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  1. I loved William Blake poetry which I did for the oral commentary, and I found Death of a Salesman really powerful.
  2. IA

    I disagree with the above responses. I did a similar style of question and got 7 from my teacher that got moderated to a 6. I chose a question like that because I found many examples on the internet that received 7s that had questions that were comparing a 'fictional' portrayal of something with the actual thing. However, you really need to narrow your topic. For example, focus on just one aspect of Alexander the Great such as one battle or how he was as a leader etc. Write your analysis just like you're writing a paper 2 or 3 essay i.e. a normal history essay with introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. For example if you decided that you were just going to focus on one battle you could split your paragraphs into topics such as technology, strategy etc. Aim for 3 or 4 paragraphs depending on how much you write for each paragraph and have only a sentence or two for your 'introduction' and 'conclusion' of your analysis. Aim for around 600-800 words for this section, you might be able to write a bit more depending on how big your other sections are.
  3. Ask her questions! Ask if she has plans on the weekend, what her favourite subject is, how did she find the homework for (insert subject). Girls are humans too, if you two were silent she was probably a bit shy too. As a girl who got asked to school dances and asked boys to school dances my advice to you is ask her to prom tomorrow! Seriously! Since she doesn't seem to be avoiding you that means she doesn't find you horrible so unless she is already going with someone there is a very high chance she will say yes. I got asked by a boy I never had feelings for but once he asked me I thought, hey he's a nice boy and said yes, and we had fun going as friends. She might not be in love with you but that doesn't mean she'll say no. Ask her for Facebook or any other form of social media rather then phone. As a girl, in my opinion, it's less intimidating to give a guy our facebook then phone number since you can always delete him from facebook if things don't work out but you can't delete your number from his phone. Hopefully things will work out for you though
  4. A lot of universities offer foundation study subjects which is basically for people need to complete certain subjects as a pre-requisite that they couldn't do at school. I advise that you have a look at the requirements for universities that you have the possibility of attending since there are plenty that offer maths and science/engineering degrees without the need for Maths HL. Every Australian university accepts SL Maths so I'm sure there would be others around the world that do also.
  5. I finished high school last year and am now at university. I can very confidently tell you that once you finish high school your 'social status' means absolutely nothing. You could be the most popular kid in school or the 'weird' kid but once you leave high school that won't matter. When you move on from school you will find people who are similar to you to befriend, and people in general seem to be way less judgemental. So whilst you at school do what you enjoy. Don't not join that club you really want to join because it's apparently uncool. Don't not hang out with that person you like but everyone else thinks is weird. Don't spend your high school life trying to look 'normal' or 'cool' for people who you probably won't ever see again. As for being confident remind yourself how awesome you are and most importantly that you deserve respect. You are not inferior to any of the other kids at your school. Remind yourself that you deserve to be heard, you deserve to be able to walk the corridors and have people more out the way for you rather than always be the one to move out the way for others, you deserve the teacher's attention when you need help. So don't be afraid to demand those things.
  6. Hi, Since applications for Australian universities are happening now I just thought I'd let you know that there is a little error in the Australian section. You only apply through UAC (local students) if you are planning on going to a university in New South Wales or ACT. For Victorian universities you need to apply through VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre), for Western Australia TISC (Tertiary Institutions Service Centre), for Queensland QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre), for South Australia and the Northern Territory SATAC (South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre). There is only one university in Tasmania and I think you apply directly to the university.
  7. My school had its own backpack which we had to use. I recommend getting one with dividers so that you can put your lunch/drink in a separate pocket to your books. A squished sandwich or wet notebook is not desirable. Also, although it may not be the 'coolest' try to get a bag with some kind of back support or at least strong and adjustable straps-that you actually adjust to fit you! Carrying heavy books to and from school can be really damaging your back especially at our age when we are still growing. I use a satchel (which I think is what you mean by postman bag?) for university and like you I have to travel 1.5hrs on a bus, train and trams. I like my bag because it's cute and is a cliché 'university bag' but I really struggle fitting my books in and I don't even have to take textbooks! Also because it is only one strap there is a lot of weight on that one strap rather than a backpack which can share the weight between both straps (and therefore both shoulders). So it tends to hurt when I wear for even short amounts of time.
  8. I got 43 too! That's kind of weird.
  9. Thank you Sefer for finally allowing me to put a word to my view on faith. I didn't know about 'Apatheist' but having googled it I found it fits my view on faith perfectly. Faith has never been a big thing for my parents or even grandparents so I was brought up without it being a big aspect of my life. I always saw it as something other people did. My family weren't hardcore atheists either, they didn't promote or discourage believing in a God. It was something I knew existed but never took part in and was never influenced by. Those beliefs have stayed with me.
  10. such
  11. I'm in the middle on my university exam period so I'm definitely not watching any live matches since they're usually on between 2-6am but next week when exams finish I'm hoping to watch some matches since it won't matter if I'm tired. I've just been watching the highlights. Yay, with the hockey! I was super proud. What's happened with Spain! They won last time! Have they got a hugely different team from the last world cup?
  12. Where do you plan on going to university? In Australia you're not required to take HL chemistry to do medicine at the top universities in the country, but as other people have pointed out in some universities you do need HL chem. Make sure you check the prerequisites for which universities you are planning on applying to. Also, I think it would be a good idea to only to 3 HLs. Universities would prefer you got a higher overall grade with 3HLs than and lower grade with 4HLs. I would recommend dropping economics unless you absolutely love it and it's your favourite subject.
  13. Another Aussie here, cheering for Australia but not really expecting any wins. Although, I was proud of our effort against Chile. It wasn't a complete thrashing and we actually put up somewhat of a challenge. Right now I'll cheer for any demonstration of great football until it gets closer to the finals then I might pick a side.
  14. G'day Mate! (Pronounced Ged-ay mae, the 'T' is silent unless you say it really slow then you would emphasis the T) Hooroo - goodbye How are you going? (pronounced: howyagoin try to slur it. Some really talented natives can get all into one syllable)
  15. From what I heard biology is a lot of memorisation. So if you really don't like memorisation then I would recommend not doing biology. The Physics and Chemistry courses are designed so that theoretically somebody taking maths studies could do them (both HL and SL) so the maths isn't very difficult. Also, don't worry if you haven't done the subjects much before. They are designed so that you don't require much (if any) background knowledge. I'd done a quarter of a year of physics before doing HL and was totally fine. Do whichever subject you are interested in and also which one has the best teacher. From all my experience, aside from the work you put in, I think the teacher is probably the next biggest factor in how well you will do. Having friends in your class can be quite good as long as they're not the type of friends who are going to distract you the whole time. It can be really useful going through problems with friends especially when they might understand something that you didn't. Also you can discuss things like IAs with your friends. But also remember that a lot the time you will be studying on your own so don't pick something you don't like just because your friends are doing it. My order of what I think are the most important factors when deciding on a subject is 1. your own interest and skills, 2. teacher and 3. friends. Based on what you've said I would recommend chemistry then if you decide to do two sciences probably physics next.