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  1. skyhs0168


    Well, you can follow the ITGS portfolio checklist and make sure that you fulfill the requirements.portfolio_checklist.pdf Lol yo man I had been done with portfolios months ago .....
  2. skyhs0168

    ITGS Help

    Same question I want to ask
  3. skyhs0168

    What we REALLY learn from IB

    one of the most important thing IB taught me is to do what you have to do as soon as possible. What you can do today dont leave it for tomorrow.
  4. skyhs0168

    ITGS May exam

    Any tips on how to prepare for ITGS?
  5. skyhs0168

    Biology SL/HL help

    Can you give me some tips how can I prepare for biology SL final exams? I just started today to prepare, i didnt study anything before because i was preparing for maths and business. I need to get grade 4 or 5. Thank you.
  6. skyhs0168

    Case Study 2010

    This revision guide looks like it has been made by PAul Hoang the guy who made the B&M book for IB. If it is true how come we have not been able to get it before? Am I wrong?
  7. skyhs0168

    Case Study 2010

    Yeah If I had this revision guide few more days ago... I would ace the P1
  8. skyhs0168

    Case Study 2010

    Can you share your answers on this 3 questions please? " 20. Option 1: Market Development in Europe - Evaluate which of the 3 options within option 1 is the most suitable. 21. Option 2: Market Penetration within China - Explain the advantages and disadvantages of this option. 22. Evaluate the 3 options, which of the three should the company choose for its future? "
  9. Hey, I would really appreciate your help. I sent you email. Please check it, and tell me if you can still help me. thanks
  10. I live in a Balkan coutry , and I couldn't find any school here that got that smartboard/interactive whiteboard. So I have no other solution, but to contact some student from another country that got smartboard in school. So i post here on ibsurvival.com, because I didn't know how to contact a student outside other way. I need really to do this until the end of the month. Please anyone if can help me to do this interview. It doesnt take long. I just have to send you few interview questions for a student that is 18+ and one professor. Both that have experience with that smartboard in classrooms. Just I send you few interview questions, and a professor and a student can answer them and give me back, so i can write project. Please I would really appreciate help, I have no other way to do this project. Contact me on e-mail please _______________
  11. isnt whiteboard and smart board same thing? Anyway... would you help me to arrange interview with one of ur teacher and also one student, maybe you if you are 18+ age? I will send you interviewee solicitation and interview questions... But you have to do it seriously, please its only way to do my itgs portfolio extension...
  12. Does anyone have whiteboard in school... and have been using it? I have to write my ITGS portfolio extension ... and the topic is about impact of using whiteboard on education in schools.In my city not a single school has it. So please if can do me a favour to contact me by e-mail as soon as possible.. I have to write it until the end of next week. I have to interview one student and one professor... I will send the interview questions. I will really appreciate any help. Please help !
  13. skyhs0168

    B&M SL mock exams

    I dont know how can I prepare for B&M tests, can you give me some ideas how can i prepare for them?
  14. skyhs0168


    harshsharma4u I have problems with wrriting ITGS HL Portfolios, can you give me some ideas how can I improve my portfolio wrriting skill?
  15. skyhs0168

    EE in English help please

    Can you give me some ideas or help me get some ideas to choose topic. I have no idea what could I write about for EE. Thanks

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