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  1. homeroom

    TOK, class or no?

    whoa...no class? That's tough. Then again, we didn't learn all that much in TOK and we had three classes of an 1hr per week.
  2. homeroom

    How does your school apply IB?

    In terms of CAS hours, my school is a bit hard: let's say you did 40 hours in one area of community service, in order to receive all the 40 hours, you have to do a minimum of 10 hours in another area of community service. Marks wise? Our teachers don't predict lower or higher, they try to give you what you will get on your final exam (except for French...all the French teachers give you a higher mark!). All the IB teachers at our school are pretty well qualified, at least 7 years of IB (mind you, I've heard from my friends that the physics HL and SL teacher can not teach, and the highest predicted grade was a 6 - he only gave one 6!). I'd say my teachers prepared me well for the exams - they forced us to do tons of old IB exams, and they gave us assignments that were about the same difficulty level.
  3. homeroom

    Interview the person below you

    I've only canoed ... 4 times. So, I guess sort of. Has anyone read the book "The Lovely Bones"?
  4. I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to Obama. I also feel like he doesn't have concrete ideas - he uses a lot of spin.
  5. homeroom

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    About the first week into the second term (errr...February?), our teacher gave us a handout outlining what you need in the Historical Investigation. She also gave us three example papers, and gave us some broad topics to choose from, and deadlines to hand her the thesis and outline of the HIs. At the deadline she looks over the outlines, gives us some recommendations, and then we're on our own from there! I should probably point out that we did a "practice" HI in gr11. During the practice one we made 4 detailed outlines (different deadlines for each) with quotations from our sources. The teacher looked over each of them and then made improvements...We were really well prepared!
  6. homeroom

    Left vs Right Handed

    Very nice...supposedly ambidextrous people are more intelligent . I'm a righty! (for everything...)
  7. homeroom

    Your Worst Subject

    Math HL...it was my death.
  8. homeroom

    Math HL

    I would recommend finding a tutor that has had some experience with HL Math before or has at least taken university math, because some of the questions can be REALLY HARD. The other thing is make sure to go through a billion practice exams. Also, I found the book "Mathematics HL & SL with HL options revised" (ISBN: 0975083120 ) really useful. Be warned, HL math is a challenge, even for those who enjoy mathematics.
  9. homeroom


    Just after my last exam I dreamt that all the exams that I had just taken were just mock exams and that the real ones were starting the week after.
  10. homeroom

    The Music Thread

    Music is...AWESOME. I admit, I also listen to a lot of different type of music, classical, jazz (Ella Fitzgerald!) , pop, R&B, some occasional rock (I also like the new Coldplay songs!!!. I find music distracting while I'm studying, unless it's instrumental.
  11. homeroom

    Public - Private school

    I think it really depends on the system in your country, and what schools are closest to you. I don't think anyone can say that all private schools are way better than public schools or the reverse. I know that there are some really good public schools around that have amazing reputations, but in Canada I find that they are rare. For the most part, private schools are good for IB because of the smaller class sizes, and teachers are more accessible. Other than that, I think in any IB class all the students would be keen to do well (especially in HL...but I didn't go to a public school for IB, so don't take my word for it!).
  12. homeroom

    the aftermath...

    Oiii...I'm pretty sure I got a 4 in math (I'm praying for a 5...we'll see how that goes), but other than that I think got some solid 5s, 6s, and maybe a 7. Just relaxing so far! And...how interesting...we had a bonfire as well! (I was one of the few that burn my notes though, did anyone else have to read "Goodbye to All That" or "Tess of the D'Ubervilles"? Those were the first to go through the fire...)
  13. homeroom


    Hmmm...there seem to be a lot of "dark ones"...(black and white)
  14. homeroom

    Mathematical Project Questionnaire

    Female Canada University 4 Surfing the net (aka, FACEBOOK...damn you...)

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