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  1. linlinchen0502

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    How soon is the HI due? In my school, our teacher made us to hand in the completed Hi in 1 month. How about you guys
  2. linlinchen0502

    Math HL

    we have 33 students in one (and only one) HL class and only one teacher teach in HL.
  3. linlinchen0502

    Where do you live?

    China, mainland, 10 months ago. Now, in Calgary, Canada. Where I have no choice but to choose English as my A1 and Mandarin as A2.
  4. linlinchen0502


    I take Mandarin outside school. It's so sad that I have to make my first languate, Mandarin, into the second language. And learning English as A1. But after all, I don't think Mandarin will be easy as a first language.
  5. linlinchen0502

    How many people in your classes?

    wow, you do all subjects in HL in IB1? That's amazing. My school don't even offer HL in Bio and Physics, so it's kind of sad that I have to do my HL in Chem and ELA( which I really don't wish to).
  6. linlinchen0502

    IB Bilingual Diploma

    I would be happier if I got Language A1 to be my native language. Since I just moved to this English speaking country for 10 months, and my English is apparently not as well as my native language, I am thinking of droping Language A since I can't do the full-IB anymore. (I came late here) I asked my IB- coordinator once for whether it's possible to choose my native language as A1, he said no! but as the information I got from IBO, it is possible....... self teach?
  7. In our school, we have to fill evaluation forms for CAS hr. Right now, I haven't filled any yet, though I have volunteered about 150 hrs in the summer. Uhh, on the form it says we have to get signature from whom in charge of the activity. So you choose to either filling a bunch of forms or writing a report describing what you've done. PS: I'm only an partial so do I have to complete 150 hrs CAS as well? I heard of the rumors that our coordinator don't even ask for CAS hrs...... Here're something I found, hope it will help Creativity is interpreted broadly to include a wide range of arts activities as well as the creativity students demonstrate in designing and implementing service projects. Action can include not only participation in individual and team sports but also taking part in expeditions and in local or international projects. Service encompasses a host of community and social service activities. Some examples include helping children with special needs, visiting hospitals and working with refugees or homeless people. http://east.usd259.org/ib/cas.html
  8. wow! I hope I could get over 40! Many people in our school dropped IB half way. So it's like have 200 people doing IB in grade 10 and 50 doing full ib in grade 11 and only 25 got their diploma in grade 12. Pretty sad.
  9. linlinchen0502

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    All nights sounds familiar to me now..... I just started grade 11, the first whole year of FULL IB, stay up until 4am. Actually just catch up with homeworks. Really achieve nothing but to adapt the speed of IB!
  10. linlinchen0502

    Life is Good

    Life is good because I slept 12 hrs last night I did 150 volunteer hrs in this summer.
  11. linlinchen0502

    Math HL

    Ha, In our school, there's only 1 HL Math class, and 80% of my classmates are from China! I don't know if this HL course is equivalent to the math class, but it seems to be really easy for my Chinese classmates who have already finished grade 11 math in China. Anyway, it seems hard for me. (I came from China to Canada in grade 10.) I wonder what HL Math course in China is. Are all the IB course the same all over the world?
  12. linlinchen0502

    Intelligent People tend to be Unhappy

    Being happy in such situations is part of your intelligence. Yeah, I agree with you, sometimes it's a bit unfair, but we can also learn from it. Learning how to be happy while people are not happy with you. Haha.... IB is all about LEARNING.
  13. linlinchen0502

    Current Events

    Yeah, My Social class is doing current events every day except Friday. It's interesting indeed. We have presentation and debate afterwards. Also, it counts for MARKs. So is this mandatory for all IB history class? and did you guys do some presentation as well?

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