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  1. 017631

    Chem Help

    Erm, I just realized my main problem. If you guys know the formula for finding the number of moles, then you will laugh at the fact that I learned it upside down. number of moles = mass/molar mass I LEARNED IT UPSIDE DOWN ........................ IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW But in the future..I may need help... To realize after all that time that it was only one single formula that I learned wrong. *DAMMIT*
  2. 017631

    Chem Help

    If anyone out there is good at giving online-style lesson I really am in need of some help. You see my teacher has a teaching style that doesn't seem to appeal with me, I guess my current mark in the 60s represents that. I am taking SL Chemistry and it's bothering me quite a bit. If anyone can offer help on basically all of the units, I would extremely appreciate it. I'm worried Chem will hinder me from being able to get accepted by the schools of my choice..so I'm desperate to raise the mark.. I've tried extra help and I've tried doing the homework questions, perhaps it is not the teacher and it's just me. I actually do try hard in Chemistry, its just the test marks and quiz marks don't show it....I really don't understand why. So if there is anyone out there willing to tutor me I would gladly appreciate it...I'm fine with online e-mail style tutoring..seriously I just don't understand Chemistry at all... and getting the lowest mark in the class isn't helping me feel much better.
  3. 017631

    The Music Thread

    Wow thats interesting. About the Instrumental Music comment (sorry Quoting isn't working at the moment): I find that when I listen to instrumental music it becomes a little harder for me to concentrate. I listen to all the little musical nuances when I can while listening to a particular song or piece, and instrumental pieces typically have more things put into them. I guess you can say the lack of lyrics allows the artist to compose more intricate music usually, which I find interesting and a little more distracting
  4. 017631

    2012... Ominous or not?

    I agree with the post above. It was never really explicitly stated that life was to end in 2012, but that there would be a sort of paradigm shift. Just in case though, I plan on stocking up on canned soups and pastas...and instant noodles. If I do survive some apocalypse then I'll have some snacks
  5. 017631

    How do you study?

    Heh...my way is kind of suicide but... I grab all the assessment statements, go through each one. If there is one I cannot do correctly I write it down. Then I take all the assessment statements I've written down and review them only. Why bother wasting time on the stuff you already know? I also purchased textbooks with all the IB assessment statements and answers in them, it helps a lot when studying (IB Study Guides) EDIT: We recieve a list of all the assessment statements in some classes like Biology and Chemistry, although we have to get the answers ourselves. For French and English I just review vocabulary and whatnot.
  6. 017631

    Was Stalin truly a communist?

    I agree with you. A communist is a group of people rather than a single dictator. The whole communist government is actually a good idea in theory, yet when a communist government is formed there seems to always be a dictator which in a way goes against the whole purpose of having a communist government... So no, Stalin is not a true communist. Communism should be run by a group of people or the entire nation, having a dictator is not because communism is meant to make everyone equal... (in my opinion anyway..)
  7. 017631

    The Music Thread

    Ah I didn't exactly read your post 100%, oops But that Finnish guy is a metalhead! Dam! Thought I was special for it too *sigh* It sucks too, IB is causing me to miss a lot of good concerts...missed In Flames the other week ... probably going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra though
  8. 017631

    Does God exist?

    Great thread I have to say~~ But in all seriousness, I have to agree with Cubz. Although I myself am not athiest, at times I seem to question whether god is really real. I go to church every Sunday though, my parents are Christians. I agree most with Greather Than infinity Either way you look at this argument, there are questions that cannot truly be answered by fact. Until the day comes when we truly understand the events that preceeded our existance, we can never come to a conclusion..
  9. 017631

    The Music Thread

    Augh! I thought I was the only IB metalhead! Dam you! Btw here's another great track from Meshuggah: I consder Meshuggah to be math metal. It's really extreme in the sense that yes it is heavy, they use 8 string guitars, but the time signatures and what-not are extremely akward. Just listen to the drums, he's playing 9/16 with the bass drum and playing 4/4 with his hands. That is so extreme!
  10. 017631

    What does your username mean?

    Erm...... Well you see my old school had an e-mail system, and my designated username was 017631. Great way to have a funky username and not be worried about my identity being stolen *note* It is not because it means anything in hexadecimal or any other number language. Nor am I so math-savy that I chose these numbers Doesn't mean anything..other than an old username from my old school I had
  11. No it's because I procrastinate too. I'm sure if you can manage your time better than I, you'll be fine. And I sleep in Bio and Chemistry class. *oops*
  12. Hey ab, Why is it you have so much? I'm sure it isn't that much...I have activities every night (Cross - Country, Band, etc) and I can still finish my homework on a nightly basis. Perhaps you sleep earlier than me? I sleep at about 2-3 every day and wake up at 6.
  13. Heh I slack off all night ... end up sleeping late. I take it out through music. I wrote some lyrics for a song that's based on stress. Stress and the feeling of doubt (A.K.A. IB )..its called Hopelessness and the Psycho I also just play games (haven't done that for months now) or play an instrument. Preferably guitar or violin, either one is effective.
  14. 017631

    How often do you go to the lab?

    I do Chemistry labs around every 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Biology, it seems like we do one every 3 weeks or a month. Most are just for the hours required to graduate though, however in chemistry most of our labs that we've done so far have been assessed IB style
  15. 017631

    Study Breaks

    I think we get a week or no study break at all. We finish by the end of April/Early may, similar to inthemaking. But thats in 2 years for me~~ ...oh boy...can't wait

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