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  1. Crap, I can't change my topic, but it's not that it's bad, but there really isn't too many POV's on it Philosophy: Explaining metaphysics using holographic theory. Should it be a more argumentative paper? Like how it works and how it doesn't? right now its all just evidence showing how it works, kinda... narrative
  2. Oh, interesting... Thanks! So take no sides and just discuss the pros or cons between the two by providing examples? IC... So I can maybe try doing supernatural examples? it interests me very much Also, I may want to do scientific instead of aethistic, because as far as I know at the current moment, there is no reasonable explanation for anything supernatural... there may be reasons in science though
  3. Ok, I looked it up in search *metaphysics* and I found only four topics, none related, and when I searched purpose of life... apparently too many are trying to find a life here on this forum But I want to take a special topic for my EE, the method of discovering one's life purpose... and well, how should I approach that? Like, originally my topic was to compare the differences between the religious and aesthetic view of what metaphysics is, and I probably will do that for this too... Question is, how do I argue? Do I argue which one is right or wrong, or which one is better? Or do I argue which one is more relevant? And is there any other POV i can compare the two between with?
  4. I have a question about my book... Manon des sources. It's french. Anybody like to give me a synopsis of the book? I am missing out on a lot of details... and I have a test next week, I'd just like to see who has read such a book.
  5. I actually did mine in a question answer style. Of course, I included the questions, and I wrote the answers so they were somewhat like a report, but it did not resemble anything like an essay...
  6. Woops. Just noticed in my earlier post I did not post a question. Back on track: Passive. I think. I'm not too sure by what you you are referring to passive or aggressive though... Do you do magic?
  7. I watch Big Bang Theory (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SHOW), practice my magic stuff, and sometimes if I'm in the mood, write.
  8. @shadow-fiend: Lucky! My parents totally disagree with me buying any extended editions of Disney movies, though my mom likes them too.
  9. BIG BANG THEORY FTW =D I actually am obsessed I rewatched all the episodes. Twice.
  10. What would you consider a five star movie? If Titanic counts, I'll put that. Do you like cheese?
  11. Banned for having such a short username.
  12. Definitely the first choice *the world with music all the time* Monkey in your house or banana in your house? :]
  13. Wow... I dislike CAS because it uses up my time for studying... But so far, I haven't actually handed in ANY hours =/ Although if I do get the hours I technically did do already, then I'd have around 60. I'm in gr. 11, so it's fine =] a year to earn another 90 hours im guessing >.>
  14. It's not bad. I did A Presentation (not THE presentation, the one which everybody talks about) well, more like a roundtable, on Area 51, and actually, if you try hard enough, you can relate anything back to ToK. As long as it has controversial qualities (the topic) it's bound to raise some questions. Sorry, can't really help too much, but good luck!
  15. Actually, I like. But I strongly dislike smoking. Or hate. Either one. Do you do any sort of magic?

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