 IB SL Block 2- Math 11 IB Block 3- English 11 IB Block 4- TOK 11 Block 5- Off ( ) Lol you want our daily timetables too? 6:45 - hit snooze button 6:55 - get up 7:30 - catch bus/walk to school through a dense forest and risk a bear attack (i'm serious) 8:30-3:15- Hell on Earth, aka school. 3:15-4:00 try to take bus home (hell of a time) or try walking up the back steps to the dense forest and walk home with 2 friends. 4:00pm- bedtime (10:30) procrastinate, do some hw, surf, eat, etc.
  6. daniel6

    How do you study?

    Revision? I only study in around 3 days advance if I have a test coming up or an in class essay. General exclusions to this list is Physics and English. First test on physics, i studied around 1 hour for 3 days. Bad mistake. Now, I study around 2 hours in the first 5 days and around 4 hours on the last, to actually make an A. English, I really suck at commentaries so I re read passages and outline symbols, imageries and themes. Takes me quite a while.
  7. daniel6

    soo how did u get chosen for Ib

    I pretty much had all A's in my IB report. It helped that i was in French immersion and the IB coordinator loved Frenchies. And we had an IB test on a Saturday morning. It was actually pretty hard. One was kind of a commentary question =/ i had to make up stuff on it cause we've never done any hard core writing like this ever. The math was simple until the end, 2 questions were from the pascal test which i had to guess on. Oh and the cut off was 120 people. I was like 35th. Don't worry. Some kid with C's got into IB. A hung over girl took the test and stil got into IB.\ Now i'm stuck with the prospect of doing 6 hardcore exams and sweating about my internal assessments and EE and CAS hours. Oh joy.
  8. daniel6

    Role of Germany in WWI

    Our class has to do an in class essay tomorrow on the causes of WWI. We're supposed to pick a country and write about how it contributed the most to the start of WWI. He's also marking it in the IB format, so it's kind of a first time thing for me aka i'm kinda nervous of how i match up to IB. So, the country i will blame it on is Germany (most obvious). I'm writing about it's agressive foreign policy (weltpolitik), how it provoked bad French and British relations, and how it started the arms race, the blank cheque which supported Austria Hungary against their "localised" war which turned to become WWI and it's Schliefflen plan. Problem is, for the Schliefflen plan, it's hard for me to put it in words. Like Germany did plan it in 1905, because they wanted a World war, to expand it's territories, and also, it focuses on the West, regardless of the agressors, which shows that Germany was going to try to take control of Europe, making any war, into a Europe wide war. My question: is this a good enough arguement? Or should i try to find some other reason why Germany started WWI?
  9. daniel6

    French SL or HL

    HL according to my teacher is alot more of the fine tuning of the french language. SL is basically learn your grammar, learn to write and use all the tenses, and learn to speak properly. HL deals with more complex literature, and also, more of the "slang" and french terms according to my teacher. It's difficult, and my teacher recommends that only native speakers or people who have a rigorous curriculum take the HL exam. Also, it depends how much time you're willing to put into french.
  10. It's the whole block and the teacher's there the whole time. While he's teaching, i go into the corner with some student and help him learn some fractions (lol) The only problem is with my IB coordinator. He is "awesome" aka strict as heck.
  11. daniel6

    Good IB textbooks

    [quote name='Solarstorm' post='24263' date='Sep 15 2008, 05:24 AM']I think for Physics - one of the good books is Physics for the IB Diploma by Tolkein[/quote] We use this. It's published by Cambridge. It's actually really helpful. Our gr 12 physics teacher cannot teach, so most people study off that textbook.
  12. daniel6

    Which one is harder at HL - Chemistry or Physics?

    My Chem/Physics teacher told me the 7 boundary for Chem is around a 95% and physics a 70%+.... Someone help me with this. Edit: Oh btw, Physics is so much harder. Chemsitry in gr 11 has around a 80% avg. Physics has a 53% avg currently in our class.
  13. daniel6

    Is it WISE to choose all 3 sciences?!

    Instead of doing 3 IB sciences, why not do a science during the summer? I'm taking Bio 12 non IB during the summer as Bio 11 isn't a pre requisite for Bio 12 ( don't know why actually). But my IB Coordinator told me that Physics is required for many science departments, because most people don't go straight into med, so i'm taking Chem and Physics IB, and Bio 12 during the summer.
  14. daniel6

    Physics Options

    Astrophysics: Because astronomy+physics sounds really cool to me Particle physics: I like particle sciences.
  15. Quick question: If you tutored in during your free block for another class, would it count? I tutor an hour every day at a Math 9 classroom.

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