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  1. Darth Martin

    (Help) Psychology EE..

    I guess that the Stockholm syndrome is good, just get an angle. Since it is about the psychology behind hostages and their relationships to the hostage takers, AND it is very much connected to the study of behaviour, so I think you should go for it. I'm sure there is lots of research/literature on the subject, so why not? You could perhaps relate it to cognitive perspective (as everything with psychological topics) but my recommendation would be learning perspective. Damn, I'm rather jealous of you, sorry I didn't thought of it , sounds really interesting actually.
  2. Darth Martin

    I'm about to kill myself! EE on Psychology.

    Yeah, I'm having troubles as well. I'm afraid it's not narrow enough and my sources aren't that spot-on my RQ; the studies support to a certain degree.
  3. Darth Martin

    6th may. end of psychology

    Thanks! Sounds reassuring!
  4. Darth Martin

    Is Psychology recognised in Universities?

    I agree with humingyay, on the other hand, I'm as scared as the topic-starter... What if it's not recognised for my future dream education? Anyway, I can't see how it can't be.
  5. Darth Martin

    IA Topic help

    I wondered about this as well, the topic. I wanted VERY much to take something with creativity (hardcore-devoted...) but my teacher suggested to take something very simple and we got a lot of suggestions for possible topics. I chose one with memory and headings. Anyway, is there any advantage in taking a more advanced and unusual study? Hence, the chocoholic-study... isn't it perhaps a too new domain and not basic enough? Sorry, I might be totally wrong, but I'm just finding out myself I guess... Anyway, we have just begun our IA's, I see that a lot of other students began lsat year, are we too late? Thanks!
  6. Darth Martin

    Psychology maths

    Oh, almost all of my classmates in Psych HL are taking Math Studies, and I thought that taking Math SL was perhaps overambitious for Psychology. Hence, can someone please explain to me in what way you need advanced mathematics? (no abstract things like ''enhanced logical thinking or problem solving'') Thanks!
  7. Darth Martin

    Film as EE / EE on film?

    Yeah, but, is there actually someone who has done it? Okay, I think it's too late for me to change subject or find a supervisor, but can't we just play with the thought (common Swedish expression, anyway) and write some suggestions for RQ's on an EE in Film? (if there's nobody who actually has done it) I'll start: ''To what extent is David Lynch in serious need for psychiatric help?''
  8. Darth Martin

    Extended Essay

    What subject?
  9. Darth Martin

    Film as EE / EE on film?

    I looked at the different group subjects and just wondered; would it actually be possible for me to write the Extended Essay in Film? (sixth group) I'm not at the moment taking Film, took another language instead, but would it be possible? If so... I'm in heaven...
  10. Darth Martin

    How many CAS hours are you doing per week?

    Damn... I barely do one hour a week.... and I'm in IB1 and now it's the beginning of November... Should I worry?

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