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  1. mane

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    merci =) j'ai pris des cours a l'ecole pour 4 ans, mais on ne peut pas l'etudier a l'ecole apres on termine "grade 10"... alors j'ai perdu mon francais, et j'ai oublié presque tout =( et toi, tu le connais d'ou?
  2. For how long did your teacher review the work before the oral commentary? Any tips for the day of the oral commentary? Were the results above/under you expectations?
  3. the reason theyre making things stricter is that it makes their program sound more impressive... its a shame though, this way its harder for us =P
  4. study guides and course companions are very VERY good =) theyre usually terse and to-the-point, and they contain everything u need to know
  5. mane

    What song are you listening to?

    womanizer - britney spears
  6. mane

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    i feel like pulling an all-nighter wouldnt help because id bee too tired to actually get anything done =P
  7. mane

    IB-first year, lose or gain weight?

    i couldnt agree more... i stayed the same too, and i have to say that if it has THAT much of an effect on your health then it is in no way worth the effort
  8. mane

    School shooting

    i believe the reason is an insecure family love and a childhood that lacks love. also some people are just disturbed =P
  9. mane

    Purpose of life

    my purpose in life is to be as thankful to God as possible for all the things he has blessed us all with (food, shelter, education.... etc), and to live a happy life =) most people's purpose would be to earn a lot of money (the world is officially becoming a place for the superficial!) =P
  10. mane

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    oh la la J'ADOOOORE le francais =) mais je ne l'etudie pas a l'ecole.... c'est dommage parce que j'ai besoin de beacoup de pratique!! c'est tres bien que on a ce "forum", ca va m'aider a pratiquer =D
  11. mane

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    hahaha im also doing oedipus rex, macbeth, and death of a salesman =P oh well, i guess seeing the tragedy in other people's lives makes u realize how blessed u truly are
  12. hahhaha the "freedom" program is the typical thing a dedicated IB student would use... =P i would recommend photobooth (mac), which comes with the computer, and is the perfect way for u to entertain urself and not get bored to death while doing schoolwork
  13. a truly intelligent person would know how to bring about their own happiness... being a book-worm who gets good grades doesnt mean ur intelligent, its how u control ur life overall that determines whether or not u truly are intelligent intelligence is both educational AND social
  14. i simply remind myself that in less than a year, all of this will be over =D life is too short to let IB control it for u... if the pressure gets to u, then just pretend like u have no work to do at all works like a charm =P
  15. mane

    Do you need a theme?

    if u want a good mark, and u want ur work to look professional, then yes you do

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