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  1. Ejoriah

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    On the final exams. I really expected to get a 3 because of that! I used a Math HL book for some questions then ploughed my way through past papers, and a little bit of the question bank. Like I said, the one thing that threw most people off is that the questions are extremely different from what we had seen before - not all of them obviously, but the big ones that carry a lot of weight usually are. We were lucky that the same type of proof that we got in our mocks was asked in the finals. There was a question though on vectors I think it was, a topic we had all revised over and over again, in study groups and in class, and it stumped all of us.
  2. My school markets itself as an IB school - some students come in just for IB from other schools. We have been the only IB school in the country for years, with only recently another school opening. We don't have an alternative to IB - if we're there, we're doing it, either as diploma, certificate (minority) or IBCC (about 3 in my year). There was about 80 of us taking the exam I think.
  3. Ejoriah

    Lack of Courses?

    I think we are lucky, because with an average of 60 students doing IB in my school, we have the following: Group 1: English A1 HL/SL, French A1 HL/SL (people who want another language have to self-study) Group 2: English A2 HL/SL, English B HL/SL, French A2 HL/SL, French B HL/SL, French Ab Initio, Spanish B HL/SL, Spanish Ab Initio Group 3: History HL/SL, Geography HL/SL, Psychology HL/SL, Economics HL/SL, Business & Management HL/SL, ITGS HL/SL Group 4: Physics HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Biology HL/SL, Design & Technology HL/SL Group 5: Maths Studies, Maths SL, Maths HL, Computer Science HL/SL Group 6: Visual Arts HL/SL Although I think they've stopped Compsci now..
  4. Ejoriah

    For bookworms and bibliophiles...

    Funny that someone thought that House of the Spirits was nasty, I really enjoyed reading it, although it was recreationally and not for IB. I also like Of love and other Demons by Marquez, even though it's quite short I really did enjoy it. The Lord of Rings trilogy is amongst my all-time favourites, along with The Children of Hurin which is absolutely amazing considering the circumstances. I am currently eagerly awaiting the next book in the Sword of Shadow series by J. V. Jones, and I am about to start the third book of Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children soon since I got it recently. Earlier in the year I read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So yes I do think I'm a huge bookworm
  5. Ejoriah

    Choosing HL in IB2?

    In my school, students have to chose whether they'll do HL and SL from the first year. Some classes have mixed HL and SL students, with one lesson a week dedicated only to HL students (my computer science and economics classes were like that). Other classes are either just HL or just SL, which I prefer to be honest, but I would find it weird to hold off until the second year to chose between HL and SL, simply because in some subjects the HL syllabus is much more bulky than the HL. For example in computer science, the SL have 3 topics, and the HL have 7. Would have been impossible to cover in only the second year of IB.
  6. Ejoriah

    Law in the UK

    I'm looking into studying law in the UK and whilst I don't know whether B&M would be a problem (I would think not), I can tell you that nowadays very few places ask for the LNAT. I've applied to Exeter (req 35), LSE (req 38), Plymouth (req 32), Westminster (req 32) and West of England Bristol, and so far have an offer from the latter.
  7. I understand the frustration of having a supervisor that seemingly doesn't do much - on one meeting with my EE supervisor, she had to dig on her desk to find it (buried under a ton of books) and THEN she sat down and read through it. What other people have said is true though - your supervisor isn't meant to take you by the hand and walk you through everything. Printing it out helped me loads because for some reason I couldn't see my spelling mistakes/verb mistakes whilst it was still on the computer. Reading and re-reading the criteria is also extremely important. GOod luck!
  8. Ejoriah

    What Grade Did You Get for Your EE?

    I got an A in my French A1 extended essay, I think it's a first for the school. I think the main thing to remember is that you have a bunch of criteria, so making sure to be familiar with ALL of them before even starting is a big help. Checking and rechecking that you're following the criteria throughout the process is key as well. I did mine based on a collection of folk tales from Gascogne, more specifically on the representation of good and evil. There was virtually no in depth analysis of these folk tales that I could find both in my library and online, so I had to really analyse them myself and contrast my findings with existing material for other types of tales. It was incredibly interesting and I think that's another factor that determines your EE grade - if you have a genuine interest, you tend to work better.
  9. Ejoriah

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    Maths HL is, in my opinion, the hardest subject in IB. Computer Science is in the same category as maths, but I found maths incredibly harder, as I think is quite obvious from my grades. The think is with IB maths HL, knowing your theory is simply not enough. You can know your theory, but be chucked questions that you don't even understand what they are asking you for - I know the maths teachers themselves took some time over some questions because they are not straightforward at all. Maths HL is not something you can do well at with practice, because every year you get questions that you've never encountered the likes of before, and somehow I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I'm just glad I got a pass though, as I got a 3 for my mocks. In my school only one person got a 6 in maths HL, and many others failed. The grade boundaries must have been very low, because I know for a fact I left the last two questions of my paper 2 section B blank. I completely forgot what the parts are in french (which is shameful because my mother is both an IB french teacher and the IB coordinator), so I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that part 2 is the one you do your C.O.I on, for this we had "L'Etranger" by Albert Camus and a selection of poems (Hugo, Musset, and some other african authors). Assuming that part 4 is the one you do your P.O.I on, we had "Candide" by Voltaire, "Paul et Virginie" by Bernardin de St Pierre, and "Renée" by Chateaubriand. If I got the parts wrong, sorry, but I tried to put everything IB related behind me
  10. Ejoriah

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    This is what I got: Maths HL - 4 Computer Science HL - 7 English A2 HL - 6 Economics SL - 6 Physics SL - 6 French A1 SL - 7 ToK - C Extended Essay - A So 2 bonus points, makes it a total of 38. Best of my school, bit disappointed personally because I was predicted a 41. I was also predicted an A for ToK, goes to show doesn't it.
  11. Ejoriah

    English or Math EE? Reasons?

    English EEs are in such "high demand" so to speak because, as previously mentioned, it IS easier than maths. I did mine in french and I must say that compared to my friends who are doing theirs in physics/psychology/chemistry mine was a piece of cake.
  12. Ejoriah

    Are I-B Students Elitist?

    We only do IB at my school, and we're an international school, so in the school itself we have no one to look down on (maybe we look down on those complaining about the work load of their GCSEs, but thats it really). However, in the country, its another story. Our school is thought of as "posh", and ever since the gvt has announced it wants IB in the public schools, it hasn't gotten any better . I do think IB is a million times harder than the HSC though. With HSC all you have to do is learn by heart.
  13. Ejoriah

    English A2

    My teacher said we need two, the best two out of five... I've actually got one next week, and I wish I was already done with them all!
  14. Ejoriah

    Comp Sci

    We use "computer science java enabled" that someone else mentioned, and for the programming part we follow the notes the teacher gives us. I also use www.ib-computer.com for help sometimes when I'm stuck.
  15. Ejoriah

    English A2

    We have to study Macbeth and Sons and Lovers... Macbeth was alright, but Sons and Lovers... meh, its just all so.. how to say... everyone has their soul bared and they're so intense about everything, you just want to tell Miriam "chill, its just a flower". The thing I dislike most is the poems thought. Keats can be quite depressing. We've just started our interactive orals - how many did you people do? my teacher is aiming for 7 of them, but I don't think we'll have the time!

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