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  1. Sunflowerr

    Subject Choice help?

    Hello, thanks for the reply. I dont think you do need to send the IBO a letter , my school was just trying to scare me probably since theyre so strongly against it. I think Ill go with German at HL , then drop it after a year and get a much easier good grade that way. Hope my school doesnt freak about it though and they let me take it at HL , so far Im a B student from german , definately not an A, which is why Im a bit concerned.
  2. Sunflowerr

    Subject Choice help?

    My school is really silly with changing subjects anythign beyond a month from the start of the school year though. Do they have a choice though, if I say I want to drop to SL? I know that when i told them i wanted to do 4 at HL they went to every possible measure to change my mind. They told me Id have to write to the IBO saying why I wnated to do 4 , and which course I wnated to do it for, I got yelled at quite a bit. If I quit after the first year theyd have me for a cop out and :/ hmm. d'oh.
  3. Sunflowerr

    Subject Choice help?

    I have about 5 days to submit my final FINAL choices. Ive thought about it for ages and I just cant decide.. Is taking 4 subjects on HL really really hard? My headmistress has reluctantly agreed to it , telling me I'll be sleeping 3 hours a night and Ill fail the course etc. My decision has been: HL: English Lit A2 Biology Geography History SL: Math SL, Polish A1 SL But after shes given me some thoguht I think I should change Geography HL to German B SL (supposedly the easiest subjects to get 7's from are languages) I dont know though id feel like such a cop out takign all the easiet subjects? I eman, 3 languages, History , Biology and Maths SL (not studies at least. Everyonme in my year is doing 3 LAnguages Id be teh only one doing just 2. Would unis not take me very seriously with this combination? I'd want to do Anthropology and Archaeology, but Business or Economics are also options at uni. Too bad my school doenst offer Economics at IB I've ALWAYS had problems with decisions :/ Help?
  4. Sunflowerr

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for banning Ashika.
  5. ^as the title says it . Why do you think what you think? Do you reckon that age or gender plays a big part on that?
  6. Sunflowerr

    What sort of career can I pursue with...

    Hmm archeology sounds fun . The only problem is- only museums hire archeologists, methinks, and there are prolly limited offers :/ Tis not the greatest paying job , but I like those sorts of things
  7. If I study HL: Biology, English A2, and History SL: Polish A1, physics, math studies (assuming I get good grades) what sort of career could I pursue with that? I have no idea what to do with my life, and I'm open to all ideas right now .. anything. Thanks!
  8. The war in Iraq killed way more people than Saddam killed. And if the USA was so helpful, why do all the Iraqis hate the Americans... As for democracy.. democracy is an awful system and it is not the answer to all of our problems
  9. Sunflowerr

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    Poland Generally the stereotype ,at my school ,for an average American teenager is either A) stupid, blonde, like, yeaaa, *lol omg i dn now aneething omg wtf lol* generally , dumb blonde B) obese rednecks Nobody liked bush (including me) I personally don't think that badly of the people there. It's not your fault your education system is awful, and doesn't teach you anything about the "outside world". I mean, here's a conversation between me and and some American that I had recently -where do you come from? - Poland - Oh , what state is that in?..... and that's happened to me a few times before that time too! And some of those people had already finished high school ... but you know, every country has a few people like that
  10. Sunflowerr

    Single gender classes

    My class is single gender. Yep, 10 girls in one class. I used to go to a co ed school before though. I'd say that there are definitely some girls in my class who are just plain afraid of males O.o . The only males they know are from their families. There are some girls who, instead of concentrating on their studies just plain obsess about any guys that they actually meet and know. And then there are some girls who benefit from the single gender classroom. They dedicate themselves to studying more. Girls also seem way nicer when alone with other girls. At least that's how I see it ^^ So, like in all things in life, it depends on the personality of the particular individual.
  11. aaah >_< well I DO want a good uni but maths is VERY hard for me, would it still be hard to get in even if I got 7's in Biology and Physics ? I'm MUCH better at applying maths to real life situations (math studies) than at doing something that makes no sense in real life... do I even make sense lol
  12. IF I decided to take Math studies (because my math isnt good at ALL ) , would I still get accepted into Anth or Arch courses (UK unis)? If I wanted to do genetics.. probably I'd need AT LEAST SL. Or would I? probably... Is it worth it to do Maths SL and get a ,lets say , 4 instead of a 7 in studies? Well... thanks in advance Ooo and also, As I haven't decided between Genetics and Anth/arch would you say doing HL : History, Biology, Physics and SL: English A2, -Language- A1, and Maths studies would be a good way to compromise between the two?
  13. Sunflowerr

    UK Universities and IB

    Thanks for the reply. You don't have to get mad at me for the fact that Im wondering if I'll get into a good university with the IB. I AM interested in the education, why else would I want to get into a good university? If the IB and A levels would have equal chances at unis, I would take the IB, but I dont think I want to sacrifice a good uni for a good high school education. I still might do teh Ib, it depends on many things including my parents, money, grades this year, the school itself and my own decisio, but ill probs do it.
  14. Sunflowerr

    UK Universities and IB

    Hello Do universities in the UK prefer the IB programme over regular A levels? I heard that only some do, such as the University of Nottingham, but is that really teh only one . I mean I'm not even in the IB yet but im wondering if its really worth it. :/ Help?

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