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  1. hilaryvb

    World Lit. Word Count

    Oh, we can do that?
  2. Hello everyone, So here's the situation: My World Lit. is like around 1900 words, since when I was doing the first draft someone told me that the quotation is not included in the word count. Here's the question: does it really counted or not? I am so confused, and before reducing and cutting down my essay, I need more clarification. thanks and any of you reading this, please reply, since it is due tommorow
  3. hilaryvb

    What would you do if all jobs paid the same?

    If all jobs paid the same, that means its a Communism, so I wanna be the Party Leader.
  4. hilaryvb

    Question: does IB accepted in Germany?

    hahahah i'm a newb in deutsch. do you have any idea on the courses that taught in english? because if i'm not fluent enough by June next year, ich mochte studiere das im Englisisch.
  5. yea i use gliders. thats my first plan, to see how the KE before and after, and how many joules lost. yes energy dissipated to heat is very hard to count, so maybe i'll drop the sound measuring option.
  6. hilaryvb

    Question: does IB accepted in Germany?

    Oh.. I'm taking Math HL, Physic HL, Chemistry HL, Eng B HL, Indonesian A1 SL, and History SL (which before was HL, and i'm forced to make it SL) well my school doesnt provide German A1, but only the Ab-initio. So, in that case I will need to go to Studienkolleg?
  7. hilaryvb

    Question: does IB accepted in Germany?

    oh yeah! abitur not abteilnehmen.. gosh how could i gca,me up with tht word. but i dont take german A1 since i've just learn it this year outside school, in Goethe-Institut. anyone from Germany who can help me? Bitte hilfen mich an. << correct?
  8. Does IB accepted in Germany? particularly the Indonesian IB since i'm Indonesian. well since here we have school for 12 yrs, and in Germany got 13 yrs, do we still needing to attend another year in a German high school redo IB/get the Abteilnehmen? or going into Studienkolleg? or can just straight into Uni? and if we could go straight into University, what German Language certificate that we need atleast? thanks.
  9. thank you for the answer actually after a brief discussion with my supervisor, he said that the RQ should be like this: An investigation of the amount of Kinetic Energy lost in an airtrack glider collision. since momentum is conserved. well I dont investigate on which material, because that will be hard to keep the aerodynamic of the glider the same and also the mass, but just increase the air pressure coming out from the airtrack. I'll use the photogates and maybe I'll try to calculate the Kinetic energy dissipated into sound energy. anyone have equation for this? or is it better to record the sound in Decibel, and see with how many KE is lost, then deduce a formula for it? thanks
  10. Hello everyone! so basically i'm going to do a physics EE on momentum. its about recording the momentum preserved/lost after an inelastic collision with the mass as the dependent variable. so here's my RQ: An investigation of the amount of momentum preserved/lost in an airtrack glider collision. could i have some feedback or critics on the RQ? thanks. Also what is the Physics EE layout and what to write in each section? could anyone tell me or give me a link? thanks
  11. Well I have design an experiment, like cutting the tire into bits, then place it on a ramp, with different surface. then put some weight on the tire and lift the ramp slowly until the point where the tire starts to move. Yes I have find a mentor, and that is the idea from my mentor. expensive tires are such as Goodyear one and the cheap one is just like the local one. Anyway, My mentor said that I need more topics. Any ideas around safety driving that I could try around? just anything, and I'll think of the topic. thank you.
  12. Hello guys. just need some feedback and suggestions regarding my EE topic. its about: 'Investigating The Types and pattern of a car tire that could give the best Grip and also whether a Cheap tire a better option if it have the same grip ability as an expensive one?' Also should I include making my own pattern design and see what happen and evaluate it? is this too board or too complicated? Do any of you guys have a suggestion of another topic around mechanical engineering field that I could use in EE? something that had stuck in your mind maybe and you want to investigate? any help will do guys. Thanks.
  13. hilaryvb

    Extended Essay

    hello guys.. which is easier for EE topic? Chemistry or Physics? Well.. I'm pretty much intrested in both at its engineering aspect, and any of you know what do they talk about in Chemical Engineering that could be used as EE topic? or any Mechanical Engineering? I am really blank and my school is pretty much new too the Diploma programme..

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